Ahmad Bradshaw holding off on visits for the moment

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Running back Ahmad Bradshaw has generated some interest around the league since his release from the Giants, but he said Wednesday that he’s not yet ready to go meet with any of those teams.

The reason for his hesisitation is his surgically repaired foot. Bradshaw is no longer wearing a protective boot on his right foot, which has been broken twice and which required Bradshaw to have screws replaced after the end of the season, but said that he wants to do a little more rehab before he shows off for teams that might want to add him to their backfield mix.

“I’ve decided not to work out with teams yet,” Bradshaw said in an interview with ESPN Radio in New York, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I want to be as healthy as I can be, I want to be explosive, and I want teams to see what they are able to get. Right now, I’m working on that, and I think it’s coming along faster and faster. I’m walking around without the boot.”

Bradshaw mentioned the Jets, Steelers and Packers as teams that have expressed interest in his services, which meshes with earlier reports about who was sniffing around the longtime Giant back. All would make sense as landing spots for a player who is likely headed to a lesser role than he played in New Jersey over the last few seasons.

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  1. I know this guy has a little bit of an ego, as does the rest of the New York Giants players for the past couple years.

    But as a Dallas fan, if the Romo extension grants us enough cap room, I’d love to see Bradshaw and Murray share carries in a 2-back system. Bradshaw has been splitting carries his whole career so I don’t know how he could expect to be a feature back. And I know he’s not too happy about how he was just let go by the Giants. He’s had his blunders, but Bradshaw was a big part of that offense. What better revenge than to go to another team in the NFC East?

    I doubt that this will happen because hopefully someone in the Cowboys front office finally realizes they need to build an offensive line. But if it’s at all possible, I think that Dallas should bring this guy in.

    My only worry is that they’re both injury proned. Hopefully splitting the carries would help void some of those injuries.

  2. Whatever team gets him won’t have to worry about the new helmet rule penalties. The guy runs more upright than anyone I’ve ever seen! Maybe a one year deal on the cheap to see how his foot holds up….

  3. That foot is done and so is Bradshaw. He is a loud mouth sh*t talker on the sideline and doesn’t even back it on the field. One big game in 2 years. If anyone gives him an offer they are desperate.

  4. He knows he’ll get a job whenever he is ready….some team will definitely want him…it’s just a matter of price. The only reason he won’t play this year is if he does not want too and is too proud to accept a lowball offer if there are no others. The man is talented.

  5. simmsmatic you are not a true Dallas fan if you welcome Bradshaw.

    Even a hobbled Bradshaw is an upgrade over what a 100% Mendenhall was.

  6. I wouldnt mind him and Jones-Drew sharing the ball here in Jax. But I know that isnt going to happen. I feel like Bradshaw still has a couple of good years left in the tank. He might miss a couple games here or there but when he is healthy he can still be a beast.

  7. He excels in pass protection. He’s an average runner, and slightly above average receiver. He would be an upgrade for GB and would seem to fit what they like to do on offense.

    Not sure about his character. Seems like GB like to avoid guys with baggage, but they did take a flyer on Benson last summer for the minimum, so Bradshaw seems like a reasonable target for low money.

  8. If he waits until after the draft to start working out for these teams, he might have to wait for a camp causality to get a job.

  9. And just when I think the Steelers couldn’t get any weaker, they go and take interest in someone like this. Pathetic. This franchise is tumbling down further and further as the offseason continues. Cheers!

  10. This guy fits exactly what the Steelers are looking for : Experienced depth and a pass catching rb. Its also great that he is excellent in pass protection. He would be a great back for Steelers nation to cheer on.
    I think the Steelers would also be smart to draft a young back to groom for the future.

  11. Paying $120M for a 4th&29 check down QB, causing you to dismantle a SB caliber team – that’s smart football.

    That was sarcasm ravenator.

  12. The guy is a warrior and still can break big runs with the screen. You have to limit him to 10-12 touches per game or he won’t make it to the playoffs.

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