With ownership driving effort to get Revis, Bucs may eventually blink

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When it comes to the question of whether the Jets will trade cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers, plenty of things aren’t clear.

One thing is becoming more obvious:  The move to get Revis is coming from Tampa Bay ownership.  That’s what one source with knowledge of the trade dynamics told PFT on Thursday.

The two teams are believed to have dug in on the question whether the package of picks will be headlined by a first-rounder in 2013 or a first-round selection in 2014.  If that’s the only difference, and if the folks who sign the checks have decided they’re ready to write some big ones to Revis (even though the cornerback market has softened significantly in the past nine days), there’s a good chance they’ll direct G.M. Mark Dominik to give up the first-round pick in 2013.

Still, Peter King of SI.com reports that the talks remain in a “fragile state.”  And while King makes a good case for Jets G.M. John Idzik taking picks in 2014, when he may be working with a new coach, Idzik seems determined to match the 2013 first-rounder that the Vikings got for Percy Harvin.

“The trade has to happen,” a source with knowledge of the negotiations told King. “The question is when.  The Jets know they can’t sign [Revis], and Idzik knows if he doesn’t sign him he’s got to get the best deal he can.”

And so we’ll keep waiting for someone to blink.  If Tampa Bay ownership wants Revis badly enough they could be the ones blinking.

Then, they could end up being the team using that 2014 first-round pick on a quarterback.

37 responses to “With ownership driving effort to get Revis, Bucs may eventually blink

  1. A first-rounder from Tampa wouldn’t match the first-rounder the Vikings got. Tampa has the 13th pick and the Vikings got the 25th pick. That’s why a 2014 pick makes more sense, although I’d say two second-round picks is probably a fair price.

  2. Why would Tampa blink? Do the Jets have anything vaguely resembling leverage at this point? Revis is not playing for them, so why couldn’t Tampa just sit back and bide their time, and wait for him to completely implode in Jets camp?

    Revis is getting traded, cut, or holding out. Tampa can simply wait.

  3. I want him in Tampa. A 1st rounder seems rough though. A 2nd this year and a 3 and 5th next year…. Anything more and I’d balk.

  4. They’d be crazy to give a 1st round pick in any draft.
    If they feel like there’s no value in the first round this year, try to trade down and go for quantity.
    They’d give up a first rounder for a cornerback who over-values himself and has a bad knee? Along with the annual new contract demands, and the headache that will cause?
    He never helped the Jets win anything, why do they think that will magically change with a move south.
    Keep the draft picks.
    First round picks are for players who can win you games.
    Not for a cornerback.

  5. lol. drafting a QB already?? Freeman was a Pro Bowl Alternate just 2 years ago. Yeah, he has his flaws, but if he was playing for MIN instead of Ponder they coulda made it to at least the divisional round of the playoffs. He’s a young QB…its not that serious.

    TB has more pressing needs at FS, DE, CB, C, and TE

  6. This Bucs fan thinks it would be a bad trade. Keyshawn Johnson for two first-rounders helped bring us a Super Bowl but condemned us to mediocrity for years. We are not just one player away.

  7. There is time to wait. We’ll see what other teams come into the fray as draft day approaches.

    Keeping our cards close. Idzik is handling it masterfully.

  8. I know Minnesota doesn’t run the 3-4 like Revis is used to, but I don’t understand why they don’t give up a 1st this year for him. They’ve already got 1 to spare and have a dire need for another cb that can line up against Megatron, BMarsh, and Jordy Nelson for 6/16 of their games a year.

    Essentially they could end up trading Percy Harvin for Greg Jennings, Revis and a 3rd rounder next year. ALL WHILE KEEPING THEIR ORIGINAL 1st ROUND PICK THIS YEAR.

    Some say Revis is overrated… I get that, but can anyone honestly say he wouldn’t be an upgrade on every roster in the NFL?

  9. Tampa should sign Grimes, draft the best CB available and let the Jets keep Revis…

  10. Jets! Blink-away and send Revis before a Tampa Bay owner eats some bad shellfish, thus triggering a sequence of events where the offer is taken off the table. 🙂

  11. We need Revis, a 1st rounder is alot to pay for him, but he’s a competitior and is going to want to show the whole league he is still a top CB. Just pull the trigger, hell 5 first rounders got us a superbowl for a coach, 1 first rounder for the leagues best CB seems to pale in comparison to that trade!

