Trio of teams after Dumervil, Freeney


Last Friday, the Broncos cut defensive end Elvis Dumervil after a last-minute effort to re-do his contract imploded at the last minute.

Now, a trio of teams hover over Dumervil and former Colts defensive end/linebacker Dwight Freeney.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Steelers, Ravens, and Broncos remain in play for both players.  Currently, Dumervil’s decision is expected to come down to Baltimore and Denver.  Whichever of that duo doesn’t get Dumervil becomes likely to land Freeney, with the Steelers as the possible alternative destination.

The fact that Dumervil remains on the right side of 30 makes him more attractive than Freeney.  In Baltimore, Dumervil would help reverse the recent bleeding.  His addition also would constitute the ultimate tweaking of the Broncos, who lost in dramatic fashion to the Ravens in the postseason.

While the Broncos want Dumervil back, the fact that last Friday’s offer evaporated after agent Marty Magid failed to fax the paperwork to Denver on time has created some hard feelings.  The Broncos have blamed the lower package on the cap acceleration resulting from the termination of Dumervil’s prior contract, but the fact that future cap dollars have been pushed into 2013 easily can be remedied via a structure that nudges cap dollars that otherwise would count this year into the future.

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  1. Who gives a crap…you trying to set a new record for most posts about one player? Or the most references of the words ‘fax machine’?

  2. After all the talk about the Ravens imploding, if they were to field a front 7 next year featuring Suggs, Dumervil, Ngata, Canty and Upshaw, factoring in Jones, Spears, Mcphee and Jameel McClain (if healthy), they would have addressed one of their biggest problems last year. Say what you want, but counting the Ravens out in March is a mistake. It’s been done the past few years when they lost Heap, Gregg, Mason, JJ, Grubbs and others, but they made the AFC Championship and won a SuperBowl. Yes, veterans are departing, but isn’t that what coaches are paid for as well? Like New England and Pittsburgh, the Ravens know how to navigate the salary cap, and they have 12 draft picks. While the haters will assail this post for simply pointing out facts, the Ravens front office knows how to develop and maintain a Playoff caliber team, and I think it’s a credit to them, and the rest of the league will see again next year why, that they don’t deviate from a winning formula, even when reaching the pinnacle of success.

  3. Baltimore can make a recent offer but we probably still can’t afford him. We have about $10M in cap space. Reserving for $3M for the draft, we can offer somewhere in the range of $7M. The question is whether he really wants to take that . . .

    He probably wants something closer to $10M . . . a possibility for Baltimore they we are to restructure our big contracts (Ngata, Suggs, or Webb).

  4. geobh says:
    Mar 21, 2013 8:54 PM
    come to cincy.
    They probably want no part of him. He doesn’t have a criminal record.

  5. “a last-minute effort to re-do his contract imploded at the last minute.”

    I’m still available to write and/or edit.

  6. Who gives a crap…you trying to set a new record for most posts about one player? Or the most references of the words ‘fax machine’?
    Well, I am going to guess that at the very least, the fans in Denver, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh care enough to give a crap. Maybe even TWO craps!

  7. Fixes all Baltimore problems with this signing. Would have the best pass rush. Can u imagine suggs ngata Canty and dumerville. Haha would be dominant. On Ozzie we trust

  8. Suggs and Doom, plus Ngata, McPhee and Canty could be a monstrous combo. Just need to find an ILB to pair with McClellan and a safety. Luckily, this draft is deep at both positions.

  9. This whole thing rubs me the wrong way. On the one hand, the Broncos have been less than elegant in their handling of this whole thing, contacting a great player way too late in the lead-up to free agency when this deal should have been in discussions in February.

    On the other hand, you can see their position. It’s not like Dum is playing pro-bono, having collected $28 mil (easily twice his real market value) in the two years leading up to this.

    Add to that the fact that Dumervil didn’t care enough to be in a Denver zip code last Friday when all this was coming down to the wire, and I don’t know who to be disappointed with more.

    Sign Abraham already.

  10. The next post about Elvis and the Broncos should have a photo of a fax machine. Maybe the scene from Office Space where they crush the fax machine.

  11. This is good news. As the market dwindles then the Texans will be able to sign DT Richard Seymour and DE John Abraham to 1 year, 1 million dollar deals.

  12. geobh says: Mar 21, 2013 8:54 PM

    come to cincy.

    Don’t need ’em, Geo. Bengals D is stacked. #6 D in the league have them all coming back.

  13. get out of denver man, theyll be rebuilding during most of your remaining prime (i.e. post peyton)

  14. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:
    Mar 21, 2013 8:55 PM
    Who gives a crap…you trying to set a new record for most posts about one player? Or the most references of the words ‘fax machine’?
    Lets see, you click the post, read it, then comment. I’d say your the one who gives a crap.

  15. Word on the street is that they both were pleading to join the Chiefs and/or Seahawks.

    If Mr. Andy Reid and Mr. Pete Carroll are ignoring their pleas to join a dynasty team, then it’s safe to assume that these two players are not talented enough to play for a Super Bowl contender.

    The other 30 lowly pretenders can scrap amongst themselves for the 2nd rate talent

  16. Stopping putting “linebacker” next to Freeneys name, thats was a failed experiment

  17. And in case you hadn’t heard a couple posts back, Rich McKay is a huge liar.

    Falcons need Rich McKay the tool like Florio needs a wig….not.

