Mike Shanahan says RG3 needs to learn how to slide


Whenever Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is ready to play again, he’s going to have to be a more cautious player.

That’s the word from coach Mike Shanahan, who said at the league meeting that Griffin, who is recovering from major knee surgery, will have to learn to slide and throw the ball away to protect himself.

“You can’t take shots consistently,” Shanahan said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

Still, that doesn’t mean Shanahan plans to take the running element out of Griffin’s game. In fact, Shanahan said that the read-option forces defensive linemen to read and react and slows down their rush.

“The option will help a quarterback stay healthy,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan reiterated that Griffin is ahead of schedule on his recovery, although he cautioned that he doesn’t want Griffin to go overboard with his workouts and re-aggravate the injury.

“If hard work has anything to do with it, he’ll be ready,” Shanahan said. “You’re always optimistic.”

And Shanahan is optimistic not only about Griffin’s recovery from this injury, but about Griffin’s ability to change his game to avoid future injuries.

70 responses to “Mike Shanahan says RG3 needs to learn how to slide

  1. Too bad they destroyed his career before he had that chance. And for what … a pitiful one-and-done playoff performance. Worst NFC East champion ever. Total disgrace.

  2. Shanahan needs to learn how to play call in such a manner that doesn’t get QBs killed. I doubt if RG3 will ever be the same.

  3. WOW, No kidding?
    He needs to learn out of bounds, how to throw it away and to become a complete QB
    Boy that Shanahan, is sure “gifted”

  4. QBs whether running or pocket take hits all the time its football but you have to learn how to protect yourself for the betterment of the team. Tom Brady got hurt in the pocket, Peyton Manning got hur in the pocket its a tough position either way.

  5. Yes, he does.

    Then again, Shanny needs to learn how to tell when a player is too injured to keep playing.

    And Danny needs to learn how not to run a franchise into the ground.

    Call me a downer, but I don’t think the chance are great of any of these things happening soon.

  6. He learned that now! Oh my, Shanny the magically animated evil eastern European troll doll, you are going to be a great coach someday.

  7. Thinking about getting back with my ex, not sure if thats a good move though. I mean, sure, the sex was great and she was a hell of a cook, but at the same time, she did sleep with my best friend.

  8. I’ll take an injured RG3 over a healthy Tony Romo or Mike Vick. Eli Manning is the only other real QB in this division. Worst NFC East championship team ever? How about any year the Cowboys were on top after the glory days? Sit back and enjoy the Redskins show. It’s a new day in football friends

  9. He can learn to slide, dance, sing and ride a unicycle. It won’t stop the one trick pony grand exulted savior messiah R2D2 from getting hurt again in the wildcat wanna be read option offense, now that everyone has had time to study it and figure out how to stop it.

  10. I love all the hatred spewed towards Shanahan by all you great football coaches who know it all.
    Two Super Bowl rings a few more as an assistant, fresh off winning the division…Nahh, he’s an idiot, right? Y’all know better than he does, that’s why you’re riding the back of the trash truck& playing video games all day-football coaching is just too easy for you!!

    Although I did also question the McNabb thing….

  11. The jealousy from opposing fans now the the Redskins are the face of the NFL is astounding. He’ll be back and even better than before, if that’s possible.

  12. RGIII said Mike Shanahan needs to learn how to take people out of games when they have torn ACL’s.

  13. Love the hate in every redskins story. Usually a sign doing something right. Keep on hating them. It only makes the games more interesting.

  14. The Haloti Ngata hit was solely on RG3 for not going out of bounds once he got the first down in fact he slid on that play and look at the result. Non mobile quarterbacks would take the first and move on to the next set of downs, but because RG3 is a burner no one expects him to do it. Long story short… dude is a beast who will be a great one but he isn’t about to change how the game works because of his special abilities, he needs to learn how to play for the next down.

  15. Haloti ngata should have been fined and gotten a 15 yd penalty when he hit him late too. Griffin will be back for a few Super Bowl wins and many MVPs. Haters gonna hate America’s real team. HTTR!

  16. Mike Tomlin and Uncle Dick already have the read option figured out. I hope you enjoyed watching last year. The blueprint will be out this season!

