Tony McDaniel visiting Seahawks

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The Seahawks have signed Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, but they aren’t done looking at additions to their defensive line.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that defensive tackle Tony McDaniel will be visiting the team on Thursday. If he signs, McDaniel would be the first addition to the interior of the team’s defensive line.

McDaniel battled injuries for much of the 2012 season, recording just 11 tackles and 0.5 sacks as a member of the Dolphins’ rotation up front. He’d been much more effective in previous years for the Dolphins, picking up 6.5 sacks in a reserve role over the previous three seasons. If he does wind up in Seattle, the Seahawks will likely be banking on better health leading to a return to that kind of performance.

The Seahawks have lost Jason Jones and don’t seem to have much interest in bringing Alan Branch back to the team, which makes it easy to see how McDaniel would slot into the depth chart up front in Seattle.

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  1. It’s clear by their off season methodology the ‘Hawks think they have their drafted-player nucleus in place currently. Accentuating almost exclusively this year through Free Angency, which as we all know (Dream Team for instance) is a very, very slippery slope.

    I loved seeing the delusional ‘Hawk fans spouting off on here about how the Niners were getting too old! Division rival San Francisco has 6 draft picks to Seattle’s 2 in the first 4 rounds. That’s a sizeable advantage if Baalke can hit on at least 3 of those picks. Which I know he can (2011 Niner draft haul: Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Culliver, Kendall Hunter and Bruce Miller!)

  2. thereisfootballwestofjersey

    Funny how you leave out Baalke’s 2012 “draft haul”. A.J. Jenkins for most worthless 1st round pick of the year anyone?

    Good Players drafted under John Schneider and Pete Carrol:
    Earl Thomas
    Russel Okung
    Bruce Irvin
    Bobby Wagner
    Richard Sherman
    Kam Chancellor
    Robert Turbin (decent in relief of Lynch)
    Russell Wilson
    Golden Tate
    Walter Thurmond (injured frequently but has near elite talent when healthy)
    Undrafted Free Agents –
    Doug Baldwin
    Brandon Browner picked up from CFL
    Trades or Notable FA additions
    Marshawn Lynch, Chris Clemons, Sidney Rice, Zach Miller, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennet, Percy Harvin.

    Seahawks have no issue finding talent.
    Seahawks are among the top two youngest teams by Players age per snap count 25.8 where San Francisco is middle of the league at over 27.

  3. A team of total strangers? Slippery slope? We’ve added two defenisve linemen and a a wide receiver. That appears to me to be pretty reasonable offseason turnover. You have a weakness, address it. You have free agents leave, replace them. Schneider and Carrol have managed this roster extremely well and there is no indication that we should think this will change going forward. They turned the roster over like no other team in their first two years and seems like team chemistry worked out just fine.


  4. @thereisfootballwest: It’s funny to see you only reference the 2011 draft class under Trent. I notice you didn’t mention last years. It’s clear you have very little knowledge about our team. About 75% of our roster has been built via the draft, waiver wire etc. we don’t go out, and spend $14 million a pop on free agents like the Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Skins. The so called Dream Teams. We traded for Harvin because he is a piece to the puzzle. An element we have been lacking. We signed two top tier DE’s for cheap to help bolster our pass rush being as our top DE won’t be back to start the season. If you have no clue what your talking about you really shouldn’t take the time to hangout on the Seahawks BR page talking rubbish. Get some facts, stop trying to always make your team look good by leaving out the areas you have tanked on like Jenkins while only talking about what has gone well for you. Your the only delusional fan I see in here. Good luck hanging onto that half game division win in 2013.

  5. We trade for a WR and sign two DE’s in free agency, while the 49ers trade for a WR, and sign a DT in free agency but we are the only ones building a Dream Team. Forget delusional these 49er fans are just so funny.

  6. I think they should stick with the young DT’s they drafted late like Clint Mc.and Jaye Haward I mean even kick Red Bryant inside there at times if needed because he’s paid a bunch and only plays 1st down last year. Pick up another team injury outcasts and teaching them new schemes is going to hurt. Branch can’t be asking for too much.

  7. Just noticed that the abused Chris Culliver and made of glass Kendell Hunter were on that 49er fans list. If Hunter was a monster why did they draft that HB from Oregon and try pick up the twinkle toes Jacobs. Culliver’s tape and character problems speak for themselves. What’s the 2012 draft haul…..BUSTS!

  8. I am going to defend what was written by most on here with the exception of @ tobis81

    The world of the NFL has changed. Draft Contracts are a fraction of what they used to be. ALL Teams are using Free Agency because of these high price contracts; high quality players are being released at the back ends. This is the new way. It is nonsense to believe that Teams with Cap won’t spend it. I think the Seahawks did a great job of rebuilding and will field a strong product for many years. Heck, I am looking forward to actually watching West Coast (4:00pm) Games. The Seattle vs. SanFran or AFC Denver will be epic!

    Back to Tobis81 ‘s stupidity…. the Dolphins are even younger than the Seahawks. They built throught FA? Are you kidding? We “bought” M. Wallace with an overpriced Contract, just like Harvin’s (using the same piece of the puzzle comment you made)and Bowe. Timing is everything. They got lucky. Are they worth it, No, but a team like the Dolphins needed a solid upgrade at WR just like your Hawks. With tons of cash they got the #1 Free Agent. Any team would have doen the same if they could. The Dolphins LB “spree” saved us money and we got younger and better. Do some reading on the Dolphins or any other team for that matter. Stop being a parrot drone and repeating other’s idiotic comments and you will discover the Dolphins STILL have over $18M left to spend with another $11M coming June 1st. Next year we are UNDER the Cap by $30M! I know you hate your rival 49ers, but you sound silly spewing off about the Dolphins, Redskins and Eagles. Did you read that somewhere or make that up? BTW- The Skins and Dolphins are pretty good these days. Hmmm… I can even rember the Dolphins actually beating the Seahawks this year. Show some knowledge and respect and you might actually get some!

  9. Who cares about what the niner fans say. They are just scared that the Seahawks are gonna dominate the next 10 plus years in their division. Squid word, I mean kaepernick won’t last long he is a one year wonder and the hawks are gonna make him look stupid just like they did last year in Seattle. Go hawks

  10. What i don’t understand about the dream team comments, & I’ve read that more than once in the last couple weeks, is the draft isn’t even here yet. How can anyone say the Hawks are building thru free agency when we’re still a month away from the draft. We’ve seen Schneider sign free agents & cut them before they ever saw the field. With about 7 picks (not certain) coming, albeit mostly late rounders, this whole team is built on late round & undrafted players. With the exception of Harvin every fa signing has been very short contacts that didn’t come close to breaking the bank. Its far too soon to say what kind of offseason the Hawks will have but its starting out to be a good one. Go Zags!!!

  11. You 49er fans need to stop worrying about the Seahawks and worry about your own team. Nobody up here even cares about y’all. We’re thinking about Denver and New England.

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