Report: Vikings not interested in Urlacher unless price comes down

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When teams were first allowed to talk to free agents from other teams, we heard that the Vikings had spoken to linebacker Brian Urlacher about trading in his Bears helmet for one emblazoned with their logo.

At the time, their interest was reportedly tempered by the fact that they believed Urlacher and the Bears would eventually come up with an agreement that kept Urlacher in the only NFL uniform he’s ever worn. We found out Wednesday that their prediction was incorrect and that the Bears and Urlacher will be parting ways.

So, does that mean the Vikings will swoop in to grab a player away from their rivals? If they do, it probably won’t happen right away. Tom Pelissero of reports that the Vikings aren’t interested in Urlacher at the moment and that the only way that would change is if his salary demands come “way, way down” in the future.

Urlacher said Wednesday that the offer from the Bears — one year for up to $2 million — wasn’t enough for him to go through the physical battering of a 14th NFL season. We wonder whether his decision might be different if it came with the chance to suit up for one of the Bears’ biggest rivals and take out any bad feelings about his exit on Chicago twice next season.

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  1. “…one year for up to $2 million — wasn’t enough for him to go through the physical battering of a 14th NFL season.”

    For Chicago, that is.

  2. He has to understand, he made his money now it’s time to retire or play for a lot less if he really wants to keep playing.

  3. Urlacher has always been so over-rated that $2 million is probably still too high. I would much rather see Winfield back playing the nickel than see Urlacher getting burned by tight ends down the seam.

  4. Players always think they’re worth more then they are. Thanks for the memories Brian, but the Bears are running a business and trying to win games. You are old and oft-injured, the 2 mil. offer was generous.

  5. As the season draws closer he will either come down to reality and price or retire. Either way, it will be a disappointment to Urlacher……….Father Time Gets Everyone.

  6. I don’t see my vikes offering much more than $2M and I think even that is too high. Urlacher just doesn’t have much left in the tank. Jennnings, if he can stay healthy, will be a quality addition even at his age. The same is not true of Urlacher. Any money given to Urlacher would be better spent elsewhere.

  7. It’s not if he’s good or not it’s what he brings in locker room n leadership He said he wanted 2yr at 5 mil annual. So do 1 yr 3 mill done

  8. markpackman says:Mar 21, 2013 1:02 PM

    If Urlacher was an ex-Packer, the Vikes would have signed him already LOL
    LOL, no, not really, LOL.

  9. Brian does’t realize it yet but the Bears offer included a big “home town” increase.

  10. If I’ve learned anything from reading the comments on PFT over the past 3 years, it’s that 99% of football fans are reactive buffoons who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a front office.

  11. The Vikequeens are also “not” interested in Mark Chumra, Bart Starr and Gayle Sayers

  12. Bears barely have the cap room and that team still has major holes in it. For $5.5 million per year we can get two decent rookie linebackers. Mind you we have no one other than Briggs at linebacker right now. I’m not over paying for Urlachers swan-song when we have a sub-par defense.

    Running-backs had a field day running up the middle against us. Urlacher was just lost in the shuffle.

  13. If future HOF-er BU is wanting another year or two with the Vikings, without a doubt Viking Lords Fraizer and Singletary will be able to use him. It would be fun to see him pummel journeyman J! Sign him! SKOL VIKES!!!

  14. I love how people here are so quick to recite the “it’s a business” line.
    But come August, when players are holding out for more money, those same guys will yell and scream that it’s “only a game.”

  15. The bears had a very good defense last year. 4 mil is Max for bikes but he prob won’t get that kind of money. I would rather we get a young fresh guy who won’t even demand 2 mil.

  16. What is it with the Vikings having continued interest in division players on the downside of their career? Having been manhandled by the likes of Favre, urlacher, Jennings, etc for so long it tends to make one envious it seems. You would think that philosophy would have changed by now.

  17. They’ll probably wait until after the draft and see how things work out. If they aren’t able to draft a MLB in one of the first three rounds, they’ll probably sign Urlacher for about $2 million. They don’t have anyone to play the position right now so they’ll have to sign him unless they get a rookie they think can start.

  18. I’m guessing that the Vikings would love to have him for his leadership, but would rather have a younger player start.

  19. There are a lot of veteran players sitting on the sidelines without a team right now, and many of (Charles Woodson, Antoine Winfield, Brian Urlacher) are having to deal with the fact that they aren’t going to be bringing home the same size paychecks they did last year. As reality sets in, each of these players will assess their best deals, and find a home.

