PFT Live: Is the new helmet rule good for the NFL?

Former Cardinals GM, Rod Graves believes that the new CBA has created a wave of smaller contracts for pass rushers. Graves also thinks that the new helmet rule is imperative to extending careers and preventing concussions, even though it could affect players such as Adrian Peterson.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Is the new helmet rule good for the NFL?

  1. I’ve read comments the past few days insulting those of us who disagree with the direction this game is going. Most of these comments fail to attack the actual players and legendary RBs who share our belief that ultimately this game is changing too much. Why don’t you guys go insult Brandon Jacobs, he seems to share my concerns.

    Look, I understand thatplayer safety is a concern, I get it but this is FOOTBALL. If a person feels it’s too dangerous, they should opt to play a less hazardous sport. Football was meant to be played by people who throw caution to the wind, they sign up knowing the risks. Before this concussion thing players, knew they could end up paralyzed, and the possibility brain injuries like Parkinson’s Syndrome could occur, which is why I don’t get these lawsuits by former NFL players. These guys knew the risk of becoming, basically a vegetable (Risks that are way more prevalent in than the suicide thing, hell players shooting people and themselves is more prevalent.)

    Bottom line, if safety is a concern, play baseball and leave football to James Harrison and the like.

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