Chris Johnson questions why Titans signed Shonn Greene

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Titans coach Mike Munchak has a significant role in mind for newly signed running back Shonn Greene.

Chris Johnson is not happy about that.

I have never been a big fan of the two-back system, so I don’t know how we plan on using him,” Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I’m not afraid of competition, but I was thinking we’d maybe get a draft pick for the other back. And you don’t give a guy that kind of money to be just a goal-line guy and in tough-yardage situations. So we’ll see what happens.”

Johnson said he can live with Greene in the running back room, but he doesn’t want to give up too many carries to the new arrival.

“I’ll just roll with it. Of course I don’t want to carry the ball 30 or 40 times a game,” Johnson said. “And I don’t mind a guy getting a carry or two. But if I am the main guy and it is supposed to be my team . . . it shouldn’t be an issue.”

But it may become an issue the first time Greene gets carries that Johnson thinks should have been his.

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  1. Maybe because you are not capable of putting the team on your back and getting to the playoffs like another RB who wears purple.

    Maybe because your head coach wants to keep his job and is not concerned about your narcissistic ego ?

  2. Remember all those genius fans saying this was a great signing, this was a great signing just to further pile on the Jets? Lol, there you go.

  3. Hey Chris I bet if you started running for as many yards as you keep guaranteeing at the beginning of the season and maybe were a better team player they wouldn’t feel the need to sign an FA RB.

  4. Johnson is like that kid you grew up with back in the old neighborhood. The kid that complained about everything, regardless of how well he was treated or how much attention he received. The kid that owned everything, but wanted more.

  5. If you want your team and the fans to think you are confident, there’s no better way to convey that, than to complain about carries before the guy even hits the practice field….

    Confindence is NOT about what you say, but what you DONT say.

  6. Seriously it’s time to trade Johnson, absolutely a great talent that you will never win with. This is a team game and the team has to take precedent over individual wants. Remove this guy from the team, running backs are the easiest position to replace. Get a team player.

  7. “Choice and Competition”…….Earn it, CJ, it shouldn’t be difficult, it’s only Shonn Greene

  8. Hmmm, ever since it became “his team” the Titans have pretty much sucked. Maybe he SHOULD give up a few carries.

  9. Dear Chris Johnson,

    Aside from your 2,000 yard season, you have put up average starting rb numbers every other season. You are inconsistent and overpaid. You do not own this team and you have no input into the personnel decision by the Titans’ front office.

    Signed, everyone

  10. Has anyone ever told this guy “No.” in his entire life? Jeez… this guy probably thinks the Sun revolves around him.

  11. “Chris Johnson questions why Titans signed Shonn Greene”

    Because they have no f-ing idea if you’re going to run for 200 or 2000 yards this year. No one knows when you’re going to show up. Headcase.

  12. Maybe it’s so the Titans have someone else to turn to when CJ’s having one of his (more and more common) 40 yard rushing games.

  13. Oh how selfless of him! It’s true! How can he reach his 2,000 yard gurantees with another guy taking his carries!?

  14. Chris Johnson is actually better in a two back system. It will keep him healthier and fresher during the season. As a Texans fan, this is not good news for the AFC South.
    Remember this Chris, the media does not like you so they will spin this into you being selfish.
    Next time, speak to your head coach and ask him about his thought process on your roll in a two back system and stop talking through the media.
    This will make your life alot better.

  15. It is because they are worried about you being a no show again this season. Screw your head on straight and run the ball like you used to.

  16. CJ is a great talent…undeniable. At 190lbs he is as tough a runner as you can ask for. But there are situations that require more bulk that all the ‘tough running’ can not make up for…and he should understand that. It’s the same problem again with CJ.
    If you are willing to accept his quality talent on your team, you have to be willing to take on the head case and problems that come along with him.

  17. It is called a Plan B, CJ. A Plan B just in case you start another season with 4/5 games with not even 25 yards.

  18. If you take away the athletic ability of most of these guys, you’re left with a lot of people with not too much between the ears. In this case, he probably twitched out what little he had anyway

  19. Chris Johnson is a darn good running back however…………he is not Adrian Peterson. There is no tougher back at picking up the tough yardage especially on 3rd and short or fourth and short than Adrian Peterson and unless Chris Johson breaks free he’s no Adrian Peterson.

