Khalif Barnes stays with Raiders


The Raiders have held onto one of their own free agents.

The team announced Wednesday that they have re-signed right tackle Khalif Barnes. He’s the first Raiders unrestricted free agent to remain with the team after they watched players like Desmond Bryant, Matt Shaughnessy and Phillip Wheeler sign with other clubs.

Barnes missed seven games with a groin injury last season, but has started the other 25 games Oakland’s played in the last two years. He falls more into the category of serviceable than star, but the Raiders aren’t exactly swimming with the cap space to vault themselves into the latter category. He was less effective in the zone blocking scheme the Raiders used less season than he was in 2011, so the switch may produce better results this time around.

Barnes started his career with the Jaguars as a second-round pick in 2005.

9 responses to “Khalif Barnes stays with Raiders

  1. Eh, i hope it’s for the minimum. He’s a solid fill in guy at right tackle/ Guard. Hopefully we get a couple of Lineman in the draft.

  2. Hope he is a great locker room guy and rebounds from last year Knapp-induced ZBS fiasco.

    A run at Winston or Vollemer would have been nice, but by re-signing Barnes it probably means that Reggie is looking for an OT prospect later in the draft to at least push Barnes in 2013 and hopefully replace him in 2014.

  3. I am not personally a fan of Barnes, and I would have liked to see someone else at RT, but the move makes sense.

    Watching this offseason unfold for the Raiders really shows just how much of a mess this team was.

    I do enjoy feeling like every move made now has a purpose and the confidence that it is going to bring positive results with it.

  4. The team is going in the right direction. They are still getting killed by bad contracts. Maybe next year they can actually field an NFL team.. Can’t wait hope it happens soon because i’m tired of the current state of the team.

  5. Two years ago he did fine in the Power Blocking scheme. Like all the other O line members last year, he vanished under Knapp. Those 3rd and 9’s don’t help your pass blocking stats. (thanks Knapp)
    Glad to get back to what they do well.

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