Chiefs want more than a second-round pick for Branden Albert


The Chiefs don’t have a second-round draft pick, having sent theirs to the 49ers for Alex Smith. So if they’re going to trade offensive tackle Branden Albert, the Chiefs want to get a second-round pick back.

But they want more than just that.

The Chiefs will seek a second-round pick in this year’s draft as well as another pick in 2014 in a trade for Albert, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. We don’t yet know what that other pick in 2014 would be, but it could be a conditional pick designed to replace the conditional 2014 pick the Chiefs gave up for Smith.

After Albert signed his franchise tag, he became eligible to be traded. A team that trades for him would owe him the same one-year contract with a guaranteed base salary of $9.828 million that the Chiefs will owe him if he plays the 2013 season on the franchise tender, although it’s highly unlikely that a team would trade for Albert without first working out an agreement on a long-term contract.

Kansas City is widely believed to be leaning toward drafting a left tackle with the first overall pick in next month’s draft. If they trade Albert, we can already pencil in Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M or Eric Fisher of Central Michigan as his replacement.

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  1. This is Amdy Reid we are talking about here. he very well might draft a tight end to convert to tackle, maybe a linebacker to convert to guard?

  2. If the Chiefs can swing this, Andy Reid will officially prove he is the best snake oil salesman of all time.

  3. Albert will turn 29 this year. I doubt anyone will give more than a second round pick for an offensive lineman with such little self life left.

  4. Why not keep him and draft another? How many teams can say they have 2 very good tackles? Dont you think alex smith, charles and bowe would be psyched abt having a great offensive line

  5. It looks likely that Andy is pulling most of the strings with this organization but lets get serious here, 9.828 mil to whoever takes him this year w/ a 2nd and another pick in 14′? Who is stupid enough to take that sucker punch with Andywho hets 1st overall and the signs they just made acquired? Miami would be the only stupid one for that one since they just lost long!

  6. Albert isn’t worth a 2nd round pick and his huge salary. It would be foolish to invest that much in him. Not saying some team won’t do it, but it will still be foolish.

  7. Having watched him in every game he’s played for the Chiefs I find it hard to imagine he’s one of the “best left tackles available”. For any team trading for him just make your conditional pick contingent on his false starts and you’ll get your pick back.

  8. Chiefs fans, what am I missing? Why not sign Albert to a Long term deal and go with a different position in the draft(trade down??). Is Albert not worth it? Seems if you want to franchise him he must be ok! Why draft a guy to take his place?

  9. This may be a situation where the Chiefs are “shooting for the Moon” in hopes of “hitting a star”.

    Claiming desire to obtain a First Round pick might generate some idiot to give them a Second Round Pick— THAT would still be overpaying.

  10. Chiefs fans, what am I missing? Why not sign Albert to a Long term deal and go with a different position in the draft(trade down??). Is Albert not worth it? Seems if you want to franchise him he must be ok! Why draft a guy to take his place?

    Because you have a chance to get a better player for small money who will lead your o-line for 12 years. And then use the pick/s you get and the money you save to improve elsewhere.

  11. Whether anyone wants to admit it, the Chiefs have played this perfectly. Albert is an experienced, serviceable left tackle. Using the franchise tag on him forced his hand. Did you see how fast he signed it after Jake Long’s deal was done is St. Louis? Now he is a commodity that gives you flexibility. Since he knows the market value, he will try very hard to earn his next contract. If he does this, he is worth this year’s money. If someone offers a trade, fine. If not, they have the cap space to afford this move on a now more motivated player. If he plays it out and leaves next year, they can draft his replacement this year and have him play right tackle for a season before moving him over next year.

  12. Chiefs fans, what am I missing?


    If we trade down, we might keep him. But my guess is that there’s a contingency plan for both scenarios. We trade out, we resign him and draft another position. We know we’re going to pick Joeckel, and he will be traded. Not worth it to pick a LT and make him start his career at RT. With that said, we’d lose some value bc BA will be a FA next year. We have a chance to get back into the second round.

    We need to hope Buff, Oak, NYJ, etc are gaga over Geno and want to jump each other. Or they all might be listening to Kiper and think those QBs can be had later in the draft.

  13. The Kansas City Chiefs still can pick the best player on the board when the draft comes around in April…There are still talk about the Chiefs not even taken Luke or Eric…But they could end up drafting another quarterback in Geno Smith…

    I know that they have

    Alex Smith
    Chase Daniels
    Ricky Stanzi
    Alex Tanney

    But Andy Reid and John Dorsey can still take Geno Smith #1 overall and send 2 quarterbacks to the practice squad in Ricky Stanzi and Alex Tanney and have Alex Smith Chase Daniels and Geno Smith on the main roster

    But I guess we just have to wait and see what happens 1st.

  14. Whats the difference in keeping Albert or drafting another 28 yr old rookie lineman like Reid is accustom to (Danny Watkins)?

  15. Albert should command about a 6 year, $46 million (at the current rate for young linemen, al la Levitre). The only teams that really need a left tackle and have the salary cap room to get Albert are the Packers, Dolphins, Eagles and maybe the Ravens – but who want’s to lose multiple draft picks and can afford a $10MM signing bonus?

    If Alex Smith cost a second rounder, trading Albert for a second rounder, and adding Joeckel for the #1 overall pick nearly equals PUSH right?


  16. Albert for a 2nd isn’t that bad, especially when the team that trades for him will be able to get his base # down to about $3 or so for this year by giving him a signing bonus. He would be a solid pick up for 4-6 years yet for somebody. I see a 2nd rounder this year and a 4th next year around the draft to get this deal done. Luke Joeckel welcome to KC!

  17. I agree Albert for a second isnt bad but I think people need to realize he is not an elite LT. He is not a healthy Jake Long or Joe Thomas. KC needs a team with the salary cap, need and draft picks to make the trade. Some will say Miami but if they did not put up much of a fight for Jake Long, who did not cost a draft pick, I highly doubt they will give up one for a lesser quality player. I can see Pittsburgh but they do not have cap. Detroit seems to make sense althought I am not sure about their cap. I can also see Philly in the fold but that deal should have involved trading Foles for Albert in some way. In a draft rich with LT’s, who come with less money, I do not see much of a market.

  18. Andy Reid is the worst trade partner you could ever do business with….just ask the Dolphins, Cardinals and Redskins. I think GM’s will avoid him like the plague.

  19. I agree. Trade him to San Diego. They take our reject left tackles with a bad back.

    KC would be stupid to think Albert’s back will hold up. Backs are too tricky to count on.

    I’d take a 3 this year and package it with their own 3 and move up to 45 or 50. We need to groom an ILB. Now.

  20. Bottom line Reid watched last years film on Albert and wants to rid himself of this over paid stiff. He signed him to trade him. If Albert didn’t suck he wouldn’t need to draft a tackle and would take someone like Sharif Floyd. Reid will end up getting a 5th rounder if somebody throws in a 100lb ribeye.

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