Jarvis Jones calls himself the best player in the NFL draft


Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones has no doubts about where he ranks among the prospects in this year’s NFL draft.

At the end of the day I think I’m the number one player,” Jones told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after performing for NFL scouts at Georgia’s Pro Day workout on Thursday.

Jones didn’t work out at the Scouting Combine, so Pro Day was his opportunity to show what kind of athlete he is. According to Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald, Jones ran the 40-yard dash in 4.85 seconds, which would be a disappointing time for a linebacker who was hoping to show off his speed.

Whether Jones is the best player in the draft or not, he seems to be drawing a lot of interest from teams in the Top 5: He said after working out that he has visits scheduled with the Chiefs, Eagles and Lions.

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  1. “Whether Jones is the best player in the draft or not, he seems to be drawing a lot of interest from teams in the Top 5: He said after working out that he has visits scheduled with the Chiefs, Eagles and Lions.”

    Top of the second round…

  2. when healthy, JJ was the best defensive player in the SEC… and yes that includes #7 at South Carolina. Clowney has a bigger up-side, no question. But Jarvis is a hell of a player. I hope he falls in the draft all the way to the Falcons.

  3. Can’t see any locker room problems there…..maybe he can start his own team with Titus Smith?

  4. How come his 40 time doesn’t garner the same criticism as Teo’s even though it was slower?

  5. Aldon Smith said the same thing. Though, it’s probably wise to just be politically correct during this process and not come across as a bighead. It is not appealing to any team.

  6. Why wouldn’t he say that? No one else does so he gets some attention, whatever that’s worth.

  7. If he was asked a direct question about where he thought he was in the draft, he should have given that answer. If he offered it up on his own, he should’ve kept it to himself.

    If you really want to be the best at something, it starts with believing that it’s possible.

  8. People put way too much emphasis on the Combine and Pro Days. This guy almost single-handedly beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game a few months back. He had 2 sacks and a forced fumble. The sack-fumble play including him beating OT D.J. Fluker off the right edge, then beating RB Eddie Lacy who dropped back to block in the backfield, and then he brought down A.J. McCarron.

    That’s the sound of whocaresaboutdraftstockwhenyoucanACTUALLYproduceonthefield.

  9. How come his 40 time doesn’t garner the same criticism as Teo’s even though it was slower?


    Te’o ran in a climate controlled dome. Jones ran in 40 degree weather.

  10. Is that not what every player should believe? Especially 1st round players? I wouldn’t want to spend a 1st on a player who doesn’t believe he’s the best.

  11. @daroc88 Because Jarvis Jones didn’t just spend the last 12 months of his life lying to you about a fake girlfriend.

    Notoriety brings criticism.

  12. A defensive guy should always have the desire to be the best and the confidence they can become that. Claiming I’m the best when you haven’t even hit the field yet is not helping our case coupled with the slower 40 time is bad. Best afraid not top 20 sure.

  13. I really thought he’d say he was the 34th best player in the draft… What’s he supposed to say? You want a guy who thinks/hopes he’s the best or someone who thinks 20 other unproven rookies are better than him?

  14. Anyone who thinks he is not a team guy is an idiot. He could have left last year and been a top round pick. He is an amazing player who practically won games by himself 2011 and 2012 GA-FLA games, the Missouri game. Te’o won a lot of awards that should have gone to Jones, but you never heard Jones complain. Moreover, he probably is the best in the draft because he is a hard worker plus a true difference maker.

  15. I also saw u on skates when u played Alabama and they ran the ball with great effectiveness on ur side. Ur a third down player. Good luck thinking ur the best in this draft.

  16. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Darren Sharper showed me that the year we won the Bowl. As a Saint fan I’d wouldn’t mind us taking him if his production is high, after all on defense u can only blame yourself. People here bring up T.O. n such, well my point is as a linebacker he has to beat his blocker and get to the passer/rusher or cover the T.E. himself. There is no blaming another if u miss your assignment the way a T.O. could if the ball isn’t delivered.

    P.S. I’m the smartest guy in this room 😉

    Hate me now right? I know I’d hate myself. But does my final comment affect my initial point??

  17. I wonder how many other potential top 10 prospects thinks they’re number 1 as well. it wouldn’t shock me if all of them did.

  18. Do you guys realize that Jones is a pass rushing outside backer? The Te’o comparisons are unwarranted and show your ignorance of the game. No one expects Jones to be a sideline to sideline tackler. He also didn’t disappear against Bama; on the contrary, he was key to UGA staying in the game.

