Jarvis Jones disappoints at Georgia Pro Day


The reviews are in from Georgia’s Pro Day, and while linebacker Jarvis Jones declared himself the best player in the draft afterward, most other observers weren’t so impressed.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock reported from the Pro Day that Jones ran a 40-yard dash in the 4.9-second range, and that representatives of multiple teams were alarmed that Jones was that slow.

“I think a 4.9 is a red flag,” Mayock said. “I talked to a lot of coaches and scouts and they all said the same thing: ‘Wow. A lot slower than we expected.'”

By way of comparison, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o was also marked down by several observers as too slow after he ran his 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine — and Te’o, who finished in 4.82 seconds, was faster than Jones.

A 40 time isn’t everything: As former NFL general manager Charley Casserly noted on NFL Network, Jones’s 40 is comparable to the 40 that Terrell Suggs ran at his Pro Day, a workout that had some people downgrading Suggs but didn’t dissuade the Ravens from spending a Top 10 pick on him — and didn’t stop Suggs from becoming one of the NFL’s best defensive players. But Suggs is also 260 pounds. In the next breath, Casserly said he couldn’t remember any linebackers Jones’s size (245 pounds) who were able to overcome a 4.9-second 40 and still play well in the NFL.

Jones does, of course, have plenty of good game tape to back him up: He wasn’t a two-time All-American for nothing. As Mayock said, the question facing NFL teams now is, “Do you throw out the 4.9 and go back to the tape and trust that he can do what you ask him to do?”

Jones has to hope teams are willing to do just that.

87 responses to “Jarvis Jones disappoints at Georgia Pro Day

  1. Jarvis: “I’m the best player in this draft!!!”
    Teams: “oh simple Jarvis… Irony sucks huh? Your the best at impressions of Rex Ryan but not the best by any means”

  2. If he is the best in class then the NFL should just do away with the draft completely!! Hell I can run faster on my hands while playing soccer and smoking a Cuban Cigar!

  3. Top 10 pick on an MLB that is slower and smaller then your typical MLB?

    Nah, even if the dude is special, his position is so physical he’ll wear down and be a liability in coverage when covering footballs latest craze, freak TEs.

  4. Only took JJ about 4.9 seconds to realize that he’s NOT the best player in the draft

  5. “Do you throw out the 4.9 and go back to the tape and trust that he can do what you ask him to do?”

    I think you have to. Jarvis Jones is a talented prospect, who will do well in the NFL if his health holds up. However, I do understand that running a 4.9 is a red flag but as far as LB’s go I am more focused on his 10 yard split since LB’s aren’t really gonna be running 40 yards down the field like WR’s, RB’s, and DB’s. I would like to see him have quick feet and good acceleration rather than straight line speed.

    So in this case I think he’ll do great in the NFL.

  6. “In the next breath, Casserly said he couldn’t remember any linebackers Jones’s size (245 pounds) who were able to overcome a 4.9-second 40 and still play well in the NFL.”

    Well, Vontaze Burfict is doing allright no? I think his 40 time was about the same..

  7. People need to understand something. The difference between 4.82 and 4.9 is literally the time it takes you to blink your eyes.

    If his first stride lands an inch short or if he comes out of his stance 5 degrees to high, it could make that big of a difference in his time.

    The only way to get a true speed picture of an athlete using the 40 yard dash would be to have him run it 50 times spread out over 2-3 days and use the average.

    I have no idea whether this guy will be a good pro or not. But if I were running a team, I would be much more interested in what he put on tape on the field in a game against top competition than a single pass 40 time.

  8. Vontaze Burfict ran 5.something. Not drafted, but 174 tackles in his rookie season later, well, nuff said.

  9. Are you getting draft advice from Charley Casserly? The same Charley Casserly who used top 5 picks or higher on Heath Shuler, Desmond Howard, and David Carr. That Charley Casserly. C’mon man. SMH.

    Jarvis Jones is not dropping into coverage as he is primarily a pass rusher so a 4.9 forty is not that big of a deal. He is a pass rusher and not a coverage linebacker.

