Shane Lechler to visit Texans


There hasn’t been much action around punters in free agency yet, but we’ll get some on Thursday.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that’s when Shane Lechler will visit the Texans. McClain points out that the Texans were also interested in Lechler the last time he became a free agent, but the Raiders gave him a huge contract to remain in Oakland.

That won’t be happening this time around which makes Lechler a prime target for any team in need of a punter. He’s getting older, but there’s little reason to think one of the league’s best punters for the last decade will suddenly lose his ability to boot the football. Lechler has been to seven Pro Bowls and was the punter on the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 2000s.

Donnie Jones set franchise records for the Texans in gross and net averages last year. He’s a free agent as well.

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  1. Team don’t pay FB’s and punters, when contract time comes most of them get cut. Makes trying to understand the Jaguars decision to draft Anger in the 3rd round more puzzling when Donnie Jones is swinging in the wind.

  2. It was easy for Donnie to set franchise records considering he is one of their first punters.

  3. Part of Lechler’s drop in production has to do with the terrible long snapping situation they had in Oakland last year.

  4. Sad … but Marquette King was put on “IR” last season for a reason. Cheap and young talented replacement. Lechler is a legend, GOAT ….

    also can throw the ball well.

    Played college football with coach Dennis Allen of Raiders, BUT Oakland is cap squeezing and a punter even as great as Lechler, can’t be taking up too much.

    He will destroy balls kicking in a dome.

  5. Don’t want to lose him… but for his asking price, it doesn’t really make sense to keep him. Thank you for everything Shane. You are truly the best at your craft. You will always be a Raider!

  6. Unfortunately, Lechler wants out of Oakland. He was pulled aside many times last year by teammates about his negative comments. Thanks for the years Shane.

  7. The guy is a (HOF) no doubt, one of my favorite raiders of all time. The kid King they kept on the practice squad has a leg, and I think that is where the Raiders are going to go this year.

    The bad thing is, I don’t think Sea Bass will be the same without Shane. Shane was a great holder, and Sea Bass was never the same when Shane was not holding. A Sea Bass trade makes sense if they let Shane go. He has great value for a team that has playoff hopes.

  8. Gonna hate to lose this guy. Wanted soooooo much for the Raiders to be relevant again, but looks like he won’t be here when the team finally turns the corner.

    Good Luck to him on the remainder of his career and beyond.

    Another top Raider performer who will never see the Hall of Fame

  9. I once drafted Shane Lechler in the 3rd round of my dorm rooms Madden 05 fantasy draft. Spearheaded my team to 2 superbowl victories in the 10 yrs we went through.

  10. Unfortunately, Shane never kicked well last year after his injury. He is a great punter though. The Raiders have a kid stashed on I.R. that can put some whoop on the ball and for millions less.

  11. Texans fans would be better served if a new Head Coaching candidate came to visit. As long as Gary Kubiak is at the head of this team, this team will not win a Super Bowl. 8-8 this season.

  12. His best days are clearly behind him but man, he was an awesome punter.

    All the best to him.

  13. this is the difference between Al’s Raiders and the new regime.Al would have already re-signed him by now.There is a reason the Raiders have been lousy for over a decade and giving field goal kickers and punters big contracts was part of the problem and not the solution.

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