Bryant McKinnie says Ravens are trying to keep him


Most of the headlines the Ravens have made in the last two weeks have been about losing players who started for them in the Super Bowl. But one free agent who started for Baltimore in the Super Bowl may be coming back in the fold.

Bryant McKinnie, a backup in the regular season who emerged as the starting left tackle and played well in the postseason, told that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and another assistant coach both called him today and told him the Ravens want him back.

McKinnie added, however, that the Ravens wanting him back doesn’t mean he expects to be back. McKinnie said at the outset of free agency that he wouldn’t take a discount to stay in Baltimore, especially after the team strong-armed him into taking a pay cut last year.

The Ravens have lost linebacker Paul Kruger, linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, safety Ed Reed, safety Bernard Pollard and cornerback Cary Williams to free agency, linebacker Ray Lewis and center Matt Birk to retirement and receiver Anquan Boldin to a trade. That’s eight players who started in the Super Bowl and are now gone. McKinnie, however, may not be the ninth.

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  1. You took a discount because (1) you were lazy and (2) you couldn’t stop eating hamburgers. However, you were awesome in the playoffs except for a couple missed assignments.

    Right player, right price. Show us you can be diligent and healthy for a full season and we can show you the money.

  2. You mean ninth? Pollard left too…

    Michael David Smith: Yes, you are correct. I fixed it. Thanks.

  3. I want this guy back mainly because I don’t think Michael Oher is capable of playing left tackle but he needs to show up in shape and not over weight before he starts talking about money. That’s really why he didn’t start at the beginning of the regular season and why he accepted a pay cut graciously.

  4. Say what u want but this guy was a big reason Baltimore won the super bowl and Flacco got paid. The o-line was un-real during the playoffs.

  5. Their offense has been awful whenever he sits in the last year or two. Oher can’t play left tackle.

  6. Man they cleaned house as bad as the colts did last year. The weird part is they won the superbowl. The ravens won’t even be in the playoffs next year. Manning was the only person who left that actually produced. I imagine everyone who left the ravens will put up good numbers. Joe flacco is a good QB, but by no means at all is he elite. I’m sure the ravens will figure out now that since all the stars left that he is just a average QB. I say within 2 years they will cut him unless he takes less money. Well looks like the ravens will be picking in the top 10 next year if not the top 5. There defense is what carried them for all these years and it will just be horrific next year. The offense should be average if they can find a #1 WR somewhere.

  7. I can smell all the Raven haters coming out the wood work. If you guys are hoping we’ll stop dominating your raggedly azz teams simply because we are replacing an aging squad with a more youthful but just as if not more talented squad the you’ll be back on crack again this season singing” SO YOU HAD A BAD DAY!!!!” every time we play you losers.

  8. The best solution, although I’m sure McKinnie won’t like it, is to have a nice deal filled with incentives. He achieves what he’s supposed to, he gets a nice pay day. He eats himself into oblivion…not such a nice pay day.

  9. thecoltsman, I agree with your assessment.

    But what really is horrific is your grammar and spelling. Don’t worry, they’ll cover that in high school next year.

  10. Kruger did not start in the Superbowl, he only started like two games last year….guy was a third down pass rusher. Ravens always have depth and have to cut good players even dating back to Priest Holmes and James Harrison in their younger years. Its not baseball, ya can’t keep everyone.

  11. Is there anything funnier than Browns/Bengals/Steelers fans trying to talk smack about the Ravens? I think not.

    Suggestion: Get your OWN houses in order, dethrone the reigning champions, THEN, and ONLY THEN, can you even THINK about talking smack. Because UNTIL THEN, you’re nothing but a bunch of losers. (some, like the little Brownies, more perennial than others)

    Cincy: CHEAP. Still sitting on $52M cap space. That’s funny.

    Steelers: Cap hell, losing vets, broken down QB who’s injured every year.

    Browns: LOL

  12. People outside of Baltimore hate the Ravens and love to play the “They are going to be so bad card”. The Ravens beat the Broncos and Pats on the road and beat a 49ers team, all as underdogs, to win the Superbowl. While they have had key losses, they have had some good additions in Canty and Spears. Outside of Boldin, the offense is largely in tact. I think that they will remain competitive and that is all that I want as a fan. Two Superbowls in 12 years? How would that feel if you say, were a fan of the Browns, Bengals, Eagles or Redskins and they did the same? Pretty good I bet. Peace.

  13. Man you guys are so ignorant, I bet everyone who is saying the Ravens will be garbage this year are the same morons who have been saying it the past 5 years.

    Well guess what? We’re the only team to have made the playoffs the past five years in a row and oh yeah we just won the Super Bowl. Man you guys are so ignorant and truly know NOTHING about football or how to manage a team.

  14. @ericbleedspurple – I believe you guys will be looking up at the Bengals next year in the AFC North. Don’t know if we will win a playoff game LOL but it looks like the division will be ours unless the refs give it to the Steelers again.
    You didn’t get a chance to experience our new secret weapon last season – Mo Sanu. He will be running through your weak Defense next season so be ready.

  15. I hope nobody wants this dumb, fat, lazy slob who’s coasted by in the NFL thus far. dude needs an attitude adjustment.

  16. I doubt they are bringing back McKinnie, they are chaning the dynamic of their locker room & McKinnie is NOT a Harbaugh guy….

  17. I love how everyone is talking about the Ravens demise like we can’t get other players in free agency or the draft.

    We get rid players while they still have value or before they are over the hill…Reed and Boldin’s days are numbered.

    Kruger was overrated and playing in a contract year. While Ellerbe was great, it took him 4 years to be relevant. And let’s not forget, this wasn’t a particular good Ravens’ defense, as far as NFL ranking, so there is a lot of room for improvement and new stars to emerge.
    Also, lets give some credit to our coaching, the system and a well-run organization. Not everything is accomplished on the football field.

