Trestman thinks Urlacher can help, but it’s a business


The good news for Brian Ulracher is that everyone involved with the Bears seems convinced that he has a value to the organization.

The bad news is nobody is converting that intangible feeling into tangible dollars and cents.

Bears coach Marc Trestman said he’s certain Urlacher “can help us win,” but is leaving the business part of the decision to general manager Phil Emery.

“It’s something I’m not concerned about,” Trestman told’s Alex Marvez and Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It’s a process. We’ve evaluated Brian. We think he can help us win. Phil is doing everything he can to work through this process with Brian and his representatives.

“I know we’re going to do what’s best for the organization when it’s all resolved. We just have to let things take its course.”

The 34-year-old linebacker’s in effectively the same spot as safety Ed Reed with the Ravens, except he doesn’t have the Texans to use as leverage at the moment. In fact, Urlacher’s best chance at an option to drive up his price dried up when the Cowboys brass admitted adding him “doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

That leaves the new coach balancing the tug of emotions that are held by others against the reality of an older player he’s never coached.

“These things have gone on since the history of football,” Trestman said. “I do recognize how important this is to our fans and the city of Chicago. I recognize this is a difficult time for them not knowing. I respect that, but I trust the process. I’m comfortable with it.

“It will get resolved when it’s supposed to get resolved.”

Which sounds like when Urlacher recognizes that the market’s not what anyone thought it would be, and that he doesn’t have the same kind of pull he used to.

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  1. Sorry to say it but Urlacher is finished. Even if he comes back hes just going to struggle through this year. He does not know how to get his body to repair all of his ligaments, tendons, and catilage on its own and never will be told. He is done

  2. Here’s what’s puzzling….(1) the Bears have said that they plan to use, essentially, the same defense that they played last season; (2) with a lot of key players getting older, the Bears are nearing the end of their window to win it all with this current group; (3) Nick Roach is already gone…, who the hell plays MLB is the don’t sign Urlacher?

  3. now that last sentence in English “if they don’t sign Urlacher? (damn small keyboard!)

  4. I wish the Bears organization would keep their thoughts to themselves and let this thing play out. They seem to have alot of meetings about #54’s future with the team, but not enough guts to make a decision and live with it! Urlacher deserves better than that…..

  5. He’s a 34 year old ILB. Even as great as Urlacher is, you just can’t be one of the top players in the league when you are that old at that position. He certainly deserves to be taken care of, but in the reality of today’s salary cap era you just can’t waste a lot of money on old players.. no matter how much they have accomplished for your team. I hope he retires and the Bears find a well-paying place for him to still contribute in their organization.

  6. I think Trestman has a plan.. and thats better than what the Bears had last season. I dont wanna pass
    judgement on this guy just yet but he might beat greenbay this season cause I dont think they see him coming.

  7. Trestman saying Urlacher can help the Bears win, but that he is comfortable leaving the business end of things to Emery, is in no way as harsh a statement as ‘Trestman thinks Urlacher can help, but it’s a business.’

  8. It’s basically damage control in the event Urlacher doesnt agree to play for the money the Bears have earmarked for him. He wants $5mill, we are probably setting aside $2mill and putting the ball in his court. Essentially all of us, including him are waiting to see if another team will give him more than we will. At this point he is probably hoping anyone offers something close so he can give them the finger on his way out for the way the organization has publically manipulated him through the whole process.

  9. filthymcnasty1 says: Mar 20, 2013 4:20 PM

    Meathead Bear fans will now credit The genius Trestman for coining the new phrase “but it’s a business”.

    Maybe cheeseheads like you think so, but anyone reading that headline, and then reading Trestman’s actual quote, will credit ‘but it’s a business’ as being the figment of a PFT scribe’s imagination.

  10. dukemarc says: Mar 20, 2013 4:31 PM

    “Odds Trestman is back in the CFL within the next 3 years = 2 to 1”

    Or maybe he coaches the Bears to a SB win within that time, and you’ll WISH he was in the CFL.

    Go Bears!

  11. The greats like Urlacher, are lamented only when they run up against the almighty dollar. The rest of the time they’re excoriated by all, but their teams’ fans. It does make one wonder though what’s going on in the Bears’ FO. First Lovie gets the axe after a winning season, and now this. Do they really believe that Cutler, can get them to the Promised Land, all on his own?

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