“Old fart” Urlacher looking for a place to win

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Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher wants to keep playing.  The problem is that he needs a team.

And his objective in looking for a new team is simple.

“I’m an old fart, so I want to go in there and win,” Urlacher told The Dan Patrick Show earlier in the hour.

But Urlacher is pragmatic.  “Maybe nobody wants me,” Urlacher said.  “But we’re gonna find out.”

He thinks that more teams hadn’t shown interest because no one really believed he’d leave Chicago.  And Urlacher said that his agents have spoken to the Vikings, Cowboys, and Cardinals since Urlacher hit the open market.

Playing in a 4-3 defense isn’t a prerequisite.  “I think I could learn a 3-4,” Urlacher said, before addressing the possibility of trying to replace Ray Lewis in Baltimore with a “no thanks.”

At this point, the only thing Urlacher or anyone else knows is that Urlacher won’t be a Bear.  “I really don’t think they wanted me back,” Urlacher said, adding that he believes the team’s one-year, $2 million effort is now “gone.”

Though the money (or lack thereof) drove the decision, Urlacher believes that the move was rooted in the coaching change.  Urlacher explained that, if Lovie Smith were still the head coach, Urlacher would still be a Bear.

At some point, the Bears presumably will welcome Urlacher back for a jersey retirement or some other ceremony to celebrate his career.

“What if i don’t go back?” Urlacher joked.  “What if i don’t want to go back?”

Surely, he’ll want to go back at the appropriate time.  The question for now is whether he’ll find an appropriate fit.

117 responses to ““Old fart” Urlacher looking for a place to win

  1. He “just wants to win” so his agent is talking to the Vikings, Cowboys and Cardinals?

  2. “What if…”??? Really???!?? If Urlacher in any way screws up his relationship with the Bears fans and this city…. he should be committed.

    I can pretty much guarantee that with all of the baby mamas, the hangers-on, and the fact that he probably has a sub 79 IQ… the money isn’t going to last.

    He can make a second career in Chicago just being “Ex Bear Brian Urlacher”. Look at Mongo, Hampton, et al.

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  4. Someone needs to teach Mr. Urlacher how to better market himself. Calling yourself an “old fart,” all though referencing the obvious, is an ill-thought highlight, since humility and personality doesn’t equate to on-field performance.

  5. It’s a shame how teams treat legends now days. I look for him to be a Cowboy or in the NFC North to give DA Bears! some payback.

  6. Come on down to the Big Easy and learn the new 3-4 under Rob Ryan… But the only thing easy about it will be the name..

  7. Of course if Lovie were still HC he would be a Bear because they would’ve given him a “thank you for what you’ve done contract” and NFL contracts are for “what can you give me”

    Urlacher said numerous times it’s a business and now it’s his turn.

  8. Urlacher is done, why embarass yourself? Look at Ray Lewis in the Super Bowl, if the 49ers would have exploited him a bit more they probably would’ve won. The Bears offered him a fair deal in my opinion.

  9. Would love to see this beast in a Patriots uniform. Go ahead Mr. Kraft, give him a contract and a chance to win a ring. We all knew that would have never happened with Big Chin Cutler!

  10. Start paying your child support and then get back to me about how 2 mil a year for a guy with no knees is a “slap in the face”. The ego of this guy astounds me. Great player in his prime, but he’s waaay past his prime.

  11. He could play ILB for the ravens for a year or two. Bring in some leadership that they now are missing on defense. He would be average but so are the rest of the free agent linebackers at this point.

  12. If he’s looking for some place to win, his agent should probably start talking to teams other than the Cardinals, Cowboys, and Vikings.

  13. and this is how teams treat players that not only built the recent success of the team, but assisted in retaining the pride of the organization.

    So now, how can we judge players that hold out. How can we sit there and call them out for putting themselves about the team??

    the teams just want to use them up and spit them out when it’s not cost effective.

    i hope urlacher gets a contract.
    I hope this guy is healthy again and rips the league till he’s 40.

  14. Urlacher would be a perfect fit for the Patriots, Steelers or Redskins…..they have no chance of even having a .500 season and need all the help they can get.

  15. It’s always a shame to see a team move on from a player whose been so important, but I definitely prefer the players who get that “it’s a business” over the ones who go on the public boo-hoo circuit.

  16. That old fart Urlacher looking for a place to win this guy plays some ball, I don’t think he will have any problems with getting a job. It’s just a lot of teams are dealing with cap space issues maybe New Orleans might look at him who knows.