  18. As great as he was once he became the starting LT it’s just way too hard to trust em. Right after the superbowl he did an interview on miami radio(youtube it) and it was so clear that he has no love for the ravens organization. With the money he wants its too risky!

  19. “… you’ll be back on crack again this season singing” SO YOU HAD A BAD DAY!!!!…”
    rofl! Thanks for the laugh, that made my day! ;-D

  20. Pay the man! Then watch him get fat and come to training camp unable to train. He can throw a party or just entertain himself at a strip joint beating up some random dude. He’ll blow his cash and blow your chances of winnings enough games to make the play-offs. Then you’ll know how Vikings fans feel about this guy.

    He did have penalties for not coming to training camp in his contract then. He simply doesn’t care. This guy doesn’t even respect the sport and fans enough to appreciate going to the Pro-Bowl.

  21. I’ve been saying for years that IF the Bengals owner would simply open up the coffers and stop sitting on all that cap money the Bengals could definitely offer up some serious competition in the AFC North. The problem IS…year after year, he clamps down on the money, and that cripples the team’s efforts to advance. Sorry to burst your bubble there, samoanjungle, but that’s just the way it is.

    @cereal: I would have agreed 100% except it appears as if Harbaugh did initiate some contact with BMac. It surprised me, but if it’s true, then maybe he (Harbaugh) is willing to bury the hatchet. The rift between those two might be different than the rift between Harbaugh and the leaders of “THE MUTINY”. In the case of “THE MUTINY” there was outright opposition to his authority. With McKinnie, it’s just McKinnie’s own stupidity. Maybe Harbaugh has more compassion with a stupid overeater/underachiever than he does with a swashbuckling mutineer.

  22. The Bengals do have a talented roster, but until Andy Dalton proves himself in a big game, they will remain a ‘one and done’ team if they make the playoffs.

    I am amazed at how easily some are alteady writing the Ravens off for next season. It’s March, for crying out loud. Granted, they have lost some big name players. But the key is putting together a team with players whose best days are ahead of them, and not behind them. Come Week 1, the Ravens will have a roster that can compete with any team in the AFC.

  23. Actually Kruger didn’t start in the SB and only played 22 total snaps. Hear that Cleveland? That the sound of Gary Baxter laughing hysterically watching the dog pound forget the mistake they made with him. Browns overpaying a average at best former Raven. Let me help you out browns: ITS THE SYSTEM NOT THE PLAYERS!

  24. The ravens gave up 450 yards a game in the playoffs. It is not like wecare breaking up the 2001 defense.

    Look at all the defensive players that left the ravens as huge losses and were never the same – hartwell, sharper, a thomas, b scott, herring, j johnson, k gregg etc etc

    The ravens were too slow at the safetyand inside lb position.

    Thecsteelerscare ancient on defense and have a terrible o.l.

    If we get huff or elvis we will be back in the playoffs for sixth straight year.

  25. @thecoltsfan
    I assume you’re still bitter after the absolute beat down Baltimore put on Indy in the playoffs? Understandable. But your logic fails all over the place. First of all Baltimore’s D last year was the WORST it’s been since 1998. And the end result? A ring. So losing some aging players on that side if the ball is not a big deal at all. Ravens have some serious depth. And how does it effect Joe? He lost Q. Nothing else. He still has Torrey, Pitta, Dickson, Rice, Leach and Pierce on O. Birk is gone under center but Gradkowski is more than ready to take over. Joe will continue to grow under Caldwell an the Ravens will consistently win and make the playoffs. More than I can say for your Colts who were hands down the worst team in the playoffs last year and only got there because of Arians who has moved on. You want a team to fall short in 2013? See Indy.

  26. Nice try by Mckinnie to create a market. He is old over weight and unmotivated. The ravens are not going to overpay for players in decline.

  27. They have to keep him.
    He’s borrowed money from everyone in the office.
    If they let him go, they can kiss that money goodbye.

  28. From the title of this article I thought it was about the Ravens trying to keep McKinnie in shape. Guy shows up to every training camp overweight. If he had the right work ethic this guy could have been a perennial Pro Bowler and went down as one of the greatest LT’s in the game. He is the exact prototype scouts look for when they look for potential LT’s. He unfortunately is just the laziest guy out there.

  29. So you’re telling me the guy who spends money faster than he makes it, is constantly overweight, and didn’t start most of last season is the one they try to keep?….makes perfectly good sense.

  30. So before everyone declares the Raven’s as dead for next year, let’s see who they still have.

    Offense remains practically unchanged minus Boldin, who I think can be “replaced” using more Pitta and a combination of younger, talented but unproven WR.

    Will still be built around 3 elite players in Ngata, Suggs and Webb, as well as good players like Jameel McLain, Upshaw, Jimmy Smith.

    Plus Ozzie has 12 picks in what many are calling an extremely deep draft in the middle rounds.

    I’m feeling alright about the future in Baltimore.

  31. @ Coltsman

    Stop commenting on things you know nothing about. The Ravens have purged key players the last two seasons and they still made the AFCC then won the superbowl the following year. That 17th ranked defense which you claimed carried us definitely needed reworking. We will be fine next season, try not to be too bitter when we knock you out of the playoffs for the second year in a row…

  32. B Mac is one of those people that you just wonder “what if” he had that Anthony Munoz/Tony Boselli work ethic. He STILL has a ceiling. Unfortunately I think he’s not as serious about the game as he should be, he’s a natural.

  33. hey everyone…swirv learned how to paste youtube videos…good job buddy. do you have any of the superbowl…you know, the one the ravens won?

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