    Actually, this 40 time doesn’t surprise me one bit: Jones is one of those guys that’s a better player than he is an athlete. His 40 isn’t even all that bad: he’s on par with the potential top pass rusher’s combine # (Werner ran a 4.83, I believe).

    The guy is no physical freak like Aldon Smith or JPP, but he’s a natural pass rusher and WAY more polished than either one of them was coming out. 40s aren’t as important as technique, leverage and burst. To give some perspective, I’ve heard that James Harrison ran a 5-second 40 coming out of Kent State. Show me his 10-yard though…if he ran a slow 10, that’s a different story.

  19. This is a lesson to all future draftees: run the 40 at the Combine. Take your shot at running the 40 at the combine because if you run a bad time you can improve it at your Pro day. If you have a good time at the combine you can stand on that, however, if you pass on the combine you don’t get a milligan. And this guy badly needs a mulligan…too bad arrogance cost him that.

  20. Jones is an interesting prospect. He played in the best conference in NCAA football and was dominant on the field, as illustrated by his impressive stats. However, running a 4.85 at only 245 pounds is more indicative of a late round prospect. Great game tape (even for just a year as a starter), but the measurables don’t impress. Tough call for the scouts and GM’s.

  21. All these young men preparing to enter the professional phase of their careers are coached up with the emphasis on confidence.

    This is not a measure of whether or not he is humble, he’s on the trading block and must sell himself, believe in himself.

    There is no other correct answer to that question. [shrug] In fact any other answer to that question would’ve drawn headlines, too.

  22. He might be the best, but I don’t want to be the guy who drafts him, then watches him lose his ability to walk on the field.

  23. @tmcb7 You think this guy is better than Clowney? C’mon man I guess time will tell but at this point if Clowney was eligible he would be without question the first pick in this draft & if you don’t believe that your Clowning around.

  24. That’s one skinny looking linebacker. Looks more like a WR or DB. And he ran a slow 40. This guy has “Bust” written all over him.

  25. Let me preface this by saying Adrian Peterson is my favorite all time player and that he is the MVP of the NFL at this time and deservedly so.

    You generally shouldn’t use top 5 picks on running backs or linebackers. I personally believe that having elite talent at those positions is a luxury but not a necessity. Outside of All Day Adrian Peterson, I don’t see a single player in the NFL that is a true top 30 gamechanging player at those two positions.

    If you are picking top 5 you should be only picking players that you believe can be absolute game changers. Well that or a left tackle just due to the incredibly low bust rate for top tier linemen.

  26. Can’t see any locker room problems there…..maybe he can start his own team with Titus Smith?


    I assume you mean Titus Young.

  27. Having confidence in your abilities doesn’t make you a loudmouth. It’s not like he held a press conference about it, or posted it on Twitter. What do you want him to say? “I’ll probably slip out of the top ten”?

  28. Didn’t this guy lead the nation is sacks, and had twice as many as LSU’s feared tandem of LB’s put together…… and he did all that playing in the SEC?

    Hell yeah, I’ll take him on my team.

  29. yeah i agree, not the most humble thing he could have said but, if you’ve seen this guy play, you’d know he’s a beast! most certainly worthy of a top 15 pick. take it to the bank!

  30. Well he had the most impact plays on defense in the country.

    He led the country in:

    Sacks — 14.5

    Tackles For Loss — 24.5

    Forced Fumbles — 7

    He truly was the best defensive player in the country last season.

  31. Dog fans who follow their team closely and don’t rely on shallow reporting know that JJ is a leader and a team player. Who care what he says now. He’s about to be a pro where acting like an ass is expected. He does his best talking on the field as you’ll see.

  32. soobster-JJ didn’t have any forced fumbles much less 7. He had ZERO forced fumbles. You need to learn his stats better. He had 14.5 sacks, 85 tackles, 24.5 TFL, 1 interception and ZERO fumble returns.

  33. I think he is probably the number one LB in this years draft, but the first pick of the draft, is really up to the teams picking, as to what their top need is. At the very least, I believe he will go in the first 15 picks and that will translate into a new millionaire from Georgia.
    Hopefully, his rather pedestrian 40 time, will not hurt him a whole lot. The young man has all of the instincts and a nose for the ball you could want for a LB. He also makes mighty good tackles and I confess that in my 3 years watching him, I never really saw him miss on one, or be too far out of position, unless he was double or triple teamed.

  34. It’s the NFL and he is slower than most TE’s and LB. He could be a great player but the odd’s aren’t with him. Not even close. For that reason he shouldn’t go in the top 10. As far as his ego is concerned. Yes, every player in his position should believe he is the best. However, trying to prove it is done on the field, not by convincing others with your mouth.

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