Kellen Davis signs one-year deal with Browns

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A day after visiting Cleveland, free agent tight end Kellen Davis has signed on the line which is dotted.

Davis has signed a one-year contract with the Browns, a league source tells PFT.

A 2008 fifth-round draft pick of the Bears, Davis has spent his entire five-year NFL career in Chicago and has been a starter the last two years. The Bears cut Davis and signed tight end Martellus Bennett at the start of free agency.

Davis, who had also reportedly drawn interest from the Steelers and Jets, is the second free agent tight end the Browns have signed. Cleveland previously added Gary Barnridge from the Panthers.

48 responses to “Kellen Davis signs one-year deal with Browns

  1. Cleveland doesn’t plan on throwing to the TE do they? I don’t know much about their new offense, but I know that these 2 guys can’t catch much. If you complained about Watson’s drops, wait until you unwrap these two.

  2. Joe Thomas has better hands than this guy. Way to go Lombardi, now the browns have two TE who can’t catch. Fail…

  3. Easily one of the biggest headaches I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching as a Bears fan. Million dollar body and a 10 cent head…

  4. Its a utility TE people. He isnt going to be the centerpiece of the offense. Not every signing has to be a blockbuster. Teams need more than 2 TE which the Browns had before signing this cat.

  5. Jordan Cameron will be the Browns’ leading pass catcher at TE this year. Unless Barnidge is a diamond in the rough who just didn’t get enough paying time behind Greg Olsen.

  6. You guys are funny. The Browns already have a couple of decent tight ends (better than Davis) and Davis was obviously signed as a back-up or insurance policy on a one year contract. Big whoop. Anyone with a brain knows this guy will see little to no field time, so yammer away about how he can’t catch. The truth is, he probably *won’t* catch anything because he’ll probably ride the bench during his time in Cleveland.

  7. I still think Cameron is your starter. Chud and Turner like to throw to tight ends, so this signing surprises me having seen Davis in Chicago. Jordan Cameron can catch! And should be the starter week 1!
    Can Kellen Davis even block??

  8. If Weeden can throw it with the right trajectory, he could probably get the ball to bounce off Davis’ hands and into those of someone who can actually catch. It’d be a cool trick play.

    In reality though it would never work because he would fall over while running his route and the ball would sail right over him and be intercepted.

  9. asublimeday says:Mar 22, 2013 12:48 PM

    I’m sorry Cleveland. This guy is going to have you throwing your beers at the TV at least six games this year.

    Cleveland fans need to drink beer so they can forget about the awful play from their team. Go ahead folks keep pouring that poison into your body.

  10. He is a blocking tight end which Cleveland needed as they lost two tight ends this offseason (Smith and Watson). Cameron will be their passing downs tight end, and with any luck, the Marecic experiment is over.

  11. This is a typical Lombardturd selection. Slow. Can’t block. Can’t run routes or catch the football. Character issues.

    But he does quote Plato!

    So as the Lombardfart says…send me your weak, blind, lame and armless and I will find a roster spot for them!

  12. Nice Pickup by the Browns, he will be used as a blocking TE. rather the “hands” guy. They are puttign together some nice depth on the roster, a luxury that has been lacking in the past. Nice to take one away from the Steelers since “they showed interest in him also. Gotta love the Poor mans Seinfeld troll”s jokes on here. Laugh while you can boys, the Browns will be dominating your teams soon enough.

  13. I just love all the Cleveland bashing on every….single…Browns post. For those of you who can’t help yourself but do so, do you feel better now? We get it, they have not been good for a very long time.

  14. What a bunch of haters in here, as usual. Davis ran a 4.59 40 when he came out in 2008. He’s an excellent blocker, with below average hands. The Browns were in dire need of a blocking TE. No one is pretending this is a big signing. Just a needed one.

    Also, the other TE they signed, Gary Barnidge, also came out in 2008 and his workout numbers would put him 2nd in the 40 yd dash and 1st in shuttle and cone times among this years TE’s at the combine. He just hasn’t had an opportunity, missed 2011 due to injury, and sat behind high profile free agent Greg Olsen in 2012. Barnidge also can block per Chudzinski.

    And yes, Jordan Cameron and/or a rookie will likely get most of the TE catches.

  15. he’s blocking TE good and we can try and draft that kid form notre dame or the other TE from stanford hope it works out dey drop too the 3rd round

  16. Say hello to one of the most frustrating players in the league. Looks great but doesn’t translate.
    Worst part is his best asset is his blocking and he’s highly overrated in that aspect and has never really had the attitude to improve it.

  17. Blocking TE? Hah! He is not a blocking TE. He is not a receiving TE. He is a VERY BAAAAAD TE. The guy does not belong on a roster. He does nothing at a competent NFL level except look good in a uniform.

  18. look I know you browns fans want to stick up for your team and all but there is no defense for signing this guy. he can’t catch or block so what is the point of having him sit on the bench and collect a check for doing nothing? you had better hope and pray there does not come a time when he has to play and the browns need a catch for a first down or a td to win the game because you will be screwed if they throw it to him. even if he is wide open he will drop it! as a bears fan trust me you can count on it.

  19. He’s NOT an excellent blocker. He’s awful. Watch film and you’ll be shocked at what a turnstile / whiff-machine he was.

    Do you guys actually watch football? Based on performance over the last two years, he should be out of the game. Period.

  20. Good news for Washington. They should be able to keep Fred Davis now that Cleveland is out of the mix.

  21. As a Bear fan…LOL!

    This guy. This is how the seasoned started.

    Every Bear hyped that Davis who showed promise the year before will finally be unleashed from the Martz system.

    Weeks 1-6 Cutler threw to Davis, only for Davis to either wrong bad routes, be out of position, or straight drop game changing passes.

    Weeks 7-17 Cutler’s progression went from Marshall, to looking at Davis but skipping him altogether even if wide open, to Hester – back to Marshall because Cutler would rather take his chances on a triple teamed Marshall than those other guys.

    Good luck with that.

  22. Being that I’m from Chicago, I have to ask: What did the Cleveland Browns see on tape that says, “We need to sign this Kellen Davis!”. The guy dropped more passes and screwed up routes/blocking schemes more than any TE I have seen in recent memory. Enjoy Cleveland, he’ll be working in the Factory of Sadness for awhile.

  23. I, for one, will terrible miss Richard M. Fingers Davis.
    Dick fingers was one of the finest Tight Ends to ever wear a Bears uniform. He truly lived up to his name…

  24. I hear you Bears fans. We’ll see how some good TE coaches do with him. There’s reason it’s a 1 year cheap deal. If he sucks they’ll cut him. Still has some potential. Marty is no TE guru. I’ll call your BS on his blocking until I see him suck for myself.

  25. It makes me laugh that everyone feels the need to come here and badmouth every move the Browns make. I have no idea if this move will work out or not. However, I do know that a couple of years ago, the Giants signed a TE away from Dallas and many of the same comments were made about that guy. My memory may need refreshed but I believe his name was Martellus Bennett and didn’t he turn out to be pretty good for the Giants.
    Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery for a guy to reach his potential. Again, I do not know much about Davis but I do know that I am willing to give him a shot based on his potential and the belief that Chud and Norv would not have had an interest if they did not believe he could be a productive member of the Cleveland Browns.

  26. Ya between Davis and Spaeth, Matt was a way better blocker think he was a better receiver also, just never got the chance he had a hell of a td pass to the corner last year. Some thing Davis couldn’t even dream about. But good luck, even if Davis does block good everyone will know when your running it so what is the point it doesn’t work. We tried for 2 years too long.

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