PFT Live: Bears mishandled Urlacher situation

John Mullin of CSN Chicago joins Mike Florio to discuss the release of Brian Urlacher. According to Muillin, the way the decision was handled has put the Bears in a bad light.

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  1. This is typical in Bearsland. It’s called the “McCaskey Effect”. This story is getting old, but nonetheless, the headline is true. The Bears’ brass needed to put all the cards on the table up front. A counter offer should’ve never come into play. They’re up against the cap and that’s just part of this business. All the Bears needed to do was tell Urlacher that we’d love to keep you here and you’ve been a great player for this team for 14 years. Make your bottom line offer as to what you need to come back and we’ll tell you up front “Yes we can work with that or No we can’t work with that”! Urlacher deserved better than this, but just the same, he’s been taken care of here in Chicago. Right now his pride is hurt and he’ll eventually move on.

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