Dwan Edwards sticks with Panthers

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After briefly testing the free agent market, defensive tackle Dwan Edwards is headed back to the Carolina Panthers.

Edwards took a free agent visit to the Miami Dolphins on Friday but instead elected to re-sign with the Panthers according to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Edwards signed with the Panthers last season after spending two years with the Buffalo Bills. He responded with the best season of his career. Edwards started 14 games for the Panthers last season and posted 52 tackles with six sacks and a forced fumble.

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  1. After the “defections” of Smith, Long, and Bush, I’m surprised PFT didn’t decide to write this up as a “the Dolphins can’t attract free agents” story.

  2. Told you Dolphins fans..Miami is in no better position to compete than Carolina..just the fact that you Tom Brady in your division is enough to put that argument to rest..also..Carolina has a better #1 receiver..better(over-priced) running backs..a better defensive line and LB core..and a more proven QB with higher potential..but Carolina has poor chemistry and who knows about the HC..but the people who think Miami is way ahead of Carolina needs to get a clue..

  3. There is a god…! I was excited when they signed him last year and he played so well, haven’t seen decent DT play in Carolina since Kris Jenkins, not comparing, just saying.

    Good sign.

  4. Nice. Edwards and Munnerlyn the only FA worth resigning. Gettleman has quietly filled all of our minor holes, allowing us to focus on the biggest needs in the draft.

  5. @kingbeason52….

    Please, stop arguing with people over if we (Panthers) are better than the Dolphins.

    The mere fact that we categorically fit in with the likes of such unsuccessful teams as the Dolphins is embarrassing enough – you’re just highlighting it.

    Basically, there is no question that Atlanta is better that Miami because they are clearly better. We, on the other hand, not so much (as proven by our record since 2008).

    To further illustrate my point it’s like picking who is the better team in a browns/bills game as opposed to who is better in a Patriots/Denver game.

  6. You guys kill me. bwahahaha What are you (not wiseoo) basing your “Carolina is better than Miami” rationale on? Better WRs? Even last year that was questionable. Steve Smith and Brian Hartline were very close in nearly all stats. Hartline only had 1 TD, but Smith had a whopping 4! Who is next for Carolina? Brandon LaFell? Seriously? The Dolphins now have Mike Wallace, Hartline, Davone Bess, and Brandon Gibson. LaFell isn’t better than ANY of them. Steve Smith is one cut away from breaking a hip too isn’t he? Give me a break. Carolina’s DL is better??? What are you smoking? Randy Starks and Cameron Wake were both Pro Bowlers on the DL last year. Paul Soliai was the year before. That’s 3 out of 4 in the Pro Bowl my friend. BTW……how many Pro Bowlers did Carolina have on defense last year? I can tell you…..none. You know why? Guess how many Pro Bowlers they had total? ZERO!!!!!! Cam Newton is more proven that Tannehill? What has he proven? Sure, I’d say he’s a “tad” better right now. However, he didn’t even make the Pro Bowl as there were 7 other QBs in the NFC ahead of him, and his stats weren’t tremendously better than Tannehill. Newton regressed last year even with the great Steve Smith. Tannehill had no number one receiver at all last year. This will not be the case in 2013. So spare me that he’s better and more proven. RBs? When your QB leads your team in rushing you’re in big trouble, and what does that say about your RBs? Reggie Bush had 1000 yards last year. Anyone on Carolina have 1000 yards? NOPE Lamar Miller proved to be a better version of Bush so they let Bush go. How is Williams better again? LBers? Right now I’d call it a push until we see how Miami’s two awesome FA pickups Ellerbe and Wheeler do this year. Just because your LBer led the league in tackles doesn’t make him better. It means the defense was on the field A LOT! And finally, in case you still want to argue the point….Miami and Carolina both won their divisions in 2008. How many wins do they both have since? Miami 27….Carolina 23. Get your facts straight before making uneducated posts!

  7. Nice work Dolphinswin. Well made argument. I think/hope that as time goes on Tannehill will grade out as a much better thrower than Newton. Tanehill is just as athletic as Newton but looks to throw first, a skill that can take a QB much farther in his career. I’m not hating on Newton, he’s a great runner with a strong arm. He could develop into a gray QB. I’ve been a phins fan so long that it’s been hard to get excited. I’m afraid to admit it but I think our time is coming. Brady and Manning will exit the league as Tannehill is hitting his prime.

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