Browns meeting with Kellen Davis Thursday


The Browns have signed Gary Barnidge and shown some interest in Fred Davis, so they’re clearly looking for ways to bolster the tight end position this offseason.

That quest continues Thursday when Kellen Davis comes to Cleveland for a visit, which was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN. Davis was with the Bears, but his presence in Chicago is no longer required once the team signed Martellus Bennett so they cut him loose.

New Browns coach Rob Chudzinski has featured tight ends prominently in offenses he’s run in Cleveland and Carolina, which makes it easy to understand why Cleveland is looking for players at the position. As anyone who watched Davis trying to catch passes in 2012 will surely attest, the former Bear’s strong suit is not catching passes. You could say the same about Barnidge, which suggests a bigger role in the future for Jordan Cameron if the Browns go ahead and add Davis to the roster.

The Browns aren’t the only AFC North team to show interest in Davis. He’s met with the Steelers and the Bengals have also had him on their radar.

15 responses to “Browns meeting with Kellen Davis Thursday

  1. Hopefully they’re not dumb enough to sign him, the guy falls down on half of his routes. Oh yeah and when he does manage to stay up you can call him Mr. Stone Hands.

  2. If you have a glass-full personality, hell even a glass-is-overflowing personality, you should not feel optimistic about this guy at all. The dude seriously sucks.

  3. I know GM’S are looking for bargains but do they bother looking at film on people they are thinking of signing? because if they did then nobody would be thinking of signing this bum! if you want a tight end who can’t block, run routes without falling down or catch the ball then yea he is your man.

  4. He sounds like a prototypical Lombardturd player. Slow. Can’t run routes. Poor Hands. The article doesn’t mention blocking but Lombardfart doesn’t care about that.

    My guess is Lombardlard will meet Davis around midnight at the Berea training complex. Lombardturd will be dressed in his red & white checked sports coat, will be wearing very dark sunglasses and carrying a red & white cane.
    After the meeting Lombardfart will say Davis ‘looked good’ and sign him to a megadeal!

  5. As a skins fan, I hope Cleveeland picks him up so Fred Davis comes back to us for a lower salary. Fred has some character and health issues, but once you put the ball in his hands, he makes plays. Perfect for the zone read we run.

  6. Non story for Browns fans freaking out. Browns aren’t picking up any starters at this point of free agency. If the guy gets signed he’d be tight end #5 on that roster and possibly a 4rth stringer.

    For them to be doing what they’re doing at all means they either A. think the world of Jordan Cameron or B. believe that Fred Davis will be on the roster soon because it’s going to be hard to find one better than Ben Watson unless they draft one high (option C).

  7. PHYSICALLY, this guy has all the tools. Youtube “Kellen Davis TD vs Packers” and see what he’s capable of when he’s on.

  8. Rob Chudzinski must be featuring an offense that requires you to drop passes and fall down a lot, but look big while doing it…

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