Ravens “understand” why Reed is leaving

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Safety Ed Reed has joined the Texans.  And the Ravens officially have said farewell to the eight-time All Pro.

“Our hope is that the Hall of Fame players we drafted could play their entire careers with us, but we understand why Ed is moving on to the Texans,” G.M. Ozzie Newsome said in a team-issued press release.  “He’s not the first Hall of Famer to move to another team.  Tony Gonzalez is playing with the Falcons. Joe Montana played with the Chiefs.  Shannon Sharpe and Rod Woodson played for the Ravens.”

But Reed’s move comes less than two months after hitting the pinnacle of his career, at a time when plenty of big-name Ravens are bolting Baltimore.  No other Hall of Fame player has done what Reed is now doing, and no other Super Bowl champion has been so quickly dismantled.

The Ravens publicly project confidence regarding the future.  But what else would they say?  “Wow, we are really gonna suck next year”?

Every team undergoes change, after every season.  The Ravens have changed, to some extent, in each of the past five years.  And yet they’ve still made it to to the postseason — and won at least one playoff game — for half of a decade.

Besides, there was a clear sense that the Ravens had decided to move on from Reed.  Though they didn’t pull an Urlacher and announce that Reed definitely won’t be back before Reed signed with the Texans, Baltimore’s offer delivered a similar message.

It’s the same message that was sent to receiver Anquan Boldin, cornerback Cary Williams, and linebackers Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe.  The Ravens weren’t willing to pay them what someone else would.

Time will tell whether the Ravens got it right.  Either way, that second silver trophy won’t be getting repossessed if Baltimore’s post-Super Bowl personnel strategy fails.

40 responses to “Ravens “understand” why Reed is leaving

  1. It wasn’t hard to understand why he left at all. His contract was up and they didn’t pay him. That’s simple enough for anyone to grasp.

  2. Even with NCAA March Madness all around us, we find time to read stories about the NFL. Thanks PFT for being there. I guess Raven Fans could have done without this one, though……

  3. Sorry, not about Reed. Anybody know a site that would have all the latest team cap numbers?

  4. Seeing Reed go is sad. We lost a lot of players but I doubt the Ravens will be bad like all these media people say. I mean these were the same people who thought they were pretty average last year and were gonna tank in the last couple of weeks.

  5. Teams that win in this league never, never pay full price! That is what everyone has to understand. The 9ers let $97 million walk out the door this year. So what? They have a deep team. The Ravens have a deep team too. It’s not quite the same thing is as the 9ers, but don’t be surprised if the Ravens aren’t as bad as you all are making them out to be. I swear Florio, you have them pegged as drafting first overall next year. I don’t think that’s the case. They can still compete in that division and they are deeper than you think. Plus they draft well. So yeah, good for them not overpaying. That is the quickest way to be garbage. For example, Look at the Panthers…up against the cap. Raiders…up against the cap. You set a price on a player, remove your emotions, and let the chips fall as they may. I think they are playing it smart and if it costs them a year then so be it, but something tells me it won’t.

  6. it is funny considering the redskins would actually have to win a superbowl to be in this position. logical voice needs to adjust his meds. go ravens

  7. The great player Reed is 35yo in a new age fast break league. Good luck old man! One of the greatest of all time.

  8. $6.8 million is 1/6 of the salary cap?

    $14.6 million is 1/6 of the salary cap for the 2 years after this one?

    Somebodies math is off…

  9. We understand too, Reed.

    Jump Ball Joe and the team full of nobody’s are going to suck this year!

  10. “The Ravens publicly project confidence regarding the future. But what else would they say? ‘Wow, we are really gonna suck next year’”?

    Well, for starters, they could have said: “Ed was a valued member of the team, but his medical issues and diminshed play weren’t expected to get better at his age, so we did what was best to keep the team strong going into the future. And since this year is expected to be a very strong draft for safeties, our draft track record is as good as anyone’s, and there are a lot of capable free agents available, now is the best time to cut ties.””

    But they didn’t say it because they never throw players under the bus. Funny how Rex never learned that particular lesson while in Baltimore.