  12. Revis should had been worth more than 2x 1st picks, afterall, there isn’t ANY CB are like him right now, and he a sure hall fame member when he retired.. however, since ACL injury, The Jets asking nicely and bargain price for this year 1st pick and 3rd pick.. anything less than that, ya gotta put down ur roll, bec ya’ll tripping too much.

  13. The Jets have no leverage, and they will be pressed everyday the draft gets closer. Let them seek another offer, or the Bucs can sign him in free agency next year.

  14. I wonder if Freeman has gotten the message yet? A week ago the Bucs contacted New England about trading for Mallett.

  15. Since many people bashing thinking Revis isnt worth it, however, many of you fail to realized that Revis is ALL around corner back.. He has speed, awareness, best hands, pressing stop, can tackle very well.. and ofc, he #1 best CB, and should had won Defense MVP instead of Woodson, which Woodson had more ints/fumble/and sack… than Revis when most team avoid throwing to Revis but still pass to Woodson… So… look on youtube on Revis highlight, and TELL ME IM WRONG! bec I aint.

  16. btw, what makes u guys think the Jets wont try to resign him multi years if the trades doesnt work out? U keep trippin and dreamin when Revis get to free agent next year, bec he wont.

  17. Most people on here say cornerback’s can’t win games.That might be true,but they can sure lose them.You saw first hand what happened to Pats when Talib got hurt.Bolden had a field day,that was probably the difference of the game right there.In the past your starting CB goes out and the replacement usually gets torched or hit with numerous interference calls.It can change the whole complex of the game.Shutdown CB’S are a dream come true.

  18. The Jets have absolutely no leverage…They have to trade Revis, and the Bucs seem to be the only team willing to give them anything good and will probably pay him what he wants contract-wise…If they can’t unload him, he walks at the end of the season, and could be wearing a Patriots or a Giants uniform next season…Any idea what the media would do to the Jets if that were to happen? They better get what they can now for him, so the Bucs are actually sitting in a good spot as long as their owner doesn’t force Dominik into doing something more

  19. This may be the least interesting trade pursuit I’ve ever followed. Crap or get off the pot.

  20. The more I think about it, I’m not as opposed to giving up the 1st rounder this year as I was initially. It’s not like the Bucs have the greatest history in the 1st round(Gaines Adams*RIP*,Kenyatta Walker,Michael Clayton just to name a few), and they’re still in a good spot to get value with their 2nd rounder if there’s a good CB or DT prospect available. If that’s what it takes, I say roll the dice as the Bucs probably would have been a 12-4 team(Giants,1st Saints game,Redskins,Eagles and Dallas would have been wins) with ANYBODY that could have stopped a pass last year.

  21. Actually NY Media will press Jets to trade him before deadline and/or after trade deadline, sign him to long term contract.. Afterall Woody Johnson didn’t say he unwilling to sign him contract, but just hate his holdouts.. however this year he CANNOT hold out, due his “bandage” contract he signed; If he hold out any time, he will be added 1 year, I think probs about $5mil.. so Jets aren’t sweating at all.. its Bucs who should be sweating, afterall 49ers got whole alot of pickles(picks, if ya get my drift)…

    This GM Izzy doing well and keep up the poker face!

  22. With Idzik, the Jets have got a winner, who will do everything humanly possible to turn GangGreen around. But it won’t happen overnight or tomorrow. But why Revis, would ever think that it will happen anytime soon with the Bucs, is beyond me. In his interview with MikeRob, Revis talked about wanting to win it all. I believe he’d have a better chance of that happening during the next two years, if he were to stay put.

    The Colts turned it completely around in one season, after a disastrous previous year. The Hawks went from 7-9, to 11-5, in a year. It “could” happen for the Jets, and no one can truthfully say otherwise. If you jump Revis, and the Jets do turn it around quickly, you’ll no doubt be happy on the beach, when you might be ecstatic hoisting the Lombardi.

  23. seaeagle- But by your own logic, it “could” happen in Tampa as well. As I stated before, they were some pass defense away from 12-4.

  24. @milkmanandanimal

    A better question is why would the Jets blink? What kind of leverage do the Bucs have, exactly? Brent Grimes? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a stud, but he’s no Revis and if the Bucs don’t act quick, he’ll be playing in Florida, but not for them. Despite popular belief, the Jets are not quite exactly in cap hell, and again, contrary to popular belief, the Jets are 100% capable of re-signing Revis.