  17. I hope my Vikes don’t sign him! I’m fine with Jennings, he’s up there in age, but I think he still has some gas left in the tank. Urlacher does not and this does not fit with Spielman’s plan. This would be a waste of $2M. Urlacher has been and awesome player, but he is not what my Vikes need.

  18. He seemed really slow to me the last couple times I’ve seen him play. But for that I’d love seeing the Pats pick him up.

    Just don’t see that he’ll be effective anymore with the lack of speed though.

  19. Urlacher being “insulted” by the Bears’ offer of $2 million is like the homeless guy calling you cheap for giving him a dollar instead of $5.

    At least the homeless guy has enough sense to take the $1 though.

  20. I fail to see how the Bears are disrespecting Urlacher – they paid him almost $20M the last two years – they re-did his contract and added a year despite him having issues with his neck.

    He proposed a two year deal for $11M. He claims nobody was interested in him as they all thought he’d resign with the Bears. They said here’s a $2M one year deal – take it or leave it – (let’s keep in mind, they have a business to run too AND they only have a few million of cap space when you factor how much they have to spend on rookie contracts).

    So they did him a favor by telling him that they can’t resign him if he didn’t accept their offer. Other teams now know that he won’t sign in Chicago.

    So now it’s on the rest of the league to show Urlacher that the Bears were wrong.

    Don’t blame the Bears for Urlacher’s false sense of his ‘market value’.

    If he gets $2.5M for a one year deal – then he was right, he was worth more.

    The NFL is a business with a salary cap – and the Bears are up against it.

  21. pterodonktyl says:
    “the best place to win is green bay.”

    SF and a few other teams that are better than you would disagree.

  22. If i were him, I’d avoid Green Bay to get payback on the Bears. Porous defense and players leaving that sinking ship. 7-9 at best.

  23. The question teams should ask themselves is:

    Are Karlos Dansby, Takeo Spikes, Larry Grant and Chase Blackburn more viable options than Brian Urlacher

    …who’s available in the NFL draft

    … and which other veterans are going to get cut after the draft? Jon Beason perhaps???

    Urlacher turns 35 in May and hasn’t finished 3 of the last 4 seasons.

  24. The Bears insulted Urlacher and kicked him to the curb after he dedicated his whole career to them. He should sign with the Lions for the vet minimum and lay Cutler out. Revenge. Sweet.

  25. Chip Kelly does not even consider him an option. He has no place in his new 11 headed 3-4 hybrid monster machine. It will change the course of football and how its played. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

  26. Anyone notice how Packer fans are the ones making the same the same lame unoriginal joke about 5 times above? Makes you almost feel sorry for them — almost.

  27. yungdaz says: Mar 22, 2013 10:08 AM

    Would love to see this beast in a Patriots uniform. Go ahead Mr. Kraft, give him a contract and a chance to win a ring.

    Young and dumb? His best chance at winning a ring is with the Pittsburgh Steelers (considering they are superior to the Patriots even tho the Patriots have “the best” coach & QB of all time… Hate to burst your bubble but it’s going to be quite some time before the Patriots win or even attend a super bowl. adios

  28. I love how all the arrogant fans say “come on up to Denver!”, “we will take you in detriot!”… Glad they made some nobody on a forum the official spokesperson of the team so you can just invite players to come try out.

  29. If he genuinely “just wants to win” then he will end up in New England, Green Bay, New Orleans or Denver, i.e. winning teams where he would strengthen a sub-par defense.

  30. I like the story where Urlacher asked a ufc fighter to “take it outside”. When Urlacher found out who it was, he changed his tune real fast. He is a fake leader.

  31. hey brian how about you getting paid big money for all the games you sat out was that a slap in the face also?you were a loved player don`t screw it up

  32. Sorry Brian..its a young man’s game and you have to be able to run and have healthy knees…you are O for three on those categories my son. You might reconsider the $2 million offer.

  33. Brian and Charles Woodson should make a package deal.

    Together, they would improve the defense of any team in the league.

  34. “if Lovie Smith were still the head coach, Urlacher would still be a Bear.”

    True, and they would have another mediocre season.

  35. girlly boy should realize his time is up he took our millions of dollars now go home and play your play station and then on sundays you can turn on the t.v. and whatch real men play football ok!!!!

  36. Well, you should have taken the $2Million and stayed around.

    Your Bears have never been this potent on offense.

    I’m surprised Brian didn’t just take the deal, after watching how slow he was last season.

    It’s unfortunate how childish you’re acting, $2Million dollars to stay with the team you love…

    C’MON SON!