    This is a good wait and see move by the Vikings. Bringing back Winfield is a higher priority, and with three draft picks in the top 60, the Vikings can afford to wait on Urlacher, who quite honestly, just isn’t that good anymore.

  20. I think I just answered my own question by looking at an old Florio article. It was 910k in 2011 plus 15k per year, so it should be 930k for 2013. Anyone that signs him would be on the hook for close to 1m per year anyway.

  21. That moron Lovie Smith keeps haunting me. Lovie was the guy who had Urlacher out there defending a Hail Mary in a meaningless Week 17 game against the Vikings in 2011. Urlacher hurt his knee on that play and it has set off a whole chain reaction of events. That a-hole Lovie was simply trying to win that game so he could finish the year 8-8 instead of 7-9 after being 7-3 at one point.

  22. The Vikings goal is to sign players away that will make them into a legitimate NFC North rival with other teams that have little respect for them. They do it that way because it doesn’t require winning a Lombardi Trophy.

  23. Cue clueless Packer fans complaining about the Vikings getting “sloppy seconds” and trying to legitimize their own team’s greatness.. 3.. 2.. 1..

  24. vicnocal says: Mar 21, 2013 2:18 PM

    That moron Lovie Smith keeps haunting me. Lovie was the guy who had Urlacher out there defending a Hail Mary in a meaningless Week 17 game against the Vikings in 2011. Urlacher hurt his knee on that play and it has set off a whole chain reaction of events. That a-hole Lovie was simply trying to win that game so he could finish the year 8-8 instead of 7-9 after being 7-3 at one point.

    Yep, the satisfied look on Lovie’s face after that Bears “win” said it all. He put BU on a downward spiral and the Bears dropped to 19th (IIRC) in the Draft instead of being 13th. That cost the Bears a total of 42+ drafting positions in the 2012 Draft over the 7 rounds – made a big difference in the overall quality of that draft class, their 2012 record and cost Lovie his job. Success in life comes in part from being able to see 3 steps ahead, something he never did.

  25. I like the way this has been going. The Purple Crew sends us their sports cars with plenty of zip, and they replace them with worn-out taxicabs from the mean inner city streets. Good deal. Keep ’em coming.

  26. This article is confusing and needs some context. I’m assuming the Vikings would take him at $2 mil on a 1 year deal. But Urlacher wants more, and the Vikings need Urlacher to come “way way down” from whatever that number is. But we don’t know what that number is.

    You can’t possibly come way way down from $2 mil, or even $3 mil or $4 mil. I think the veteran minimum is damn near a mil.

    My guess is that Urlacher wants like 7 mil or something.

    If there is cap space towards the end of free agency then the Vikings should consider spending $3 mil on a 1 year deal and they could sweeten it by guaranteeing big portions against injuries which are likely to occur.

  27. All these old vets still think they are worth top dollar, sorry Brian would rather have a new quicker, stronger stud than you.

  28. So you mean to tell me the packers wouldn’t want Jared Allen or AP toward the end of their careers??? Enough said.

  29. Gudasbeard1 – yes, I very much want Allen and Peterson to be near the end of their careers. Oh wait – you mean want them on the Packers? No, not really.
    I respect and like Urlacher as much as any Packer fan can admire a Bear – but it’s time for him to go.

  30. He’ll swallowed his pride and sign for less with the purple just to rub it in on the Bears he not what he used to be but he definitly can bring some leadership for our MLB

  31. I guess when you are unanble to draft and develop your own players you are constantly trying to sign proven players from your rivals. Vikings should get their prime recruiter Favre to give him a call.

  32. deltaoracle says:Mar 21, 2013 3:53 PM

    Gudasbeard1 – yes, I very much want Allen and Peterson to be near the end of their careers. Oh wait – you mean want them on the Packers? No, not really.
    I respect and like Urlacher as much as any Packer fan can admire a Bear – but it’s time for him to go.

    If the article read “Packers show interest in Urlacher” your reaction would be – “Can you blame Ted!? Urlacher is primed for greatness and Ted can see that!! IN TED WE TRUST!!!”

  33. Vikes do not need to spend money on an old LB Lets get Winfield back instead !! Draft is the way to go

  34. As much as I have always liked Urlacher, and respect what he has meant to the Bears for the past 13 years, if he signs elsewhere for less than what the Bears offered then he is a hypocrite and never planned to return anyway. If he signs with the Vikings for less, then he is also a traitor.

