Ravens will still play on September 5, but where?

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The statement from the Ravens regarding their inability to play at home on September 5 includes an important tidbit of news.

They will still be playing that night.

“The Ravens will open the season on the road on Thursday night, September 5, in our annual NFL Kickoff Game on NBC,” the NFL has announced.  “We are exploring potential fan activities in Baltimore around the Kickoff Game, including a pre-game concert.”

Possible destinations based on Baltimore’s schedule include Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Denver.

The most intriguing matchup comes in Denver, where the Ravens stunned the Broncos in the playoffs.  But why should the Ravens have to roll into the lion’s den for their first game of the season?   An argument could be made that the Ravens should be given the ability to choose their opponent for the Week One road opener — or at a minimum to veto the possibility of games at Denver or Pittsburgh.

The only certainty at this point is that the game won’t be played in Cincinnati, since the Bengals have the same problem that forced the Ravens out of town.

Our preference would be Miami, which would guarantee a sellout for the Dolphins, a high-profile team (at least for now) via their free-agency moves — which included the pilfering of Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.  Also, having the NFL season start in South Florida could help when the time comes to finagle votes for the Sun Life Stadium renovation referendum.

116 responses to “Ravens will still play on September 5, but where?

  1. But why should the Ravens have to roll into the lion’s den for their first game of the season?
    I’d rather play @ Denver week 1 than @ Denver week 10. Did you pay any attention to the 2012 Broncos season?

  2. Ravens are getting screwed, this is a tradition their fans won’t get to have.

    They should be allowed to choose their opponent, but who really wants to watch Ravens @ Browns on opening night?

  3. If you are picking your homecoming opponent, you have to go with Buffalo on this one.

  4. Ya because getting killed 37-6 in Denver first game of the year is not the most distinguished way for a superbowl champ to open the season…

  5. Mike,

    You’re also looking for a trip to take in the Microbus down to South Florida!

  6. Steelers. Ravens begin their title defense against their biggest rivals. And I’m thinking the NFL would want to save Ravens/Broncos for a later date.

    Also, if it is indeed the Steelers it will be interesting to see how refs will call this games with the new rules in tact.

  7. Who cares where they play.. they got lucky last year. This year. Welcome to the AFC north basement ladies! Thank your overpaid boy average Joe flacco! Adios muchachos!

  8. Steelers got to enjoy Peyton and all the hype surrounding his first start in Mile High and didnt bat an eye. Between this and Harbaugh complaining that Ravens only get primetime games in PITT I dont want to hear the word schedule coming out of Ravens or their fans mouths.

  9. Miami wouldn’t be my first choice, if I’m the Ravens. Summer in the sub-tropics, no thanks.

  10. Hope it’s raining cats and dogs in Baltimore on September 5th just to spite baseball and the game is postponed anyway.

  11. or they could do what the giants did last year when obama speech impacted thursday..move it to wed.

    if theres one team im certain in the last decade and a half of watching the nfl that WONT repeat..its this years ravens..ive never seen a SB champ team lose all its players, then its opening home game like this.. 3rd place a best..possibly 4th bec browns are even getting stronger

  12. why wouldn’t they open in denver it would be a rematch that everyone would watch… who cares about ‘throwing them in the lions den’ its the nfl

  13. The Broncos is the high profile game of course.

    But why not send them to Cleveland, where they came from. Imagine the scene when they get all the accolades for winning the Super Bowl in front of the fans they ditched.

  14. Champs opening at home on Thursday is a new tradition, not a rule. The Ravens are not being slighted in any way. Suggesting they should get to pick the opponent is laughable.

  15. “An argument could be made that the Ravens should be given the ability to choose their opponent for the Week One road opener — or at a minimum to veto the possibility of games at Denver or Pittsburgh.”

    Are you seriously implying than an nfl team should be allowed to select their opponent?! I can not believe i just read that. What a ridiculous idea.

  16. who ever where ever it don’t matter.as for the deadskins being marylands team[what a joke]
    they had to COVER UP seats for a sell out.
    that team is the biggest joke out there!!!!

  17. They should play it at Fed Ex Field. Close enough for Baltimore to still basically call it a home game, atleast theyll draw their home crowd since its not that far from Baltimore…

  18. Why has this game morphed into insuring that the Champ is given a gimme in week 1 for winning last years SB? They have to play in Denver eventually. What’s the difference when?