  17. This guy is so pathetic and is the worst coach ever. He won in Denver by teaching cheap shot blocking by his o-line, falling on knees, tearing acls just so his no-name running backs could win him games. RGIII is overrated and is ruined now because this pathetic franchise let down their pride & joy. Hope it was worth all the picks you gave up. Skins will be pathetic for generations and generations to come and all the current skins fans will have loser skin fan kids and grandkids.

  18. baddorange says:
    Mar 20, 2013 11:14 AM
    Should be. Learn how to RUN out of bounds, throw it away and become a complete QB

    He’s already a complete QB. That was obvious if you watched him play. He also did a much better job of running out of bounds after the concussion, but on 3rd downs with the game on the line, he would cut inside if there was an opening, as he should. That’s how he originally hurt his knee, scrambling (not a designed run) for a 1st down before Ngata nailed his knee when he was already down. I’m not saying it was dirty by Ngata, it was a freak occurrence. But if RG3 did slide there, he probably wouldn’t have been injured. He definitely should learn to slide but changing his style would be a mistake. Assuming his running ability isn’t shot from ACL tear #2, the best way to protect him is to upgrade our pathetic receiving corps so he doesn’t have to be such a one-man-show (2 really, along with Morris.) Oh, and by not leaving him in to get destroyed when he’s clearly reinjured his knee and can no longer defend himself or even plant to throw. Still steamed about that.

  19. Im glad others recognize the incredible irony in these statements from Shanahan. Perhaps Mike shouldve thought this way vrs Seattle when every drunk in every bar in America could see Robert could not only run but couldnt throw either. I guess Shanahans methods worked out OK when he encouraged a blinded, migraine stricken Terrell Davis to re-enter the Super bowl against Green Bay but now his prize possession (2012 1st/2nd pick, 2013 1st, 2014 1st) gets to hold a clipboard all offseason while defenses adapt to the college offensive tendencies.
    Maybe when Shanahan called Garcons foot injury a ‘pain tolerance’ issue, it lessened the 6 games Pierre missed? Or when he misrepresented Griffins injury vrs Atlanta (and was fined again like he was in Denver with Jake Plummer), it gave his team some kind of atvantage?
    This guy is a good coach who is vastly overrated and I look forward more embarrassments in seasons to come.

  20. This time last year we all thought Cam Newton was Superman, and he wasn’t coming off major knee reconstruction surgery.

    I think Washington is in for a major disappointment in 2013, and they’ll still have another year to go before they have another first-round draft pick.

  21. doorharp11 says:Mar 20, 2013 11:39 AM

    Maybe they should try to get some pieces around him like a true running back…
    what a misinformed and ignorant thing to say… if this is the quality of the audience of PFT shut down the site now…

    dude Alfred Morris last year lead the Redskins in rushing — for franchise history – more yards than Portis, Terry Allen, Riggins….

    one thing they have is a “true” running back.

  22. Hey coach, telling him/teaching him to slide, run out of bounds, avoid unnecessary hits, etc. is an important part of YOUR job, along with taking him out of the game when he is injured to avoid even more serious long-term damage!

  23. RG3 is young and will end up being fine. Talk about over reaction! Shanahan is a good coach and an especially good QB coach and offensive coordinator. I ahate admitting this bc I am an Eagles fan, but the Redskins have there coach and QB for next 8-10 yrs and will have multiple shots at a ring. Shanahan’s running game with RG3’s arm and legs will make the NFC East and rest of NFL worry. Trust me many of these posters on here are just jealous that there team didn’t get him. I will admit it as an Eagles fan I wish my team had RG3 and Shanahan.

  24. They will be awfully dangerous if he makes sliding a part of his gameplay. Respect the way he took hits his first year in the league. Develop better plays to roll him out of the pocket. Shanahan will make protecting Griffin his number one priority.

    Lets be honest doctors have knee procedures down to a science. He received quality work and will be more determined to prove his ability next season.

    He barely had an offseason last year preparing for the draft and taking over a storied franchise in the NFL. Imagine what he will do with a few months of rest and phenomenal rehabilitation routines.

  25. Its funny how all he did was receive a snap, put the rock into the RB’s gut, pull out and his TE and WR had 15 yards space with no pass rush.

    Or had a DL and LB corp rush and the sturdy RB ran a draw. 7 -15 yds a rush.

