14 teams show up for Sharrif Floyd’s Pro Day workout


Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd missed Florida’s March 12 Pro Day workout, due to a tweaking of his ankle suffered at the Scouting Combine.

Floyd took to the field on Friday, with 14 teams showing up to see what he can do.  According to NFL.com, the throng included Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie.

The Raiders have the third overall pick in the draft.  Greg Cosell of NFL Films has said that Floyd is worthy of being selected first overall by the Chiefs.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network has Floyd ranked as the top defensive tackle on the board.

29 responses to “14 teams show up for Sharrif Floyd’s Pro Day workout

  1. Only way the Raiders don’t draft this kid is if they trade down or he goes to KC or Jax. Dude is a stud.

  2. Too much hype not too much production, short arms are concern, already have one like him (Lamar Houston) A poor’s man Warren Sapp IMHO, as a raider fan i prefer Lotulelei or Milliner, they have more upside.

  3. Star Lotulelei is better than Shariff Floyd.. however Floyd will be 21 this year.. Lotulelei will be 24.. lets see how Floyd in 3 years compares to Lotulelei now.

  4. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    He isn’t worthy to wear our prestigious colors.

    You’re jealous?

  5. 14 teams ? Really ? Did you say 14 teams , gee I wonder which teams…..

    * slams head into wall repeatedly*

  6. At number 3 the Raiders will either draft Geno (if they think he is a franchise guy), Dee Milliner, Floyd, Jordan (if he is still there) or trade back. I have a sneaky suspision they will be going to a 3-4 however with the personnel they have signed in free agency.

  7. Hyzers! Your insane.. He is probably the best defensive tackle to get drafted in the top 3.. And not be a bust.. Like most D tackles drafted that high have been in recent drafts…

  8. Better than Star Loutelli ? I find that hard to believe. Star needs a double team on almost every play and ate the best center in college on tape.

  9. what good does anyone def linemen do , they have the worst coaching staff in nfl, they don’t have a definable system they play on defense, basically Floyd will have to get by on talent and abilty ,for a year or two, then go freeagency after year 4 , HOW FAR DOES THAT GO ON THIS LEAGUE ? NOT FAR AKA- BUST WITH A 25 MILL SIGNING BONUS DDDAAAHH!! dennis allen wkill basically ruin this guys career
    Allen will ant dee milner, due to the one fact that he requires no coaching, line him up over the flanker every down, and tell him to play MAN cover all day ! another bust waiting to happen !

  10. Did you think that comment through? If so, i feel sorry for the comment! He is the best 3 technique down linemen in this draft. With the NFL using 50% sub packages anymore, he is the best one on the board. Where he may lack in arm length, he makes up physicality and most of all, speed!

  11. Hey silvernblak , did u read the comment through ?? its not the player , its the team and scheme they got to ok ! THAT SIMPLE ! Allen don’t play a
    ” DEF SYSTEM ‘” he changes from down to down pending on distance ok ! which is STUPID ! , his d in Denver was bottom 5 , and the same here in Oakland ok ! One year aft Allen leaves with same talent they got into the top 5 in team d , and # 1RANKED PASS RUSH OK !!! SAME TALENT PERIOD !!! Xplain that u “DA” PEOPLE ! no please don’t actually !
    #1 if u bring in Floyd today , well he will get the 2 or 3 block every down from the off line, which nullifies that one player ok ! due to the lack of talent and coaching oak has ( last year Shaughnessy the WEAKSIDE END , played inside shade 70% of his 60 snaps, how smart is that ? 100% NOT , playing tolefson at OLBR ,
    go look at vonn miller, under allen his rookie year only 10.5 sacks, cause allen thought it would be smart to take him off the field on nicks/dimes , WOW ,
    then delrio ( a real def cord ) shows up plays him every down as blitzr @ olbr and a up & down weakside end, 50+snaps a game , he goes to 19 sacks, ( he had 22 a rookie record 3 came back due to flags btw ) , that metamorphosis was coaching all over the place, the Denver def went from bottom 5 to top 5 with just a def cord change ! wow !! SO what u REGGIEALLEN folk think these morons are gonna do with any top def talent here ? ” COACH EM UP ” , yeah rite , allen will push for the Reggie to take a corner, that can go man all day , because he figures man cover requires minimal to no coaching if the player is that talented, if and when the player fails , he can then blame the player , cause reggie allen will claim that they ” PLAYED TO HIS STRENGHTS !! OK yeah it is that simple !