    Both are embarassing to think about, but easily done without.

  18. I hope Elvis goes to Baltimore. Upgrade over Paul Kruger. Elvis and Suggs coming off the edge with Haloti Nata(however you spell it) in the mix, sheesh. Who needs all pro safeties with that kind of disruption in the pocket? Better run against them instead. Right up the middle. Where Lewis,Reed, Pollard and Ellerbe used be.

  19. Who gives a crap?

    Yeah, why would anyone want to read a story about two big name free agents during the height of free agency on a website called Pro Football Talk?

    Never understand posts like the above. Quiet down or go read Bleacher Report.

  20. it’s 2013 and a FAX machine is still a relevant topic? Is Doc gonna make it back in time? what era do I live in? I’m not even sure

  21. well screw you Doom. You and your agent mess up and now you’re gonna be a punk and possibly go to the ravens!? The team that deflated what you and you’re teammates fought so hard for all season. You’re a traitor to Bronco Nation. Go ahead and join them, you’re overrated anyway, on 10 sacks opposite the beast that is Von Miller in 1vs1 matchups?? And you got pushed around against the run. Totally replaceable and definitely not worth 12 mil. He dissapeared till the 4th in almost every game except in clean up time. Its your fault, take the deal or move the hell on. I’d rather have Freeney anyway, least he doesn’t get pushed around like a chump or we could draft a DE in the 1st or 2nd and get more production. just don’t come back to Denver if you leave for Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

  22. Thanks to a fax machine mishap, Ravens remain favorites in the division after landing Dumervil. Hate on haters.

  23. Sure hope Dumervil signs somewhere soon so we do not have to hear about him and his saga. I wish I would have heard from him in the playoffs but, that did not happen.

  24. Has Elvis ever performed in sf?? Lol just kidding,we can’t afford him,but I hear Seattle wants everyone!!

  25. Who gives a crap…you trying to set a new record for most posts about one player? Or the most references of the words ‘fax machine’?
    Always some putz that can’t understand what offseason means. Stop wasting your time reading and posting about things you don’t care about. Wait until summer when you can be THAT guy that constantly says “Whew boy it’s hot out there”.

  26. I could see James Harrison back with the Steelers on the cheap…. I would like to see that he still has another year or 2 in him.

  27. Steelers have no $.

    You wonder if they’re not just trying to drive the price up, especially for the other AFC teams? Wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    It’s been a remarkable year when you consider the stars so identified with their teams leaving them at the rate we see…Urlacher the latest.

    It’s set up by these contracts teams and players know will never be completed.

  28. Denver should stop acting like a victim and resign Dumerville already. This a business, about winning football games and Dumer gives them the best opportunity to do that.

  29. If that truly is the case and Dumervil’s agent is to blame here, how has this not resulted in a lawsuit? I don’t think suing people is the way to go about things, but this is a major error and probably cost Dumervil 10-20 million dollars before he signs a new deal.

    Dumervil isn’t worth 8 mill a year even. He is too injury prone.

  30. IF

    the ravens replace a fringe starter with a fringe Pro Bowler i’m pretty sure whomever they sign to play safety will have a career year.

    Great line play makes for great DB play.

    just the facts

  31. Denver better not let Baltimore have Elvis. If the Ravens have a healthy Suggs and Elvis for an entire year they will be in the AFC championship game for a 3rd year in a row.

  32. Denver is obviously offering less than $8m, how much we don’t know. Personally, if the numbers are close, who wouldn’t choose Denver. Great place, great fans, great team, great potential legacy.

    Sorry Baltimore, but its going to be hard to get good players to WANT to play there without $$$.

  33. Poor Elvis….the only teams that want him have 20mil quarterbacks. Elvis, my man,ain’t no 12 mil or even 8 mil available for you. With the Mannings or the Flaccos(new team names) you’ll start to see how much they value defense.

  34. With the Swiss cheese defense and departure of Boldin its hard to believe the ravens are going to the playoffs, 3rd at best in the north. Suggs and Ngata are in decline and 6 big players are gone from defense. Steelers do have their issues, RB, safeties, Hampton, TE(unless Heath gets healthy), big trouble with WR if Sanders leaves. The O-line was player better then previous years, the LB core looks nice(Foote is getting old tho), Hood, Kiesle, Taylor, and Gay will be just fine. Bungles are doomed to repeat their past, but should still win the division and finally the browns have no help for Richardson tho Gordon looks promising. In closing the north standings will be cincy wining followed by the steelers, ravens and brown bringing up the rear(unless they have actual QB play, then they will move up 1 spot).

  35. It’d be nice to have this guy with the Ravens but no way they’ll get in a bidding war. As Ozzie would tell ya, “right player at the right price.” Ravens would like to spend some of that cap to sign Pitta, Oher, Art Jones and Ed Dickson as opposed to, quoting Mr. Bisciotti, “someone else’s veterans.”

  36. Hmmm…not having the Pats in the mix tends to make me feel like something is abrewing with them and Abraham.

    Or they sign none of these three and stay with Chandler Jones and Ninko on the otherside.

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