Mark Dominik doesn’t know if Revis is really on the market

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On Wednesday morning, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano opted to give Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis the Voldemort treatment.  Later in the day, Tampa G.M. Mark Dominik was slightly less careful.

Appearing with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Dominik was asked whether Revis is on the trade market.

I don’t know if he really is, honestly,” Dominik said, via  “That is a tough question for me to answer.  You have to get [Jets general manager] John Idzik on here Pat and grill him about that.”

It has been widely reported — and contradicted publicly nor privately by neither team — that the Bucs have been trying to acquire Revis from the Jets.  The thinking is that the Jets want at least a 2013 first-round pick, but the Bucs want to give up at most a first-rounder in 2014, which under the loose NFL system of valuing picks equates to a second-round selection now.

Against that backdrop, Dominik’s words could be interpreted as a not-so-subtle suggestion that the Jets’ demands translate to a lack of desire to do the deal.

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  1. As a Bucs fan, Revis is better than any player @ #13 on Day 1.

    With one leg he’s also better than any corner we have now.

    Sadly, we have to make the deal.

  2. The Revis situation is very similar to the Jeremy Lin situation. Both wanted to be in NY and thought they where untouchable so to speak. Both probably over played their hands by asking for more money than they are worth and will end up out of NY because of it.

  3. I think its pretty clear to all that the Jets(from the top down) do not have a clue as to how to run a professional football organization.
    Look at how everything has been handled since Woody bought the team.

    It’s a joke. The whole organization is a joke

  4. I agree the Bucs should trade for him, but the Jets have no leverage. Revis won’t stay with the Jets long term for a painful rebuild, and if he walks the Jets could lose him in division. Either offer a 2nd, 5th and Blount or a conditional first next year, but there’s no need to be overagressive here. Patience will be key here.

  5. The Jests should be begging other teams to take his contract and injury/attitude baggage off their hands.

  6. I hate that “Revis is better than any corner we can take at 13” argument. It’s a kind of absurd.

    Revis was a 14th pick himself. Leon Hall went #18 that same draft. Asomugha? 31st. Jonathan Joseph? 24th. Rich Sherman and Brandon Flowers were 2nd-rounders.

    Yes, there’s something to be said for taking a known over an unknown, but my point is that EVERY single pick can have value if you take the right guy…and that value could end up being higher than a corner with a bum knee, despite what he may have done when healthy.

    If we trade that pick and Milliner, Rhodes and/or Trufant become Pro Bowler(s) and Revis is never the same, the “just give up the pick” crowd will be back here in 5 years talking about how stupid this trade was like they never even supported it.

  7. How about Blount, the Bucs #13 and Dominik for Revis and a gallon of water from the Hudson River?

  8. Richard Sherman was drafted in the 5th round. Not the 2nd.

    I think he’s worth the 2nd this year and conditional next year that were offering. As a lifelong Bucs fans I’ve seen year after year them not making splashes so at least it’s something.

    However I still believe that if Milliner or Rhodes are there at 13 you take him with or without Revis.

  9. Anybody that trades for this guy will be sorry. If you give him a two year 105M dollar contract, that pays him 100m the first year, and 5m the second year, he will complain in the second year he is underpaid. Great player, will never be happy. Buyer beware. Oh, he is a perfect Jet. The only team in history where the best player is a cornerback.

  10. Revis is really on the market if they can find a sucker willing to part with a first round pick.

    I personally think a first rounder in 2014 is also too high.

    But, nobody asked me.

  11. I wouldn’t necessarily turn down a 2014 first rounder over a 2013 first rounder if I were Idzik. Having an extra first round pick for the 2014 draft might be very useful if the Jets need to maneuver around the first round to get a QB, arguably far more useful than a pick in this year’s draft that doesn’t have the talent to address the position the Jets need most to address. That being said, fair compensation is still more than a single first round pick.

  12. Bottom line…no way to know if Revis will ever be the same after the ACL surgery….Number one

    Number two he wants $12 million a year…not warranted until he prove that knee is 100%.

    Asante Samuel and Asomugha are prime examples where cornerbacks just can’t be plugged into another system and play like lights out probowlers on their new teams.

    Very risky move….especially involving all that money AND a number one pick.

    Plus the Bucs aren’t going anywhere anyway….too many other holes.

  13. Having an extra first round pick for the 2014 draft might be very useful if the Jets need to maneuver around the first round to get a QB
    They won’t need to move around in the first round next year. The way things have been going for the Jets, they may have one of the first 3 picks

  14. Anyone who is paying attention can tell that the Jets philosophy and operations have greatly changed since the addition of Idzik.
    They will no longer overpay for high priced free agents and will not trade 1 of the best players at his position for anything less than a 1st rd pick.
    A Bucs fan hit the nail on the head, you’re not getting Revis with the 13th pick this year. So, if you want that level of star, you gotta pay.

  15. Rather than wasting time and possibly missing out on other CBs that can be a temporary fix, I’d rather we just moved on from this whole Revis thing. Sign Grimes and tell the Jets we’re still interested, but don’t bother calling if you won’t meet OUR terms. They have no leverage, and if they’re stupid enough to not realize that, just let them keep him. Let them miss the playoffs and then lose Revis for nothing. And then go sign him as a free agent.

    At this point it makes the most sense. We’ll still have plenty of cap space and therefore will be right back in the running, but this way we wouldn’t be losing draft picks AND we’d get a look at him and how he plays post-ACL. Plus it would make the Jets look horrible, and that’s a goal that every GM should be looking to fulfill because they’re a hilarious trainwreck that none of us can look away from.

  16. The Jets are being greedy, why should we give up a#1 this year if we don’t even know if this guy is healthy??? Duhh!! Plus it ain’t guaranteed his gonna be back next year that’s kinda steep for a one year player!! Sadly but true his presence is badly needed even if it’s one knee because that’s better than anything we had last year!! But if healthy & he’ll resign for long term then Mark give them what they want and draft honey badger & a couple of more corners!

  17. the jets have leverage on revis that will only grow as his return to health becomes clear. it seems likely they will find a taker at the price of a 2013 first rounder but i wouldn’t get hung up on it. multiple picks could be better. which is why i would say if a trade is completed it won’t be to the bucs.
    one commenter called it. the situation calls for patience. i think idzik is up to it.

  18. The JETS better keep him since their defense can only afford to give up about 10 pts per game. Theur offense with those quarterbacks can only score about 12 pts per game. Who is their kicker, anyway? He,ll be their MVP for sure!

  19. The Jets should dump every good player they have and try to suck for Johnny Football. At this point, their best option is to go for the #1 overall pick in 2014.

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