  20. Someone remind me why the Titans, who haven’t even made the playoffs in years, keep pandering to his sense of entitlement?

  21. Umm gee .. I dont know Chris .. maybe Shonne Greene will be a change of pace back-up.. but dont worry , your “grill” tells me all I need to know about your intelligence level, also thank you for your thoughts and opinion because of which im now starting to wonder if hold outs like yourself have some sort of underlying insecurity.. which makes me question their heart. Thanks “Bro”

  22. Maybe ”YOUR” team never liked how you mustard under a hundred yards in the first 6 weeks of last year.

  23. Wow, the nerve to get a capable backup when you can always rely on the starter for a 190 yard game…after five 30 yard performances. Do what you’re capable of and Green will barely see the field.

  24. Hey Chris, those millions you make ensure that you don’t have to worry about personnel decisions. Just play when you’re called to play … Not a Titans fan by the way.

  25. The Titans didn’t go out and sign Adrian Peterson. They signed Shonn Greene…. Shonn Greene! Calm down CJ2YPC.

  26. Chris, it stopped being your team as soon as you began impersonating Randy Moss: First get the huge pay check, then start taking plays off at your own discretion. Thanks to your immense talent, the table was set for you to be perhaps the greatest running back in NFL history. But instead, like Moss, you became a monumental underachiever.

    -Titans Fan Since Memphis (inaugural season)

  27. “But it may become an issue the first time Greene gets carries that Johnson thinks should have been his.”

    Hey gold teef, it’s a team sport and anything that helps the TEAM win you should be happy about it.

  28. It’s called being a TEAM player CJ…something I’m guessing you know nothing abouy since you’re more worried about how many yards you’re going to get each season…that is why you fail…trouble by week 5.

  29. Well CJ on those 6 or so game were you look terrified, show no busrt and only gain like 17yds on 20 carries; thats why they signed him. Hes bigger and is nit as fast as you are, but ge runs between the tackles and he runs harder. So theres your answer you dummy. Well either that or they are planning on trading you selfish, overpriced, overrated butt outa town. Therefore he wiuld be your replacement.

  30. Starting to really hate this guy. You got your money, now do what your coach tells you & shut the f up. Whatever happened to just being a good teammate?

  31. “And you don’t give a guy that kind of money to be just a goal-line guy and in tough-yardage situations. ”

    You sure don’t. Said the fly on the wall.

  32. Memo to Chris: Its about the team.

    Anyway, having Shonne in there to give a different look will ultimately make Johnson & the Titans better. Although he’s underwhelmed the past two seasons he was more dynamic when he shared carries. I knew it was a mistake for Jets to make him centerpiece. I expect Greene to retrieve his spark , look forward to seeing him back to good form & I wish him well.

  33. It’s called ‘moving the chains’ Chris. While you may be one of the fastest men alive, but when it’s third and one, that speed doesn’t do any good. Shonne Greene can move the pile. As soon as you hit the pile, you go backwards.

  34. Anyone remember last year when CJ was in his awful slump and there was an article here where he called out his O-line saying “we need someone to step up and lead” ??

    Hilarious that he makes the comment “supposed to be my team” now.

    What a basket case.

  35. This guy doesn’t get it and never will. He’s a good runner and seems like a good person, but just not a lot going on upstairs.

  36. Wow CJ1K, you’re sooooo generous with your offer of giving the backup only 1 or 2 carries on YOUR team. Who wouldn’t want to have this “team player”?

  37. Doesn’t sound like a team player talking but to go with an athlete who achieves great success comes a huge ego in any sport…it is about having a different kind of back then Chris Johnson, it could help prolong his career, having less carries that is. Chris Johnson’s concerns are his statistics and getting paid, which he has (I made this name right before he got his big contract. Chris Johnson should be concerned about helping the team win and that is it really if he were a team player that is…in order to win a team needs leaders. Go Titans! And it is time for you to mature as a leader on this team Chris Johnson!

  38. Now the Titans have two backs who think the season starts in mid-October. Maybe the competition will help inspire one of them to be in shape by, say, week 4 instead of week 7.

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