Mackenzy Bernadeau had shoulder surgery


Guard Mackenzy Bernadeau’s first season with the Cowboys got off to a rough start thanks to a hip injury that required surgery and caused him to miss the team’s offseason activities.

His second year isn’t getting off to a much better one. David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that Bernadeau has undergone surgery on his right shoulder. The team is “optimistic” that Bernadeau, who also had knee surgery before the start of training camp last summer, won’t miss as much time this time around.

Owner Jerry Jones expressed disappointment recently in Bernadeau’s first year as a member of the Cowboys. He and Nate Livings were signed to upgrade things at guard, but the Cowboys’ line play didn’t improve as much as Jones hoped.

“Bernadeau’s athletic ability last year didn’t show like we thought. Given a little better health in the offseason, we ought to see some of his athletic ability,” Jones said. “It didn’t show at all.”

A totally healthy offseason obviously isn’t in the cards, but Bernadeau can still qualify as having better health as long as he avoids a second surgery this time around.

7 responses to “Mackenzy Bernadeau had shoulder surgery

  1. In Jerryworld, people can get right off the operating table and contribute. Well, maybe not if the surgery was of the plastic variety, but anything else, “Stop dogging it and earn your pay, field hand!”

    I have no idea if this guy can actually play or not, but the so-called GM getting on him for it is not going to help.

  2. Sorry Jerry, the only thing healthy about this clown is his checkbook since you once again overpaid for a washed up, never was, mediocre player that no one else wanted. What’s the definition of insanity again???

  3. Does it really matter? That guy was a turnstile on that O-line….Get rid of him when he’s healed up!

  4. This guy is such a BOSS. He played at my college and started out with the Jags…

    Definitely look for him to have more of an affect this year on the O-line as long as the injury doesnt haunt him too much. BIG MAC! BABY!!!

  5. This article is HILARIOUS! Bernadeau had this surgery back in JANUARY! JANUARY!Not only is the author of this article dim but those commenting about him “healing up” are just as dim. Bernadeau had been working out in the gym at 100%. Also people like ccjcsr commenting on a player he knows nothing about that plays on a team that the only news he hears about is from ESPN, NFLnet and this place. January people. Man what a joke.

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