  12. Every year the nfl sack leader stats are dominated by weak side def ends in the 43 and olbrs out of the 34 ok !
    in the last 3 years only 1 time did a DEF TACKLE place in top 20 in sacks, that was SUH with the lions at 10 sacks , and one time only in his career has he been top 20 or double digit sacks ok !!
    now you people seem to think Floyd @ 295 lbs and a 4.92 40 time , is gonna come in the nfl , go to the worst coached defense , and play WEAK SIDE TACKLE ( 3 tech ) , and come back with 15 sacks , is really what u r saying ! ok !!!!!!
    YEAH RITE !! The only way u get sacks in this league is with 2-4 guys that can get up field, in a defined role and system that the off cant account for , and rite now the ” reggieallens ” #1 don’t have 2-4 guys , cause they cut them all, and didn’t get any draft picks back cause they r so smart , and
    #2 they don’t have a well coached defense at all, Allen is a BELLIGERENT amateur , and Tarver is the scapegoat for the def when it fails , while allen and reggie are going thru this learning curve, ok !
    Floyd needs to go to a team that will keep his weight under 286 / his speed needs to be under 4.77 , and he needs to be deployed at all 4 spots thru out a game, as a every down player ok ! with that he can be a effective def linemen vs the run , and require a double team when he goes up against the other teams LOG ok ! PERIOD !

  13. The 3 tech hi sack count is a 80’s and 90’s relic , this has not been the case since the nfl started making their LOG’S and centers, come in over 305 lbs every year , SINCE 1998 the log and centers spots are being manned by guys over 305 lbs with quik feet, nullifying the initial quik 1st step that a john randle, stublfield, sapp had , ok , those double digit sacks days at WDT / 3 TECH are long gone ok !!!!! and SUH as great as he is aint bringing that back, how can Floyd !
    SUH is the best at his position in this nfl rite now , ok !!! for Floyd to be worth the #3 pick he needs to be better then SUH is what u reggie allen folk are saying needs to happen !! ok
    U reggie allen folk do 2 things
    #1 GET used to a corner being the reggie allen, 1st rndr , cause of the lack of coaching on def
    #2 get used tp the following after week 4 or 5 this year ” YES SIR ! HEAD COACH SPORANO ” , OK !!!!!!!!!!

  14. star can play a 4-3, a 3-4 nose or outside…floyd is strickly a 4-3 guy…..plus i like star being over 300, where floyd is under.

  15. As far as defensive rankings go, look at the talent on the raiders defense last year, there is no way you could expect that defense to be ranked in the top ten with one of the worst secondaries I’ve ever watched play NFL football and a DL with not one solid pass rusher. The best DLman they have is Houston and he is playing out of position on the raiders. He is not fast enough to be a 4/3 end. He is a more natural fit to play end in a 3/4. The only true pass rushing 4/3 end they had last year was Carter and he is at the end of his career.
    So far this offseason the raiders have added pieces to finally make the 3/4 switch. I’d personally rather the raiders draft Jordan to be that dominant 3/4 rusher but Floyd is still an elite DT prospect and I wouldn’t mind him being drafted 3 overall.

  16. @iraider7 you need help…

    Star seems to make more sense but they detected he had heart problems which should be a big concern. These big guys hearts can’t handle the stress that is put on them. I personally would not draft star for that reason but I hope the kid proves me wrong. The raiders will trade down from buffalo who obviously wants geno (to ruin his career) . Raiders will then draft a de or a cb.

  17. chester mcklockton had heart issues back in Clemson btw , so did leon bender .
    this was uncanny coincidence to say least !
    Raiders let chester go to kc thru FREE AGENCY , they then get a #31 pick in 1st round for chester , that they use to select DT leon bender , who then passes away from heart attack 2 weeks later at age of 22 ! chester then passes away from heart attack 14 years later at age of 42 ! I feel for then and their families ! but this is a major wow !

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