    NOT the Wild Cat!!!

  26. One side of this that I haven’t heard discussed is
    the fact that RGIII’s knee, which was repaired at Baylor, would have gone out on him eventually.
    The injury did not happen on a contact play, and
    it seems that the first operation may have been inadequate. Assuming Dr Andrew’s is the best,
    RGIII’s knee may be stronger than ever.

    One undeniable fact is that certain surgeons are better than others……and DR Andrew’s is as good as it gets for this type of injury. All surgeries are not alike.

  27. The NFL will probably want to add a rule to penalize quarterbacks for not sliding in the near future.

  28. Anytime the choking Eagles won the NFC East,
    they were the worst champion ever…….Visualize
    Donovan McNabb tossing his cookies while trying to call a play.

  29. Worst Team in Maryland! World Champions with 12 draft picks and an ELITE QB gonna dominate the NFL landscape in the DMV for sometime. Redskins fans will still be able dream about what if RG3 stayed healthy and how good their franchise was until it was taken over by an evil little troll.

    Black and Purple

  30. I think Shanahan learned the hard way and is just trying to cover his tracks. How can you expect your QB to slide often when you are calling all of these read options or plays where RG3 becomes a WR (like in the Steelers game)?

    RG3 really needs to learn to get out of bounds rather than taking unneccasary shots (Falcons, Ravens games).

  31. OK, I’ll say it. Once the read option goes the way of the wild cat, we will see just how great RGIII really is. Danta Culpper was seen in the same light, until the torn knee trifecta ended all that. IF RGIII comes back to full strength, he needs to learn to be a picket passer and run when NECESSARY, not because the coach wants to make him the running game.
    The ONLY way RGIII is going to become one of the best in the NFL is if Snyder tells Shanny to use the face of the franchise the right way. Protect him and stop all the extra huts he takes in the read option.

    If that doesnt happen, Griffen will be out of football by 2015.

  32. fuglyflorio says: Mar 20, 2013 11:10 AM

    Too bad they destroyed his career before he had that chance. And for what … a pitiful one-and-done playoff performance. Worst NFC East champion ever. Total disgrace.
    Right, because no one ever comes back from a ACL injury. You need to polish your crystal ball there Clem. It’s as cloudy as your mental cataracts.

  33. Really funny how people keep saying he isnt a complete QB….Nonsense, have you seen his stats from his first season. Completion percentage, Yards throwing and running, and touchdown to interception ratio.

    Do you know what a complete QB is? Its funny how some of you (I realize some of you are kids or dont really o anything about the game outside of media reports) act as the fact that RGIII can run is bad. Its a plus. What Shanny is talking about is RGIII needing to learn how to better protect himself, inside the pocket and out side the pocket. He needs to temper his competitive drive in some instances and be smarter in how he competes. THATS IT!!! Every young QB goes through that, didnt Steve Young tell you all this last year on TV….wow.

    Stop hating, the young man is a talent that you would love to have on your team….

  34. He better learn how to slide and cover his head when Chip Kellys new hybrid 3-4 11 headed defensive monster blitz comes hunting this fall. That one legged QB is in for a world of hurtin.

  35. How many of you monday morning qbs thought that Peterson was done? How about Jammal Charles? Heck Peterson almost broke the all time rushing record in NFL history, and Charles was overlooked, but had a very good season and next year will be a stud again. RGIII is man enough, physical and dedicated enough to make fools of all you haters. Sorry we have him and you dont….just isnt fair is it!!!…Go ahead and wish him finished and he will prove all of you wrong. His arm is actually stronger than more accurate than the rest of the NFL qb’s, so dont go jackin off just yet on RGIII being done. It’s the 36 million that the league stole through collution that is the biggest problem for the Redskins. Is Goodell the chief in thief or is Obama part of the NFL Elite now?

  36. peytonsneck18 says: Mar 20, 2013 12:30 PM

    Washed-up-ington Failed-skins


    I love Peyton Manning too, but it seems that you are the biggest jackazz on this board. Why do you hang here if you have nothing to say that is anything more than stupid insults. Troll of the worst kind. Not very football smart either.

