Falcons, Dolphins provide likely landing spot Umenyiora

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The cluster of unsigned pass rushers includes defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who coveted for years his shot at the open market — and who has found no takers through the first nine days.

Umenyiora is considered to be likely to land with the Falcons or the Dolphins.

The likely-soon-to-be-former Giant visited Atlanta on Wednesday, and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has reported that the Dolphins have been exploring a run at Osi.

Last week, the Dolphins discreetly brought John Abraham to town for a visit.

17 responses to “Falcons, Dolphins provide likely landing spot Umenyiora

  1. Why is Osi OK to have in the Dolphins locker room? Joe “Holier-Than-Thou” Philbin had to get rid of Vontae and Brandon Marshall because they weren’t team guys, but this is somehow different? Hypocrite.

  2. That’s “discretely”. Spell Check can work wonders.

    Getting back to the subject–Osi is sometimes effective, but in general is overrated, probably due to where he used to play. However, I hope I’m wrong about that.

  3. RG3 and Alfred Morris ran circles around Umenyiora. Trent Williams practically pushed him out of the stadium. None of the Giants belong in the same league as the Redskins. That’s the difference between a Super Bowl winning franchise like the Redskins and weak teams like the Giants. HTTR.

  4. Heh.

    Finally you get your long sought-after shot at free agency and end up with the Dolphins….

    That’s like finally losing your virginity, but it’s to the lunch lady.

  5. The Falcons hardly have squat right now at DE without John Abraham & bust Lawrence Sidbury gone so Abe & OSI must want a lot of $money$ making them both cost prohibitive right now as Abe got about $7 million last year and he deserved it but as the days go on maybe at least one of them will ride the horse because a starting job is assured. Just hope neither will go through the motions like Ray Edwards did.

  6. Would be a decent upgrade to oderick but would like to see them trade down and pick up margus hunt, i know he is primarily 3-4 defender but with his size and athleticism he can be a monster, plus putting oderick at dt would soften the blow if we couldn’t lock up saoli or starks next year. I wouldn’t mind letting saoli go, sign starks and put oderick next to him for the next 4 yrs or so. Wake, hunt, wheeler and ellerbe with those 2 in the middle, Jones and Clemons, bring in grimes and draft a cb in the second, could be dangerous for a while.

  7. Now that the changed rules have made the draft fair again for the owners, the days of NFL teams desperation to sign any available free agents with an above average level of talent are over.

  8. He is a good pass rusher but I don’t see Miami giving him much more than 2 year deal at the market price for a DE. Falcons might do it since they came pretty close to the super bowl last year. If I was him I would sign before the draft, other wise he will be waiting for a training camp injury.

  9. man I hope he comes to Miami. opposite of Wake, they will create havoc. it will make the entire defense better, creating a lot more turnovers… and hype the season just aliiiiittle bit more.

  10. “landing spot Umenyiora”
    Sounds like the title of a 60’s Japanese sci-fi flick!

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