  37. 85bears says: Mar 22, 2013 10:16 AM

    now hes just acting like a big baby

    He pulled a boatload of money back to try to remain a Bear, and they said “No thanks.”

    Nice to say this guy should maybe pull the pin and retire, but he’s still got a bit in the tank. Would be a shame to see him in dark pink playing for the Minnesota Has-Beens.

    This guy is the face of the franchise along with Butkus and Payton, and they should’ve found a way to tie him into a player and then coaching role.

  38. Just a little note to all you people calling the bears deal “fair”….Well what the bears offered Url was a $500k contract, with 1.5 mil in incentives. So please stop calling it a 2 mil offer because only $500 was guranteed. Thats even below league minimum, so you can see why he was insulted with such an offer.

  39. I wonder how many bears fans are now out to get this crack pot gm running the team. If they don’t win big next year I can see the fans screaming for his firing.

  40. Brian it’s a free country, you can come back or not come back or do whatever you want to do. In fact, you could move to Australia if you so choose. The weather is much nicer than Chicago. I don’t understand why every resident of Chicago doesn’t walk out right now and go there. It’s almost like they would rather purposely live in the cold just so that they could root themselves deeper into the community. Different strokes for different folks huh?

  41. daburgher says:
    Mar 22, 2013 9:48 AM
    Come to Pittsburgh, anchor the middle with Foote and move Timmons to the outside – wishful thinking on my part


    Timmons is great on the inside and disappears on the outside. The last thing the Steelers needs is another past his prime, injury prone guy on that defense.

  42. Hey Bri…listen man…this day has been comming for a couple years now..everybody knows it ‘cept you….We still love ya…just call Emery and take the offer and enjoy the end run man. I know it wasn’t what you wanted but sometimes ya got to swallow the pride and give one for the gipper and the fans in this case. Go out as a Bear buddy.

  43. Attention All cowboy fans,Mr.Urlacher clearly said he wants to win.In other words he doesnt want to play for your overhyped/over rated team!!!!!!!!!!

  44. If he is thinking about the Vikings, maybe he should call Moss to inquire about the quality of the catering food. Or call the Minnetonka Police dept to see how often they enforce the local laws on Viking players. He has some homework to do before he signs with the Vikings.

  45. Hate to break it to you football fans, but Urlacher is done.

    If he had any tread left on his tires, make no mistake, the Bears would keep him. If he was remotely capable of playing decent football, the Bears would have offered him a contract beyond the one they did.

    He played like crap when he was capable of playing, and he can’t stay healthy anymore. Lance Briggs make him look better than he actually was the past couple years.

    People seem to forget Olin Kreutz. When the Bears let him walk, he was done. He went to New Orleans and how did that work out?

  46. Honestyl, he should’ve taken the $2M and let this be his swan song. He’s been slowed by injuries and not as productive the last few years. Going into a new system with new calls, etc will only compound these problems. I’d prefer him play 60% of the snaps in Chicago and use this season as an opportunity to solidify himself in the media as a true Chicago guy. A classy exit is more important than money right now. You have ~16 games left B, its up to you to use those games wisely.

  47. It might sound silly, but why not Seattle? They’re obviously a serious contender, and he could offer them great value as a cover guy in passing situations. His PFF grades in pass coverage last year were apparently not all that bad:

    +6.7 overall in pass coverage (3rd among ILB’s)

    0 TD’s allowed in coverage (one of ten ILB’s)

    5 passes defended (2nd among ILB’s)

    74.6 opponent QB rating (5th among ILB’s)

    8 yards per completion (6th among ILB’s)

    69.4% completion percentage (11th among ILB’s — not quite as good)

    In obvious passing situations, the Seahawks send their three elephants (Branch, Bryant, Mebane) plus Clemons and/or Irvin (and this year, probably Bennett) and terrorize QB’s. Meanwhile, their secondary mirrors and brutalizes opposing receivers, leaving the ILB’s to twiddle their thumbs in coverage. While Seattle’s postseason run was extremely impressive, 4 of the 5 pass TD’s they surrendered were to TE’s and RB’s (Royster, Paulsen, Gonzalez, Snelling). The Seahawks’ defense is elite, but they could even be better if they know how to use Urlacher. They use Trufant (32 y.o.) as their nickel CB; they’re not averse to using wily vets in limited roles. In the event that they run into Gonzalez in the postseason again (a very real possibility), could you ask for a better matchup than Gonzalez versus Urlacher?

  48. If he ONLY wanted to win… I have a hard time understanding why he’d dismiss going to Baltimore so fast?

    Yes, right NOW they look like they have given up.

