Adrian Wilson said Belichick interest made decision easy

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Adrian Wilson wasn’t sure what he was looking for after being released by the Cardinals, but it’s obvious who he was hoping to hear from.

Wilson said when Patriots coach Bill Belichick called, his decision became an easy one.

Whenever Coach Belichick calls, you answer,’’ Wilson said, via Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe. “Obviously, being able to compete every year, able to play not only for the playoffs, play for the division, but a chance to play in the Super Bowl, . . .

“At the end of the day, I want to come in and compete with everyone else, I have no trouble with that. Coach Belichick was very up-front with me.”

The 33-year-old Wilson appeared beyond his days as an every-down safety last year, as the Cardinals didn’t use him on passing downs. But he’s still an effective player against the run, and said he has a clear understanding of his role now, after signing a three-year deal with the Patriots. He’s likely to be given a chance to compete for the starting strong safety job, but his phsyical style gives the Patriots a lot of options.

“It wasn’t a hard sell,” he said. “But at the same time, talking to Coach Belichick and getting an understanding of what he wanted from me, it was a good fit.

“The situation last year was strictly a coaches’ decision,” he said. “I don’t think that had anything to do with me losing a step, but obviously nobody gets younger.”

But when he had the chance to go to a place that’s been good to older safeties in the past, Wilson leaped at the chance.

17 responses to “Adrian Wilson said Belichick interest made decision easy

  1. Amendola for Welker notwithstanding, the Pats seem to be going for the missing piece more and more. Not a good idea.

    And Billy hasn’t won a ring since 04. Can we stop staging the parade in March?

  2. This move was a really good one for New England, in many different ways. Not only will Wilson be a great mentor to the young players in the secondary and provide some depth in the middle; more importantly he will be used to make QB’s on teams using the “read-option” pay a price if they decide to run.

  3. That CAN’T be true right? Didn’t Terrell Suiggs tell us that all players hate the Patriots. He said that right on the internet, and I know from that All State commercials, that you can’t lie on the internet.

  4. Very excited with the addition of Adrian Wilson. He brings the Rodney Harrison attitude to the DB. A good in the box Safety/LB.

  5. Someone should ask Suggs, if the Patriots are so hated why are ex-Patriots so complementary of Belichick and the team _after_ they’ve left?

    Surely the kool-aid wears off after a time?

  6. “Coach Belichick was very up-front with me.”
    And this is why players actually like playing for BB. He doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, he tells them the truth. If they don’t like what their role will be, they just don’t sign.

    As pissed as I am that they didn’t get WW back and let Woodhead go, this signing makes me very happy. No he’s not exactly Rodney, but he’s Rodney like football intelligence and toughness wise. That’s what this secondary needs. DMac is a smart kid, but he’s so new to the S position that he needs an AW type next to him.

  7. lets add Adrian Wilson to the others who “made the easy decision” i.e, think they will get a ring post-Spygate … Randy Moss, Andre Carter, Brandon Lloyd, Junior Seau (RIP), Shaun Ellis, Alge Crumpler, Albert Haynesworth, and Chad Ochocinco.

  8. Drummond says:
    Mar 22, 2013 11:16 AM
    Someone should ask Suggs, if the Patriots are so hated why are ex-Patriots so complementary of Belichick and the team _after_ they’ve left?

    Surely the kool-aid wears off after a time?


    He’d probably hear you once the after-glow of a glorious smack down in Foxboro and a Super Bowl victory wears off.

    And the kool-aid can be fatal.

  9. Boy Raiders fans who hate on the Pats it must really gall you that your late owner respected BB so much. I admit it’s funny to hear fans of a team who reveled in being hated back in the day and would do anything to win talking all soft about “wahhhh…cheaters” now though. 😀

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