David Wilson gaining weight to help his pass blocking


Giants coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t thrilled about defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s weight gain in 2011, but he might have a more positive reaction to running back David Wilson’s plan to add weight to his frame.

Wilson says he has put on a few pounds of muscle since the end of the season and hopes to play at a slightly heavier weight than he did in 2012. Wilson’s doing that because he wants to be a more effective pass blocker, a desire doubtlessly spurred by the Giants making it clear last season that Wilson’s playing time was limited because he hadn’t shown he was a “complete running back.”

Wilson eventually got more time after injuries gave the Giants little choice but to turn to their 2011 first-round pick, but Wilson doesn’t want to leave things up to chance this time around.

“Because at the end of the day, Eli is our quarterback in there,” Wilson said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “And when the game is in a tough situation, the ball is going to be in his hands to make decisions. And when he makes those decisions, he’s got to be able to stand in the pocket.”

The Giants have said that Wilson, Andre Brown, Ryan Torain and Da’Rel Scott will compete for playing time in the backfield. If his pass protection work is up to snuff, Wilson’s ability to turn every touch into six points should put him in position to grab the top spot on the depth chart.

11 responses to “David Wilson gaining weight to help his pass blocking

  1. actually his time was limited from being a FUMBLER….

    but then again I guess if u keep fumbling the ball u arent a complete running back

  2. Any rookie is going to pack on a few going into their second year, just for durability concerns as well.

    Anyone see how big Jimmy Graham got going from his 2nd to 3rd year?

  3. Wilson is still going to be fast. He’s a top KR guy. He always gets 30 yards on his returns. If he gets in the open field nobody can catch him. Adding a couple pounds to pick up the blitz won’t kill his game.

  4. “actually his time was limited from being a FUMBLER….

    but then again I guess if u keep fumbling the ball u arent a complete running back”

    So apparently you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. He might have been in the doghouse a few games due to 1 fumble, but the reason he wasnt in all year was because he didn’t pass block well enough and bradshaw is one of the best pass blocking RB in the league. Do your hw before spouting out things you don’t comprehend.

  5. As long as he continues to cry on the sideline after he fumbles, I’m cool with it.

  6. kmglynn16 says: Mar 21, 2013 9:03 PM

    Haha you can tell that first 3 posters of this article have absolutely no clue what they r talking about. Good job guys. Keep it up.

    Prove me wrong.

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