    But if they were to sign Elvis Dumervil to play on the opposite side of Terrell Suggs… (which is rumored to be happening right now)…. and then they also got Urlacher for the MLB spot…. suddenly they don’t look that bad at all.

    Their pass-rush from the defensive line alone would be improved greatly.

    Then add the fact that Lardarius Webb is due back… suddenly the defense really doesn’t look that bad.

    The loss of Boldin could hurt Flacco’s “prayer balls” he throws up. But Torrey Smith came up with plenty of answers to those same type of passes and he’s still there, as is Jacoby Jones. And there’s Laquan Williams who would probably be perfect in the slot, and Tandon Doss that still hasn’t really gotten a chance but definitely has the size to help the red-zone offense.

    Baltimore has lost a lot on defense, but that defense wasn’t necessarily that great this past season until the playoffs.

    If they added possibly the best defensive end they could this offseason, and find a decent linebacker… I’d say they actually didn’t fall off too much, especially considering how horrible that division is looking with Pittsburgh reeling and Cincy never getting better or improving… just staying stagnant.

    They’ll miss Reed, but most people won’t realize it until the games start. Most Ravens fans are too dumb to realize they were only seeing what the media was spewing to them. They will miss Reed, no doubt.

  49. I would love to put this guy on the Pats D … same as we did with Seau back in 07… (too bad we just missed the big one)

    Hey Bri… visit foxboro… you’ll see we got the winning part down pretty good.

  50. patrickvwashington says:
    Mar 22, 2013 11:31 AM
    Just a little note to all you people calling the bears deal “fair”….Well what the bears offered Url was a $500k contract, with 1.5 mil in incentives. So please stop calling it a 2 mil offer because only $500 was guranteed. Thats even below league minimum, so you can see why he was insulted with such an offer.


    It’s a travesty in America where we must work and show ability to earn a living, instead of going off what is percieved!

  51. *bobonmycob says:
    Mar 22, 2013 10:48 AM
    I love how all the arrogant fans say “come on up to Denver!”, “we will take you in detriot!”… Glad they made some nobody on a forum the official spokesperson of the team so you can just invite players to come try out.*

    Yes, I am sure they all really thought they had the power to make an offer for their team (Sarcasm).

    I am sure nobody posting this really expected Urlacher’s agent to be scouring the the PFT board for offers . I am sure they were also aware if they had official power to offer a deal or not. It is a fan’s way of saying, “I would support you on my favorite team”. It is commonly used and I am confident you are smart enough that you realize this. You could have simply chose to accept it for what it really is instead of the pretend to be dumb and mock others song and dance.

  52. Miami is the place…Can’t beat the weather,up & coming young team natural playing surface all in a place where “old farts” go to retire.

  53. “Urlacher explained that, if Lovie Smith were still the head coach, Urlacher would still be a Bear.”

    One reason why Lovie is gone. Thank Brian for the clear explanation.

  54. Time for the truth… Chicago fans dont care what happens with Urlacher’s career. We just dont want the team to OVER pay him just to save face. he cant play like he use too and all 31 of the other teams know it. SO they go right after him running and passing. its time to draft his replacement

  55. both sides handled this badly but the Bears are the ones going through a complete rebuild and this was the last thing the team needed. I think Urlacher would have played for a straight 2 mill but my guess is that it really wasn’t that much
    guaranteed. we can now go back to the silly Hester can be a 75 catch a year receiver or all they need is a shored up O-line to get back to the Super Bowl. Even crazy hope springs eternal. Let’s move on folks.

  56. Funny all these comments talking about he can’t play, however noone is paying attention to the fact that he was on a gimpy knee all year and then messed that up with a bad hamstring…….Just curious that since he’s finally healthy and if he plays like the old #54 for someone will you people be mad he didn’t take the deal.

  57. patrickvwashington says: Mar 22, 2013 11:31 AM

    So please stop calling it a 2 mil offer because only $500 was guranteed. Thats even below league minimum, so you can see why he was insulted with such an offer.


    You know you cannot offer contracts below the league minimum right? It was 1million guaranteed and another 1 mill in incentives.

    And about him being injured last year? Well he has been injured 3 of the last 4 years, so if he is healthy then yeah, people will be upset we didn’t get him back… But that is a big IF at this point

  58. ridingwithnohandlebars says: Mar 22, 2013 9:49 AM

    The Lions could use him. They need some leadership on the defense.

    Not a Lions fan, but could not agree more. One has to wonder how much the Cards need him, especially with Daryl Washington being a young BMF at the ILB already.

  59. Actually it was $500 guaranteed and another $500k if he made the roster. So if he didn’t make the roster all he got was $500k. Thats just about as bad as them spitting in his face.