    Heck, week 1 in Denver might be their best chance to steal a win. Peyton will not have played for a few weeks and that team’s offense is entirely based on timing.

  19. also, baseball should no better than schedule any thursday games in football towns, football opens the same week every september after labor day, baseball knows that…the orioles game should be boycotted.

  20. Nothing is going the Ravens way this off-season.
    Not a fan of theirs but a damn shame they can’t start at home.

    Bad for the fans too.

    B’more fans better hope the Orioles are WS contenders this year.

  21. quoththeravenbmore says:
    Mar 22, 2013 4:00 PM
    Lifelong Orioles fan. Ravens season ticket holder. The orioles are dead to mine

    Yeah, you sure sound like a lifelong fan. Grow up.

  22. Play the Bills, and play it in Toronto. Man, that would have a bunch of fans flipping out! I would love to see that just because so many people would be up in arms and claim they wouldn’t watch (like with the helmet rule), but yet come game time, the ratings would be just as high.

  23. If they write MLB a big enough check, the Orioles will move their Thursday game to a doubleheader on Saturday. Stick a crowbar in the wallet and get it done

  24. @logicalvoicesays: You’re really serious aren’t you?

    The Ravens have won 2 SB’s since Washington’s last SB (in less time). The Ravens arrived in Baltimore in 1996 and have been to the playoffs 9 times compared to 4 Skins’ appearcances since. And if you’re speaking of history, have you ever heard of the Baltimore Colts? There’s a little bit of history there as well. They won some championships themselves. Ever heard of a guy named John Unitas?

    It’s very hard to give credit to a Steelers fan when they start boasting, but at least I can understand their arrogance. But you’re really going there? 90% of Skins fans (up until week 13 or so when they hopped on the bandwagon) will be the first to tell you how much of a debacle that franchise is.

    Please stop because I hear enough lies coming out of Washington. Can we go back to talking about teams that are relevant for longer than 6 weeks?

  25. Our preference would be Miami,

    Your preference? Cool. Not mine. I don’t give a rat’s azz about the Dolphins or their stadium situation. This is about the Ravens. And last thing I want is for them to play in a humid soup in September.

    I would rather play them in December, when a road trip for those of us that would take over that dump is more fun.

  26. If the NFL won’t let the Ravens play on Wednesday then just let the Ravens play Sunday. Let two other teams play Thursday night. Either do it right or don’t do it at all.

  27. last time we won NO home game because of
    loserburgs new stadium.just have to win again
    and try next year!!!

  28. I like that! that shows that they are not the real Super Bowl champs the Super Bowl was RIGGED didn’t you get the memo oh ya only Jarome Bogard and his officiating crew only got that memo.

  29. In 03, the defending champ buccaneers opened on Monday night of week one, on the road, in Philly at the brand new Lincoln financial field. Gruden wasn’t happy about it, but they still kicked the eagles’ collective ass. Don’t see why the ravens have to play at home on a Thursday.

    That said, the baseball purists over at HBT are acting like football is bullying poor sad old baseball around on this one. Cry me a river.

  30. If its a big deal, try moving the game to Sat night and let the O’s play a day game.

  31. Acknowledge the greatest rivalry in the NFL and go to Pittsburgh. It’s unfortunate they don’t get to open at home to celebrate their SB with their fans, but nothing would be better than kicking off the NFL season with this great rivalry.


    A Steelers Fan.

  32. You would think the classiest, best ruined, Ozzie knows best….blah blah would be able to make something simple like this happen. God you have Ravenator he knows all let him fix it…LMFAO some model franchise?.. Please

  33. “Ravens are getting screwed, this is a tradition their fans won’t get to have.”

    this has only been going on for, I think, 4 years – not really a tradition yet do you think?

  34. Make the Orioles play during the day at 1pm.

    No big deal. It’s only 20k that go to Orioles games anyhow and half will probably stay for the Ravens stuff.

  35. Blessing in disguise for the NFL? To avoid this and “expand” their product, they can have the previous SB winner play the first game in……………London. Then Mexico City, then Tokyo, then Berlin, etc…… Not saying I approve, but this allows them some leverage. You know it’s true!

  36. This is a no brainer. They will be playing Denver in the same building they won in double OT to defeat the Broncos on thier way to the SuperBowl title thanks to the ref who Ray Lewis Paid Off to not call holding against Crabtree on 4th down. This game will be the first of a very long season for the so called SuperBowl Chumps. I’m in a good mood today so I will go ahead and give you my prediction of this Thursday Night Opening NFL Game between Baltimore and Denver. Here it is……(I usually charge people for my picks, but like I said I’m in a good mood today)

    Baltimore 10
    Denver 49

  37. It really doesn’t matter the Ravens won’t be a contender this year. That team has been completely gutted, it will take years for Ozzie to build the team back up to where it was.