  10. I hope he will drop down to #9th or #13 pick(from revis trade if happens).. I be happy that he will go to Jets or DT Star if he drop down.. Star remind Rexy Ryan his favorite player from Raven, Ngati… He is similar to him and Rexy would love to have either of them or BOTH, and they will do well… Jets may have bad Offense, but the Defense will be top 10.. Mark my words.

    In Izzy We Trust, and in Rexy We Trust..

    Izz y& Rexy is running the show now.

  11. This guy has all the makings of a budding diva in the NFL. Dude has not played one single down in the NFL, and has already turned off half the league from wanting to draft him. As an Eagles fan, PLEASE Chip, let this one go!

  12. Yeah. That’s a really slow time. This guy will do nothing in the NFL.

    Like that other guy that went undrafted and signed with the Bengals. Vontaze Burflict. 5.09 in the 40 at 248 pounds. Only led the team in tackles and the defense averaged 2.4 yards fewer per play when he was on the field compared to when he was off the field. Such a slouch.

  13. bobonmycob says:
    Mar 21, 2013 6:29 PM
    Jarvis: “I’m the best player in this draft!!!”
    Teams: “oh simple Jarvis… Irony sucks huh? Your the best at impressions of Rex Ryan but not the best by any means”

    You tried too hard on this one.

  14. No team with a brain uses linebackers to cover tight ends like Gronk and Jimmy Graham. Linebackers are for stopping the run, blitzing, and playing zone coverages unless they’re a special player like Patrick Willis.

    That said, I wouldn’t take him in the top 10. But he can still be a good player. People said Brandon Spikes was too slow, but he’s one of the few playmakers the Pats have on D.

  15. Jarvis Jones is a pass rushing OLB. Burfict is an inside linebacker. Their 40 times are not comparable.

  16. How is he a diva? Guess any confidence is a bad thing. Also maybe they should point out it was run in near freezing conditions, and he came up with a little bit of a limp after his first attempt….

  17. Wow. Talk about slow! By comparison – Patrick Willis ran 4.37

  18. stevincinci says:
    Mar 21, 2013 6:40 PM

    Vontaze Burfict ran 5.something. Not drafted, but 174 tackles in his rookie season later, well, nuff said.

    2 things on this.

    #1. Keyword is “Not drafted.” If Burfict never made the team, no big deal. Jones is projected a top 10 pick. If he flames out, a GM is going to lose his job.
    #2. Domata Peko’s dominance allowed Burfict to make majority of his plays. Burfict didn’t have to shed blockers most of the time.

  19. He’s got good game tape. In college.
    Rolando McClain had good game tape. In college.
    Being a great college player doesn’t always translate into being a good NFL player. There are countless great college players who didn’t amount to anything in the NFL. Completely different game. Completely different mind-set.
    And the “Best player in the draft” statement tells me he’s kind of an idiot.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he won’t make an impact in the NFL.

  20. It’s great that he has confidence, but ran a 4.9 is pathetic and it’s obvious speed isn’t his strength along with being weak against the run= Stock Drop…I’m not saying he won’t be a good nfl player, but he needs to improve in those areas asap or he will get smashed by these huge tackles in the nfl.

  21. “Experts” said that Jerry Rice was too slow to play in the NFL. Troy Williamson was crazy fast. John Randle was too slow and small. Teams who judge players by the combine and pro days are the same teams who can’t figure out why they don’t win. If speed was that important then the Raiders would be 16-0 every year.

  22. didn’t see his pro day. but i did see this guy blow up some of the best the SEC had to offer. i’ll take production on the field over combine stats any day. this guy is a beast!

  23. If I were a G.M. I wouldn’t be worried. Game tape doesn’t lie, and this kid has a lot of good game tape. In my eyes, speed is not everything. You can be the quickest guy on the team, but if you can’t hit the open field then your speed means nothing. As long as Jones has quick direction changing, which he does, he’ll be fine. I won’t say he is the most valuable player coming out in this draft, but he is definitely the best LB, If not the best Defensive player. Whoever picks him up will have a carbon copy of Broncos LB Von Miller, but with a little more of an edge when it comes to the running game.

