Chris Johnson’s instincts may be right

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The decision of Titans running back Chris Johnson to question the decision to sign former Jets running back Shonn Greene seems, on the surface, confusing.  But Johnson’s instincts may be on the money.

And money is the key word.

With the Titans signing Greene to a three-year, $10 million deal and Johnson making $10 million in 2013 on a contract that has become a year-to-year proposition, Johnson realizes that the presence of Greene could make the Titans less likely to keep Johnson beyond 2013 — unless Johnson plays like he did before he signed his current deal.

With Greene getting $3.33 million per year, the Titans will hope to justify the investment by using him.  Which could reduce Johnson’s total workload.  Which could make it harder for him to have the kind of season that would result in the Titans opting to continue the relationship.

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28 responses to “Chris Johnson’s instincts may be right

  1. Ahahaha! So funny.

    That’s the threat? Shonn Greene? Big threat to a him knowing that Greene can come off the bench at any moment and offer 3.3 yards per carry.

    Brilliant franchise.

  2. There are few things that annoy me more than a super-talented underachiever. And Chris Johnson, whose ability and bouts with apathy are rivaled only by the likes of Randy Moss, may be the worst of all. Like Moss, Johnson has the God-given talent to be the best ever at his position. And like Moss, he’s become the punch-line of the NFL’s worst jokes. … Such as shame, really.

    -Titans Fan

  3. As a Jets fan, i’ll gladly give you shonn greene’s mediocrity in exchange for chris johnson’s set of problems.

  4. Shonn Greene

    2012 276 1,063 3.9 36

    Chris Johnson

    2012 276 1,243 4.5 94

    Not to “far” apart, but if his signing will help push CJ to play better, then why not?

  5. Lets be real. New additions to the offensive line is a improvement alone. CJ never had an issue in short yardage until the line became an issue. If line improves and it’s 3rd and 3. Who would you rather give the ball Greene who might get the 1st down or CJ who can take it all the way?

  6. Well, Chris Johnson….there’s only one thing to do. Hold-out until they trade him. You should be used to this process…

  7. If a RB like Shonn Greene being on the roster rattles CJ2K cage then I now see the problem. CJ2K needs to man up, you think AP would be worried about Shonn Greene? NO!

    CJ2K is worried about everything else than what he should be worried about. Focus on you CJ2K come into camp in shape and ready to go this season, no more slow starts.

  8. I 100% disagree with people that criticize C.Johnson. Year after year his numbers are good – even though everyone knows that line stinks. Titians have no other weapon that other teams fear, and they focus on Johnson. If Johnson played for Seattle, SF, Washington, or Atlanta he would be in the 1600-1800 yards per season range every single year. I discount his yards based on the rest of the team – not Johnson.

    Look at his numbers.

  9. CJ is electrify at times but to have a back up to shoulder some of the abuse isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a 2 rb league now and inforantly, CJs contract may be a issue. Overall there issue not RB its if locker the guy and oline. If u can’t protect and give lanes the QB and RB are going fail.

  10. @ tennesseeoilers:

    Comparing CJ to Randy Moss as “underachievers”? Nice. The difference, of course is that Moss has 150+ touchdowns and is one if the best of all time at his position, a future Hall of Famer. Then there’s CJ, who’s had one good season.

  11. Sadly for Cj2K, green will likely be getting a share of the goal line touches while cj carries the chains up and down the field. It will lower the tole on him, but lower his statistical value. It will, hopefully, allow him fresher legs later in the game like when LenDale White was there with him.

    People may be down on cj, but he’s still a top 5-10 back in the league even at that contract. I’d take Peterson, Foster, Jamal Charles, and Spiller over him (youth with receivers hands and a shade less breakaway ability than CJ), but he’d be next on my list. Yes Logical Voice, he’s miles ahead of your rb and any logical fan can see that.

  12. Green is no threat to anyone or anything but Tennesee’s cap. Awful idea. Why not just draft someone day 3 or undrafted who’s better than him ?

  13. They signed him cuz u had to many games last yr where u sucked that’s why. N u gained a lot of big yards in games where ur team already lost.

    How bout u just shut up n focus on helping ur team win games. After this season if he has a bad one. He will be cut

  14. Same old story. Rb gets paid & hitting the hole at full speed just doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be. Sean Alexander. CJ could end up being a cautionary tale for NFL franchises if he doesn’t get back to form.

  15. Chris Johnson could never be the best ever, thats Barry Sanders. He could give 110% every game, have the best line, and not even crack the top ten running backs of all time! All he has is speed and nothing else.

    Lions fan

  16. lets be real, the titans will still be in the afc south basement, no matter which RB they sign, they have Locker as their QB, they wont win!!! he fragile and still aint ready

  17. Shonn Greene???
    CJ, you’re worried about Shonn freakin’ Greene?? ha ha ha ha ha ha

  18. Hey CJ sounds to me that it,s time to put up or shut up.All that talking you do about me me me has caught up with you.So just shut the pie hold and do your job.

  19. Chris Johnson is flat-out wrong. If they were going to sign a RB to potentially take his place, they woudl have gone after a guy like Reggie Bush, who is making almost the same amount of money as Shonn Green. The reason they got Green is simply because Ringer sucks, and they need a good 1-2 punch since CJ2K has proven that he can’t be a consistent every-down back. It’s simple football. And yet there are two articles on PFT that state that Johnson and Ringer are both confused as to why the Titans would sign Shonn Green. Welp, my diagnosis is above, but the real reason they signed Green might be because Johnson and Ringer are too incompetent to understand such simple football logic.

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