  37. obviously these posters either hate RGIII or Shanahan? Last to first without a good defense or wide outs is saying a lot about this man and his ability to play the game as well as anyone and dont even mention the likes of Wilson and Koepecknik. Their time is coming and they dont have the skills III has. Last years wonders will be this years IR candidates.

  38. flavordave says: Mar 20, 2013 12:22 PM

    He better learn how to slide and cover his head when Chip Kellys new hybrid 3-4 11 headed defensive monster blitz comes hunting this fall. That one legged QB is in for a world of hurtin.


    Philly will last in the division again. Kelly and his 11 man blitz will get burned in the NFL. Only college coach to do well as head coach in the NFL is Pete Carroll. Even though I cant stand him. Fk up USC then leave. Class act. Kelly will be like Nick Saban. He should have stayed in the NCAA.

  39. Just an opinion poll: no judgment one way or the other, but thumbs up if you want to see Robert Griffin come back and have a successful career; thumbs down if you don’t.

  40. Man, there is just so much stupid in this thread. Most of the posters hating here probably never watched more than 3 or 4 games of the Redskins this year. They are simply haters. RG3 hits were a result of him being a rookie. It was his one major rookie flaw. Most rookie QBs usually struggle with the speed of the game and reading defenses in the NFL. RG3’s lack of NFL experience led him to take needless shots. Instead of sliding, he’d take a hit. He needs to realize that he’s not getting tackled or hit by a underweight kid right out of high school anymore. He’s gonna get hit by men who are the best at what they do. As he matures, I’m sure he’ll be much more aware and more smart in regards to sliding.

  41. pgh15212 says:
    Mar 20, 2013 11:44 AM
    Mike Tomlin and Uncle Dick already have the read option figured out. I hope you enjoyed watching last year. The blueprint will be out this season!

    Yes, the blueprint is to have the receivers set an NFL record for dropped passes in a game, with most of them negating first downs and killing drives. Genius! Why didn’t anyone else think of that? Actually RG3 played a hell of a game against Pitt but you can’t beat a good team with that many drops. I love all the hate my team is getting now, it’s proof that we’re back. As bad as the Cowboys and Eagles suck, nobody talks about them anymore…because they aren’t good and they aren’t entertaining. Hatas gonna hate I guess…

  42. Way to deflect responsibility Shanny. Your QB has a responsibility to keep himself safe and you have a responsibility to keep your players safe. Reminds me of the time you put Terrell Davis back in a game when he had a migraine so intense he could not see.

  43. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Just an observation. Shanahan is 100% correct. RG3 needs to learn how to slide and use the sideline better. And he will. I’m sure he will watch a lot of tape of the youngster in Seattle (Wilson). Who is an expert at the run-pass-slide. RG3 and Shanahan are risk takers. Both just need to be a tad better with it. If they do they will laugh all the way to a few Championships together IMO.

  44. jamaltimore says:Mar 20, 2013 12:07 PM

    Worst Team in Maryland! World Champions with 12 draft picks and an ELITE QB gonna dominate the NFL landscape in the DMV for sometime. Redskins fans will still be able dream about what if RG3 stayed healthy and how good their franchise was until it was taken over by an evil little troll.
    How “elite” is Flacco w/o Boldin?

    I dont watch the Ravens much – saw them loose to the Redskins and saw the SB — but Boldin made Flacco the QB he is — Bolding caught the balls that had no business being complete and prevented interceptions.

  45. Sliding won’t make one bit of difference until they fix the turf on that field. As soon as his cleats catch on a upheaved patch of dirt while moving laterally, and those ligaments are toast.

    The Redskins have no cap, no draft picks, and limited talent with a few stars. They mortgaged the future on a QB with a playing style that makes him susceptible to injury, and then force him to play on one of the most dangerous fields in the league. They may be competitive this year but without an ability to restock their talent, this team could suffer for quite a while.

    What a waste of talent.

  46. doorharp11 says:
    Mar 20, 2013 11:39 AM
    Maybe they should try to get some pieces around him like a true running back……..

    Seriously? A true running back? Not sure what season you were watching but Alfred Morris is the best RB we have had since John Riggins, and dont you even think about coming back and say how about Portis. Portis was a clown and a serviceable back at best. Morris ran for more yards (1613)as a rookie than Portis did (1519)in any year in his career. Next time check your stats before you make a statement about a topic you know nothing about.

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