  24. The only thing the team that drafts him needs to care about is him being faster than the O lineman that are trying to guard him and the qb’s who are trying to scramble to get away from him.

  25. Look I am not a big pro day/ combine guy. I like watching it but I think they can be overrated. I think this guy will be a solid player in the NFL if not spectacular….
    the issue i am having is the Casserly is being criticized for his comment regarding no lb running a 4.9 and being a successful…..ALl anybody is coming up with is Burfect… thats the only example you can come up with…
    that being said, there is 2 or 3 years of film to actually judge him as a football player, not one outing..if you like him , draft him

  26. Both Jarvis and Teo are better football players than track stars. I am worried about Jarvis’ health/durability.

  27. EJ says:
    Mar 21, 2013 7:11 PM

    Whoever picks him up will have a carbon copy of Broncos LB Von Miller, but with a little more of an edge when it comes to the running game.

    Uh. Von Miller isn’t a MLB. Von is also a playmaking force who is unstoppable on the edge. He’s also humble.

    Jarvis “I’m the best” Jones doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Von Miller.

  28. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Mar 21, 2013 6:49 PM
    I googled Suggs combine stats and he ran a 4.65 at the combine. That’s a world of difference from a 4.9 cited.


    Suggs ran a 4.84 at his pro day. So no, not a world of difference.

  29. Stop comparing him to the undrafted Burfict. Jones will be going in rd 1..2 at worst but unlikely. A big difference in risk.

  30. “I think a 4.9 is a red flag,”

    ..He ran a time that the majority of the scouts can’t even run. Seriously though this is nothing, a 4.9 forty time for a linebacker doesn’t say if they’ll be a good player or not.

  31. Don’t know why everyone is comparing him to Vontaze Burfict. Vontaze has extreme social anxiety. Jarvis won’t succeed because he has a slow 40time, but because he has a poor attitude.

  32. The thing about a 40 time is that there’s no adrenaline! There’s raw speed, and then there’s football speed. Anybody who played football at a high level knows this.

  33. Didn’t Branding Spikes (MLB) for the Patriots run like 5.1 on his pro day at Florida? Last I checked he wasnt to bad. 40 time is the most overrated measurement used. I would be more concerned with his quickness and lateral movement. The difference in a 4.5 and 4.9 is one step.

  34. News station I saw today reported he has a hamstring injury. Didn’t see that reported here. I hope he falls to 30

  35. “They”, said that Russell Wilson would be a back-up at best (too short). “They” said Richard Sherman would never make it as a CB in the NFL. “They” laughed when Bruce Irvin went in the first round. (Most sacks by a rookie).

    “They” should keep their ignorant opinions to themselves. You’ll do all right in the NFL, Mr Jones. “They” have practically guaranteed it.

  36. The best indicator of being a good NFL player is being a good college player.

    How many workout wonders do we need to see before we understand this?

  37. Not the best player in the draft. Definitely not even the best linebacker in the SEC Championship. Got his ass run over, I recall. Just like that other dude.

  38. These kids should just learn to keep the damn mouths shut and ball. That being said. I watched him in the SEC and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed.

  39. His 40-time may be less than ideal, but when you consider his instincts and intensity, why not try him out at linebacker if he doesn’t pan out as a safety?

  40. Poor guy. Now teams whose defenses are designed around LBs sprinting 40 yards in a straight line will take him off their boards.

  41. Ok so I give the kid a lot of credit for being gifted at his position.

    But at what point do NFL teams stop signing the young load mouth kids.

    I would steer clear and take the next in line.

    Sounds like just trouble waiting to happen….

    Not sure how he thinks having a big mouth helps his draft position.

  42. If your D-lineman has to run 40 yards on a play, chances are you have bigger problems to worry about than his 40 speed.

    This dude dominated games in the SEC. But you’re telling me that because his 40 time is .2 seconds too slow, his stock is hurt?

  43. Not the best player in the draft. Definitely not even the best linebacker in the SEC Championship. Got his ass run over, I recall. Just like that other dude.

    So which Bama LB is going ahead of him in the draft? Uh none. And this is the same Jarvis Jones that Saban admitted they couldn’t pass block. Quit being the typical Bama turd and give some non-Turd fan some credit.