    However, all (NYJ beat writer, mind you) indications say that Woody Johnson has no intention of doing so. After a few cuts (Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez) that are almost guaranteed to happen, the Jets will have upwards of 30 million in cap space in 2014. Assuming those two are gone in 2015, the Jets will have OVER 90 MILLION in cap space. The Mark Sanchez contract was awful, but honestly, just how bad do you think the Jets screwed themselves there? Not even close to as bad as the media would have you believe, for starters. So you see, the Jets are more than capable at getting a deal done- but only if they want to.

    With that in mind, why trade Revis at all? What are the Bucs allegedly offering? A 2013 or ’14 first rounder, and possibly more. Now, let’s pretend you’re a GM. You’ve got a surefire Hall of Famer on your hands. His effect is so great that his presence on defense makes literally every single player on that defense better at their jobs. With Revis at CB, safety help can go to the #2 cornerback. Because the help over the top only went to the #2, the linebackers are free, and with the linebackers free, the D-Line has a substantially easier job. Why do you think the Jets defense has performed so well despite being a motley crew of mediocre talent and overachievers? I’ll give you a hint: Darrelle Revis.

    Again, with all that in mind, why make a trade? Let’s say the Jets get three picks for Revis, that’s 3 picks that could end up being Vernon Gholstons, and with the subtraction of Revis, the whole defense plays much worse. We get 3 picks and 8 holes. The only reason the Bucs can offer such a low price and not get laughed away from the negotiation table is because Revis got hurt, but let’s be honest here, more and more athletes are coming back from ACL tears at 100%, and on top of that, only half of Revis’ value comes from his physique. Kind of like Peyton Manning, the other half of his greatness is his brain, responsible for his technique, work ethic, understanding of his role, ect.

    Assuming he comes back from the ACL tear healthy, which is far from a stretch, the Bucs better actually get serious about getting Revis or get to work on Grimes, because the Jets lose absolutely nothing by letting this play out. The Jets have a year and a half to find a resolution. Why do you think Revis’ agents are so eager to resolve this quick? The longer this goes on, the better position the Jets F/O is in.

  25. The Jets would be better off with two first round picks in 2014, that way they can trade both of them, and their 2015 first for a chance to draft a real quarterback.

    Provided they don’t already have the 2014 1st overall pick.

  26. pushier – I absolutely agree and I’m sure that Colin Kapernick (sp?) would as well. Richard Sherman was very nearly a one-man wrecking crew in the Hawks final game with SF, this past season. His end zone pick virtually ended the Niner’s offensive game for the day.

    Revis hasn’t gotten to where he is by not being a major contributing factor in the Jet’s games. If they haven’y won the majority of them, it’s not his doing. He can’t be held accountable for what the Jet’s offense does or doesn’t do.

    The Hawks have two shutdown corners and they ARE highly valued by the team and the 12th man. (and hated by just about everyone else.)

  27. The Jets ALWAYS manage to screw things up. So there’s no way they are getting a 2013 first round pick for Revis. Why can’t Woody just admit he doesn’t know how to run an NFL football team?

  28. This guy is a virus. Geting rid of Revis is the best thing the Jets could do for themselves. Maby if they didn’t have to deal with this dbags contract woes EVERY off season, they would have time to develop a position that matters. QB……

  29. Your wrong cool. Revis’ agents and Nuke want him in NY where the endorsement $ is. If Jets don’t trade him, he resign long term. WILL not become afree agent. Idzik playing it right.

  30. tampamac says: Mar 21, 2013 3:47 PM

    ” It’s not like the Bucs have the greatest history in the 1st round”

    Mark Baron, Doug Martin, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn…and that is just THIS generation of players. The Bucs have a history of good and bad choices in the first round.

    Sapp? Brooks? Etc.

  31. I’m against Revis. He’s a good player…but is never satisfied. A cancer to a team.

    And I agree with the Keyshawn trade similarities.

  32. petedutcher- Those are picks just over the last 3 years. Sapp and Brooks were in ’95. So you had a span of ’95-’08 where their first rounders were names like Regan Upshaw, Marcus Jones, Reidel Anthony, Anthony McFarland, and Cadillac Williams as well as the ones I named previously. Definitely more busts than booms in their first round history, but Dominik does seem to have a much better draft strategy than his predecessors.

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