Pro Bowl survives another year

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The NFL has made it official: The Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday, January 26, 2014 in Hawaii.

Whether the Pro Bowl would live to see another year was until today up in the air, but Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed at the end of the league meeting that the NFL is going forward with the Pro Bowl on the Sunday between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, and that it will once again take place at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, which has hosted every Pro Bowl but one since 1979.

However, the NFL is continuing to consider changes to the Pro Bowl to make the game compelling. One idea that is gaining momentum is getting rid of the AFC vs. NFC format and instead choosing all of the Pro Bowl players via the usual voting but dividing them into two teams that are picked by two captains.

“The teams are decided through a draft that could be done by a captain,” Goodell said. “To use an example from this past year that we talked about, Peyton Manning picks one team and Eli Manning picks the other team. We think some of that is going to create greater interest.”

Although everyone likes to make fun of the Pro Bowl, the TV ratings suggest that there is, in fact, strong fan interest. And if Goodell is right that the NFL’s ideas will create “greater interest,” the Pro Bowl isn’t going away.

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  1. we should get used to the pro bowl bc thats how the nfl will be playing within the next 10 years

  2. yeah, but what happens when Peyton Manning goes to the Super Bowl?

    When these captains are picking their teams, they will have to take that into consideration. Better not put all of your eggs in one basket by taking several players from one very good team… and you better not even bother picking someone like Brady, who won’t play, anyways.

  3. Of course the Pro Bowl is going nowhere. It’s a model of what the NFL will look like in a year or two. A bunch of overpaid men trotting around playing grab a$$ to scores in the 60s. This game is Goodell’s dream of what he wants the league to look like. Sheep fans will still watch and fill owners pockets with gold. Fans need to stand up and make their voices heard!

  4. Stop playing this game, have Probowl golf tournament, let the players drink and gamble then put it on tv. That’s a gold plated money maker. How’bout that Rog?

  5. The NHL has used the captain-selected teams for its All-Star Game the past couple years. I still prefer the conferences, but it does make it interesting.

  6. “One idea that is gaining momentum is getting rid of the AFC vs. NFC format and instead choosing all of the Pro Bowl players via the usual voting but dividing them into two teams that are picked by two captains.”

    Then instead of picking 3 RBs from the AFC and NFC respectively, everyone would pick the top 6 in the league? It would only make sense since theyre no longer doing conference vs conference.

    Either way it will suck, just saying it makes more sense this way.

  7. The Pro Bowl offers a glimpse into the future NFL, but with flags, of course.

  8. “The teams are decided through a draft that could be done by a captain,” Goodell said.

    Ahhh…..the old school yard way. Interesting.

  9. I stopped watching Pro Bowls years ago. Players don’t want their career possibly ended in a meaningless game. I see no reason for the Pro Bowl, if the NFL truly cares about player safety.

  10. I used to absolutely love the Pro Bowl back in the day. Back in the day, substitution’s were only used if a player was actually hurt, not because someone didn’t feel like playing. Back in the day, there wasn’t almost as many subs as there were original players chosen. Players used to play hard in order to make fans happy, not play what is pretty much flag football these days. If the NFL wants to really bring the Pro Bowl back to how it was in its glory days, they need to move the game back to after the SuperBowl. Doing so will solve about 80% of their issues.

  11. I don’t like where the NFL is headed in general. Never cared for the pro bowl anyways, wish they would make it a “skills” day and have some fun with it.
    The NFL is doing everything in its power to ruin the fun of the game. Sadly for us, the fun of the game is a barbaric throwback to the gladiator’s rings, but hey, we enjoy it. And, those guys make the bucks, so let ’em pound it out! Just make some more waivers for them to sign at the beginning of each season.
    But at this rate, the NFL will be done within five years.

  12. The pro bowl is terrible, I have never watched it.
    Oh the irony…….

  13. I think the NFL is missing out on a great way to market their themselves with a skills competition. One of the biggest complaints you hear from a casual fan is that the players are behind hidden the helmet and is why players in other sports have done better historically with endorsements despite being the more popular sport. A skills competition would get these players up close and personnel with the fans and they would get some good TV face time. It is also something that could be done throughout the week and have the awards ceremony on the Sunday. I bet if they did it for one year they would see they would make a ton more.

    I do see the one draw back that it might get old after a few years like the slam dunk contest but than again I think the 3 point contest still is ok. Make it something we would watch again.

  14. Pick All-Pros, send them to a nice location (Hawaii, California, Arizona) a couple of weeks after the Super Bowl, have them compete in skills competitions (passing for QBs; sprints for receivers, RBs and DBs; stongest-man type events for anyone) and also hold a golf turnament, but by God, don’t have them play football. The NFL would have greater TV viewership for the skills competition and golf tourney (I’d watch this, but I never watch the Pro Bowl game) and the players would be happy to get a nice vacation out of it.

  15. malignantsociety says:
    Mar 20, 2013 3:36 PM
    yeah, but what happens when Peyton Manning goes to the Super Bowl?

    Is he playing all of his playoffs games on the road in warm weather/domes? If not, you won’t have to worry about him getting to the Super Bowl.

  16. How about make the pro bowl a softball game or make them go thru that crazy obstacle course like that Japanese show or whatever it is

  17. Was there any doubt? It’s a revenue stream for the NFL, did you seriously think they would cut the revenue stream?

  18. 2 captains pick a team????? this guy gooddell is destroying PRO FOOTBALL.!!!!! what an IDIOT STATEMENT.

  19. This is actually really easy to fix.

    Just take a look at the NBA All-Star break. You need more skill competitions, more fun games, things like that. Come up with something that is the equivalent of the NFL Dunk Contest.

    Fans want bragging rights on QB’s, RB’s, etc… I loved watching Brett Favre in the long distance throwing games, or Aikman in the accuracy competitions. Those are waaaay cooler to watch than the actual game itself!

  20. The NFL should realize that the only reason ‘TV ratings suggest that there is, in fact, strong fan interest’ is because countless folk who suffer from insomnia tune into the game so they can finally get some sleep.

    Sorry Bud, Chevy, Verizon…no one is actually watching the commercials that shill your crappy products.

    Please NFL, just get rid of this joke of a game asap.

  21. Sad truth is that every year that new rules are implemented for “player safety” is one step closer from Pro Bowl football becoming regular season football!!

  22. I think that is a fantastic idea. Think of it as a draft where salary and other factors are thrown out the window and it is only based on skill alone. I think the results would be interesting to see how players are valued by their team, and may even give players some type of new leverage in contract negotiations.

  23. They can pick sides like the sand lot or try whatever gimmick, but the problem is these highly paid athletes don’t want to risk injury in this completely meaningless contest. Can’t really blame them in a way. Is it really worth it?

  24. Stupid. That isn’t going to make it more watchable at all.

    How about playing all rookies?

    Keep it AFC vs NFC though…because that is the MAIN reason to watch at this point.

  25. Personally, I like watching the Pro Bowl. Sometimes the player interviews are funny, sometime the announcers are funny. Even the refs: “Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl.” Sometimes we get to even see a good play or two.

    Ok, I admit it…my buddies and I created a Pro Bowl drinking game…

  26. Individual player competitions I’d enjoy watching that. Like slam dunk and 3 point competitions like in Basketball, or do they still do that?

  27. Who are all of these people that watch the Pro Bowl? I’m a huge NFL fan who gets Sunday Ticket every year, but I haven’t watched this farce of a game in 20 years. Can’t believe this glorified 7-on-7 gets big ratings. #getalifepeople

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