  11. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 22, 2013 1:34 PM
    I laugh of the thought of a baseball team ordering us around.
    Who needs a baseball team, when you have an owner that does it all by himself, and with such fabulous results.

  12. I agree with the Ravens fans that they won’t be picking first overall next draft (out of that division, it’s more likely to be Pittsburgh), but you lose any credibility by adding a hashmark tag at the end. If you have a dire need to pointlessly hashtag stuff, stick to twitter fool.

  13. Logicalvoices is most likely a pre-teen who is not yet capable of actual logic and obsessed with his favorite team.

    Either that or he’s someone who gets his kicks from making his outrageously claims just to watch the rest of the posters here go nuts over them.

    I think he’s just a little kid though.

  14. What is with the bashing of a team that wont mortgage its future on one year? The three best defensive players the ravens had going into last year are still on the team. Webb,Ngata and suggs. We have a young safety that will instantly outplay reeds performance last year.
    Also its funny now we have all this cap room and dumervil hits the open market and the ravens have alot of cap space. All that cutting and we have rookies ready to step in.
    This whole sky is falling changes its tune quickly if the ravens land him or I dont know draft well? Cause they dont do that better then anyone else right.

  15. really crown? is that what he told you? be real. you know his cap number just as well as i do. by the way how is the steeler offseason going?

  16. really crown? is that what he told you? be real. you know his cap number just as well as i do. by the way how is the steeler offseason going?

    Steeler off season is going great little scoobie. How is the collections coming for the obstructor of justice statue to be place outside the stadium? Getting big donations?

  17. Everyone saying the Ravens are gonna suck next year didnt know who Danell Ellerbe or Paul Kruger was prior to this season and the hype from NFL Network and ESPN. They are system guys watch how unproductive hey will be.

  18. scoobie, at first I thought you were kidding about this whole Flacco cap number. But I realize that you really do not understand that front offices look at things longer than 1 year out.

    They’re paying Flacco $50M over the next 3 years, regardless of cap #. If you don’t think that’s impacting their decisions on $ for other players, then you are dumber than ravenator.

  19. 6.8 cap number this year 14.8 next year. then it jumps up to 29 i believe. hmmm…perhaps at that point they restructure. if you dont see that…. plus please tell me who they lost that they wanted to keep. this was boldin’s last year..so joe’s future cap number is irrelevant. they wanted ellerbe for 5 a year…dolphins offered 7. reed got 3 for 15…kruger got way overpaid. and good for him. pollard was a problem child. so instead of overpaying they decided to go younger and not have dead money on the cap in the future. sounds like good strategy to me

  20. yes nofool…and we thank you for your large contribution and for finally getting the charge right. you are doing great kid…keep up the good work

  21. yes nofool…and we thank you for your large contribution and for finally getting the charge right. you are doing great kid…keep up the good work

    I am honored that you took time out of your busy schedule of defending all things raven to recognize my contribution. But please put your socks back on as I know you had to use your toes to count the eight pennies I sent for the statue….thanks for asking about the steeler off season, but you seem to have your nose into it like ravenator so you know it’s going we’ll…cheers

  22. all contributions are accepted. not really sure why you are bringing my toes in…guess you must be a rex fan. and as far as the steelers offseason goes i have been paying some attention…not much really going on. some guys leaving…some staying. usual stuff. dont really care all that much….enjoy chasing ravenator around and we will talk again soon i am sure

  23. Anyone who thinks Flacco’s outrageous contract isn’t a factor is a complete fool

    Raven fans his contract (and cap hits) are MORE than one year!!

    Stop with the “his cap hit is only 6.8 this season”. GM’s (and Ozzie is a great one, Kyle Boller notwithstanding) look years ahead.

    Just be happy the Ravens won the Super Bowl*…you’re team is gonna stink for the next few seasons.

    *really should have lost; that was pass interference in the end zone

  24. fu*k a purple pigeon but couldnt be happier they are losing players at an alarming rate. the only thing better would be to see the MAYFLOWER trucks in the next couple weeks. love thay irsay fella

  25. since the ravens have never had a “multiple murderer” on their team i’m not sure what you are talking about. please provide some evidence or information next time please

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