    Also, the problem with “fans” who play madden is they don’t realize that basing opinions on one year where he didn’t have a training camp, and only practiced once a week is kinda dumb. What is relevent is that his play was improving over the course of the year which means he was getting healthy.

    BTW, injured 3 of the last 4 years, however he played all 16 games last year and the year before. So its not like he’s Mr. Glass all of a sudden. 13 years and didn’t play all 16 games 3 times. I’d say thats pretty durable to me.

  60. After those comments, I understand why the Bears new coaching staff didn’t want him. Brian would’ve been poisen in the locker room. Brian has done and said a lot to make me think that the Bears, and Emery did the right thing. You don’t hear Brian talking about how the Bears are up against the cap right now. You don’t hear Brian talk about all the money that Chicago gave him in the past. You don’t hear any loyalty, or love for Chicago, from Brian at all.

  61. What does “Madden” have to do with it? I really doubt you commenting on blogs gives you any better insight to the runnings of a football front office than the next guy.

    The Bears were not going to re-sign Urlacher and cut him from the roster before week 1. Hence why everyone is calling the first million guaranteed.

    And he played all 16 games, but your body breaks down as you get older. The last few years are evidence of that. Thats why health is an IF in his case.

    Good for Urlacher if he can get more money on the open market, but according to most people he wont. The Bears were not “spitting in his face”, they were giving him a fair offer from a team against the salary cap.

  62. Uh Brian, the phones ringing. Could it be Gus Bradley, wanting to take you out to dinner (you leave the tip) and offer you a great deal to “win” with the JAGS? Whatever you do, don’t even think about Seattle. We’ve got a young and FAST defense. We don’t need an old fartinski slowing the D down, or regaling the locker room with tales of how many bones you’ve broken in other teams’ offenses.

  63. If he were looking for a place to win, he’d have signed with the Bears who are returning all of their studs on both sides of the ball.

    His bottom line was pay. He can say whatever words he wants, but his actions show the truth.

    He’s 34. His most recent injuries (plural) were leg injuries. He is a guy that relied on his speed his whole career.

    If you watched last year, he wasn’t the same player he was in 2010 and just a shell of the guy who won the DPOY in 2005. He wanted more money than he is worth. It isn’t personal, it’s business. His perception of his value isn’t the reality.

  64. This story was directed at fans of Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, not Green Bay Packer fans. So why do so many Packer fans down and diss Urlacher and what team he is going to? It must be because the Vikes had Favre and now Jennings on their team. Really now kiddies, its obvious you need to throw your tantrums but please confine it to stories about your team.

    If Urlacher signs with the Vikes, I am cool with it and if he doesn’t no biggie. Trolling your rivals stories just make you and your fanbase all the more idiotic.

  65. He should retire, and become a linebackers coach then he would have some takers!! Bear for life!!!

  66. Did Brian Urlacher really think that the Bears were going to offer him money that they don’ have? Is Brian completely oblivious of the fact that the Bears are up against the cap? His words say “yes”.

  67. People who think Urlacher has been “mistreated” are the same people who think the Bears D is better with him. I love the Bears, I love Urlacher, but god damn, he has lost 2 steps, maybe three. Plays that we took for granted that he use to routinely make, he’s not even getting a finger on the guy anymore. I accept we had a stud middle linebacker for decade plus, but if you’re not making plays someone else will. I hope he doesn’t mess up the relationship the Bears and him should have in the future.

  68. 5 years ago, he would have been a good fit for a lot of teams. He is a 35 year old ILB who has to realize that in his prime he was overrated. I still remember him getting run over several times by Jerome Bettis in a snowy December game in Pittsburgh several years ago.

  69. The only issue I have is how the Bears played this out. If the Bears ownership or Emery decided not to pay him above the $2m offer, why did they string him along and ask Urlacher to give them a proposal? They should of handled this better, URL was the face of the franchise and now, he’s a disgruntled former Bear.

  70. Every time Brian opens his mouth lately, I miss him less and less…His comment about Lovie tells me that he had no real desire to return unless the Bears were dumb enough to pay him $11 mil over 2 years…And his ‘joke’ about not coming back if the Bears want to honor him at some point is just childish.

  71. mjkelly77 says: Mar 22, 2013 10:37 AM

    “The Bears insulted Urlacher and kicked him to the curb after he dedicated his whole career to them. He should sign with the Lions for the vet minimum and lay Cutler out. Revenge. Sweet.”

    What part of ‘looking for a place to win’ did you not understand?

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