    Personally, I think Urlacher made his choice when Lovie got canned, he had to know the Bears would not give him $5.5 mil per year on a two-year deal.

  35. The offer the Bears were wanting to give him for one year was more than a lot of us will see in a lifetime! He should have accepted their offer and retire as a Bear! If it meant that much to him, he would have accepted their offer and that’s that. He’s already made many of millions of dollars throughout his career, greed is all I see!

  36. Let this be a lesson to all the players out there. The Bears, no matter how revered of a player you are, will use you and then kick you to the curb.

  37. @mjkelly77:

    They offered him more money than anyone else is likely to, and HE turned them down…How is that (except in the mind of a Packer fan) kicking someone to the curb?

  38. I think either the Cowboys sign him, or he sits. He’s 35 and coming off a lot of injuries. Seems as if he’d be a fit with the Colts…i think he’s at the end of it, especially if Audie Cole is talked up over him in Minnesota.

  39. What is it with GB fans talking all over this board. Your teams called the Packers. The “PACKERS”!!!! Fudge!

  40. dragonfly99 says:Mar 21, 2013 3:58 PM

    For five consecutive years a Viking has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. This past Pro Bowl had seven Vikings participating and could have had another four. They just improved by seven games from the previous year. Boy, they sure don’t draft well.

    While it seems a little weird on the surface, it actually makes some sense when pursuing free agents. You know people within your division best. And the bottom line is the players they’ve picked up from division opponents have by and large ranged from contributors to very successful. If it works why not continue doing it? Having said that, I would pass on Urlacher unless he was coming in just over the veteran minimum.

  41. glac1 says:
    Mar 21, 2013 1:07 PM
    the vikes are losing it! LOL What a miserable off season for this team.

    58 429
    Report comment.

    Yea because the offseason is almost over.Idiot!!!

  42. markpacman should maybe quit drinking paint thinner in his mom’s basement clean up all the rock hard Kleenex and maybe move out.

  43. ephillips122 says:
    Mar 21, 2013 4:48 PM

    Think: Olin Kruetz.


    Exactly. Everyone was offended Kruetz left and that the Bears didn’t pay him what he wanted. So he signs with the Saints and was so bad they benched him and then he retired in the middle of the season. Same thing will happen to Urlacher if he goes to the Vikings.

    And he won’t be going to Dallas – they said they can’t sign him with their cap situation.

  44. It isn’t worth the batter on the body for 2 mil. ?Come on, id do it for about $1000. Try working construction for $50,000 a year 50 hours a week ,6 days a week, 4 vacation days a year.I really don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do for a million except killing someone or myself. I think i’m gonna shave my head and tell the bears to write it up. Shoot I wonder if they need a live practice dummy. They could break all my bones and I’d still be grinning ear to ear with my 2 mil. dollar check.

  45. Here’s some Truth 4U. 7 Vikings in the 2013 Pro Bowl. Jared Allen drafted by and played first half of his career with by the KC Chiefs. Jerome Felton drafted and played most of his career with division rival Detroit Lions. Chad Greenway selected to Pro Bowl after Clay Matthews and Demarcus Ware out with injuries. Kyle Rudolph added when Tony Gonzales was injured. Matt Kalil added when Trent Williams was injured. There was 1 Viking in the 2013 and 2012 Hall of Fame class but No Vikings were enshrined in 2011, not five consecutive years.

  46. Viking fan for life and beyond but totally respect future HOF-er BU and regardless of where he signs wish him best to finish with his head up. I dig the rival theater with possible signing in Gods country and seeing what can happen with Fraizer and Singletary! On other hand if it doesn’t t happen its just fun to see all of the stupid posting over the drama.
    SKOL VIKES and GB America!

  47. The Vikings should not sign him for the same reason the Bears didn’t. Also I heard on the radio the Brian countered the Bears asking for 3.5 plus incentives up to an additional 500k. The Bears were wise not to give him 3.5m and so are the Vikings.

  48. Please Vikings DO NOT sign Brian Urlacher for any price.

    Not only is he past the point of providing value to the team relative to other, younger options there’s certain players who should retire for the teams they’ve played for forever. It would be a shame if Urlacher didn’t retire as a Bear as it was a shame Matt Burke didn’t retire as a Viking or Brett Favre as a Packer. I’d much rather see Antoine Winfeild given that chance as a Viking.

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