  44. Saban had to double team this guy in the SEC Championship to keep him out of the backfield and most analyst say Bama has NFL caliber offensive line so tell me again how a slow 40 time hinders his ability

  45. I think his draft stock drops…its interesting to note, he first started at Southern Cal, then transferred to Georgia, and mind you, thats a Georgia defense that had Kwame Geathers, John Jenkins, Sanders Comming, Cornelius Washington and Bacarri Rambo – those are all draftable players, so his supporting cast was devastating. Put dude on the Jets and see what he does, particularly an aging defense.

    He should fall and go to Miami, where he’d have Cameron Wake on the strongside, he MIGHT do a little something.

  46. I’m far more concerned with his need to proclaim himself the best than I am with his mediocre 40 time.

    SEC = Often overrated, always self-centered players.

  47. The draft is paralysis by analysis. After all the tape and all the measurables most of it is just luck. Who can know when the knuckle head gets paid and goes hollywood or when an undrafted free agent starts for 10 plus years. I say buyer beware with this guy.

    That’s the point Vontaze Burfict had a terrible workout and it COST HIM he was a 2nd-3rd rd grade on tape actually the yr before he had a 1st rd grade but because of a slow 40 and just a slow and weak workout and caused him to fall atleast 5 rounds and fall out of thecar draft. Yes he did make a team, because of his instincts on tape and he did end up beating out other LBs and had a ton ofa undrafted success, but I’m sure he wished he ran a faster 40 and was in shape for the bench, but he didn’t and he went from a 3rd to undrafted!

  49. The speed isn’t really the red flag, it’s the fact that he went from a 4.65 at the combine to a 4.9 a month later at his pro day.

  50. No team is basing its draft off a pro day or combine performance aka “The Underwear Olympics” #1 will always be game film, and what level of competition did he play. I think JJ gets a ++ in both those catogories..Nough said

  51. Jones tops out as a solid player and a second day pick. You can’t be a star LB in today’s NFL at his size with below average speed. Won’t happen.

  52. I’ll agree that a slight difference in time can have a big effect on the field – one step, in a league full of very fast players, can keep you from being able to make a play. He probably could lose the ‘tude, too.

    But here’s the question – everyone knows the SEC has the fastest college players. So if this guy is really a step slower, how was he able to be a good LB in that conference, if in fact he was a good college player?

  53. This is going to be interesting. Are you going to rely more on his Pro Day or game tapes? If you rely on his game tapes, he’s a bonafide Top 5 pick, because he’s a monster. This kid could sack the quarterback, drop back into coverage and get interceptions. He lines up everywhere. As a matter of fact, the only small area that I saw was that you can run at him, but that’s because of the double-team.

    But if he drops out of the Top 5, it’s because of his Pro Day discount. This is going to be cool to see where he goes.

  54. He dominated every time I saw him play. If he gets drafted anywhere outside of the top 15, the team that gets him should feel great about it.

  55. Id pick him over Te’o. Watching him play was spectacular – and I am from the northwest.

    Personally I think Te’o might slip to 2nd round, and Jones is a late 1st rounder – but still 1st rounder.

  56. I hope he disappoints all the way to the Pats in the 2nd round like Spikes (3rd round) a few years ago.

  57. BTW, everyone needs to realize that a football field is over 50 yrs wide – so this is a BIG deal for a LB who sometimes needs to be in coverage, or even chase a QB.

  58. Spikes came out of florida running a 5 flat.
    Everyone said his talent wasn’t 1st round worthy.

    The pats took a shot on him and he’s done nothing but be a stud in the middle of that D for the past two years.

    TAPE DOESNT LIE.. but the combine numbers do.
    How in the world does gym performace equate to football skills.
    get real bums.

  59. Just over a month away from Jarvis Jones declaring himself the SOD: Steal of the draft. There is always one knucklehead.

  60. Umm Burfict played OLB last year so the times are comparable. I’m pretty sure he’ll work his butt off especially when he drops out of the top ten to seek revenge on those teams that passed on him. Burfict did the same. Don’t worry Jarvis, Marvin and Zimmer have a spot for you.

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