Haslam mends fence with Jim Brown, bringing him back


Losing all the time is one thing, but the Browns also disgraced themselves during a falling out with franchise legend Jim Brown in recent years.

New owner Jimmy Haslam can only fix one of those things now, as he said he plans to bring the Hall of Fame running back back into the organization.

“Jim Brown and I have spent a lot of time together,” Haslam said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We spent about an hour together last night, and I think we’ve established a really good relationship and I think sometime over the next two or three weeks we’ll formalize that relationship and Jim will play the appropriate role with the Cleveland Browns.

“I think he feels good about it and I think we feel good about it, and rightfully so. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him, not just as a great football player, but as a man.”

Haslam wouldn’t go into detail about Brown’s new role because “it’s a big deal and that’s why I want to do it right. In the next couple of weeks we’ll announce something.”

Brown was a consultant with the team before being shuffled aside by former team president Mike Holmgren in 2010 and then breaking ties.

But Haslam was wise to reach out to Brown as soon as he purchased the team. If he can’t make them win soon, he can at least allow Browns fans to remember fondly a time when they did.

38 responses to “Haslam mends fence with Jim Brown, bringing him back

  1. Hate me all you want. Jim Brown was a joke as a consultant and his input should not be taken seriously.

  2. Jim Brown says pretty much what is on his mind, straight and direct, regardless of how that paints the browns organization. Hope you like that, Haslam.

  3. I am not a Browns fan, but I am glad for their fans that they appear to be on the right track in several areas. Their biggest problem is that they did not act boldly to go get RG3 in last year’s draft, and Weeden is not the answer at QB. Until they find that answer, they will have trouble coming out of the wilderness.

  4. Bringing him back translates to writing a check. Nothing wrong with that but tell it like it is

  5. So fans can only remember things fondly if the team’s owner allows them to by hiring a former HOF player as a consultant?

  6. Jim Brown embodies the Browns. He is all they really have. It took guts for Holmgren to essentially fire him, but it was an ill advised move to a loyal fan base.

  7. Thats great I’m sure whatever his role will be it will be worth the 500 grand they paid him last time. big firing his ass was the best thing he did in his time in cleveland. everyone in cleveland sick of hearing this guy bitch . blah blah black youth blah blah

  8. Glad he’s back and part of the Browns, again.

    And if his returning to the team sticks it to Holmgren, so much the better…

  9. Jim Brown was a great player and he’s a tough, tell-it-like-it-is guy. But I’m a little leery of seeing him in anything more than a ceremonial role with the Browns. Just because he was a great player doesn’t mean he’s more qualified than professional scouts to evaluate players, or more qualified than professional coaches to design plays. If he’s going to be on hand to shake hands and encourage players to do their best, that’s great, but anything more than that would be a mistake.

  10. die hard Browns fan here. That said…..I wish Jim Brown would just go away. They should definitely honor him and celebrate his legend but get him out of the picture already. Sooooo sick of him and his mouth. And I know I am not alone.

  11. “Losing all the time is one thing, but the Browns also disgraced themselves during a falling out with franchise legend Jim Brown in recent years.”

    This is nonsense. How come nobody says this about the Bills and OJ Simpson? Both guys are creeps that beat up women.

  12. Jimmy was just pissed that he was let go of a $100,000 a yr job consulting( consulting what,nobody knows).going on Baltimore radio programs going way overboard about our team in a rival city.The man was salty during the Nixon administration and he is salty during the Obama administration now.great running back back in the day.great pain in the butt now.

  13. It’s actually the one thing Holmgren handled properly while collecting his billions from Lerner for a couple years. Not having this turd wandering around sharing his wonderful wisdom and opinions was quite peaceful.

  14. Jimmy was pissed for losing a $100,000 a yr consulting job.He lost it cause he wouldn’t stop going on Baltimore radio going too far on with his opinion in a rival city.He was salty man during the Nixon administration.He’s a salty old man during the Obama administration.Great running back.Bad consultant.

  15. Hmmm not sure why Haslam has chosen to do this. Usually new owners try to do things that energize the team and fanbase and as seen above and from what I hear from Browns fans on sports talk radio, a majority of them are sick of JB and his whining. They appreciate that he was a great player but that has 0 to do with having him represent the franchise. He acted like a spoiled brat when Holmgren wanted to reduce his role and refused to go to a ceremony that honored former Browns greats. Not exactly the type of guy I’d want associated with my team in a paying role.

  16. One would think Haslam must’ve done zero research into all the insulting things Jim Brown said about the organization when they took his candy away the first time…

  17. Jim Brown has never been the poster child for goodness and grace.

    And he did play for the franchise that’s a state or two south of Ohio.

  18. Obviously Darin never actually spent any time in northeast Ohio like I did to know that you will have a difficult time finding a Browns fan who agrees with the statement “the Browns also disgraced themselves during a falling out with franchise legend Jim Brown in recent years.”

    It was definitely the other way around. Jim Brown thought he had a real position of power and was a talent evaluator and whenever the team went against his wishes he would run to the media and bash them. He even bashed Cleveland fans BEFORE Lebron left for Miami stating if he leaves (which he did) it’s because of the fans. Even worse, he no showed when the evil tyrant Mike Holmgren PUT HIM IN THE RING OF HONOR! Unless he learned his lesson from the first time I truly don’t see this rosy relationship with Haslam/Banner lasting too long either once he’s on a payroll.

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