Browns sign Chris Owens


Tight end Kellen Davis isn’t the only new member of the Browns.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns have also signed cornerback Chris Owens, who is expected to sign his contract on Friday. Owens comes over from the Falcons, where he spent the last four years after being drafted in the third round of the 2009 draft.

Owens mostly played in the slot as a nickel corner for the Falcons, but wound up losing time to Robert McClain during a rocky 2012 season. Owens had 22 tackles and a forced fumble during the regular season and had three interceptions over his career with Atlanta.

The Browns have also shown interest in Owens’ Atlanta teammate Brent Grimes, who has yet to sign with any team despite drawing plenty of interest after a year wiped out by an Achilles tear.

10 responses to “Browns sign Chris Owens

  1. Last time I saw this guy he was stuck in a toaster against the packers in the playoffs. He may still be there……….and I’m a Falcons fan!!!

  2. hartcarluncarlun says:Mar 22, 2013 2:17 PM

    Last time I saw this guy he was stuck in a toaster against the packers in the playoffs. He may still be there……….and I’m a Falcons fan!!!


    LMAO!!! And I am a Browns Fan:)

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  3. Chris Owens is a decent nickle corner, and a strong special teams guy. He never materialized into anything greater for us, and he had his chances. I will say this – this dude is blazing fast. He ran down a few guys over the years…

  4. I was a huge Chris Owens hater
    I wanted him gone so bad. Hated that fool after the GB game (not all his fault though..a lot was BVG). Then last year he redeemed himself imo. Dont know if it was just him maturing or if Nolan helped out a lot or what. I just know I changed my opinion of him and thought he was a pretty good back up.

    Now that I dont want him to leave…he Oh well. Maybe its a sign Grimes is staying.

  5. I wonder if this means the Browns no longer have a shot at Grimes. Or maybe they have lost interest in Grimes

    I know they are the only team who offered him a multi year deal.

  6. My Browns fans- This is a huge signing. Not because this guy is a super star. This signing is huge because it proves that Chud knows football well enough to know that Buster Skrine should not even be on a team, let alone starting. The fact that the Browns upper brass has enough football acumen to realize that Buster Skrine is flat out awful and single handedly costs the Browns 2 wins last year, this is a very good sign that management can identify the problems of the team. HUGE!

  7. Saw Owens play at San Jose State in the pass-happy WAC, and thought he’d be a solid cover corner, but was equal parts injured and ineffective most of his four seasons in the ATL….hope it turns around for him in Cleveland, but if he’d shown anything the Falcons would be hanging on to him…..

  8. It is a one year contract not much of a gamble and adds depth.I have no problem with this move.

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