    The Ravens will get throttled if they go to Denver or if they hosted Denver. This is going to be the worst defending champion in a long time.

  38. Drop your nuts on the table Rog! You didn’t hesitate to do it to the Saints.

  39. I still cannot figure out why MLB couldn’t have shifted the game to the next day?— Split doubleheader on Friday.

    I guess that would make too much sense to satisfy most everyone.

  40. Not a good decision by MLB. I don’t think The Orioles want to pisss off Raven fans.

  41. I think karma would be the game is held in Miami. On that opening kickoff game, Miami is hit by a category 2 (one for each of the Ravens Super Bowls) hit the city forcing the NFL to reschedule that game.

    Similarity I hope New York gets hit with a mega blizzard or nor’easter during the Super Bowl.

    Of course no people harmed

  42. You want the first game of the season to be a snoozer?

    Ravens @ Steelers

    May as well start off with my Steelers since we’re both losing a bunch of starters. That should put both teams on even footing.

  43. Don’t rule out Detroit. Detroit has the whole Megatron, Suh, Stafford, Bush angle plus Schwartz is from Baltimore and has family there. Superbowl champs v. a question mark team with some star power. Stranger things have happened…

  44. To all you Raven haters, guess who won the superbowl! Guess who’s team did not win the superbowl! Cheers!

  45. Last I checked a week is 7 days and a baseball game is 4 hours max. How is it that they can’t find a slot to give these guys a home game? I’m not a Raven’s fan, but I just don’t get it?

  46. I’m with sirhulka. Balto/Pitt is THE BEST rivalry in the NFL. Balto/Denver is nothing. Balto/Miami? Are you kidding me? What a joke. It should either be Balto/Pitt or Balto/NE. (Still, Balto/Pitt is the best, hands down.) Like in the old days when champions wanted to PLAY champions, not duck them, to prove who deserved to be crowned champ. Make it count; no window dressing. Like in The Color Of Money — it’s the best, or nothing.

  47. why can’t they just play on Wednesday? they’ve moved the first Thursday game to Wednesday once before.

  48. Have them play the Raiders if you want a close game. The Ravens aren’t even going to sniff the playoffs next season.
    As for Baseball… 162 games and you can’t move ONE? How about you cut your overly long season to less than 100 games. A baseball team can lose ten games and it would match the importance of one NFL game. Kind of like real life where baseball is one tenth as important as Football.

  49. I love the smack talk but recently I have realized that whenever the Steelers are eliminated recently I find myself rooting for the ravens compared to other teams. They basically mirror the Steelers in organization and style of play. Plus it’s already the best rivalry in the NFL and it’s working towards legendary status. Soon it will be the NFL equivalent to the Yankees Red Sox if the success persists. I just hope the owners don’t keep cannabalizing their own product turning it unwatchable like the MLB is.

  50. The NFL should just play hardball. The Ravens and Orioles don’t play in the same stadium. The NFL should just tell MLB something like

    We’re playing tonight in Baltimore. You can, too, if you want.

  51. Guess ol Roger has no pull after all. Good for Bud!! Fire Goodell, he has ruined the game and the Ravens deserved home opener.

  52. I’m still puzzled as to why Baltimore can’t handle two games at once. Is it just because of the parking? Are there not plenty of other places to park downtown, that might require some walking? What’s the big deal?

  53. It’s going to have to be a team that the NFL feels will be a gift win, and it will not be a division opponent.

    How about the Oakland Raiders? Oh wait, nope, can’t. The NFL needs Oakland for the second Monday Night Football game again. You know the one that does not kick off until 11:00 PM EST and I have to burn a day off to watch…..

  54. steelerben says: Mar 22, 2013 3:43 PM

    If you are picking your homecoming opponent, you have to go with Buffalo on this one.

    Yes, bring it on to Buffalo. That way Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus can give Joe Flacco the rest of the year off to start spending his newly signed big-boy contract. I’d love to see Buffalo vs Baltimore for the season opener. Might as well start off big!

  55. Thursday night football sucks anyway. Friday night football would be much more appealing. Most people don’t have to work Saturday mornings and there’s never anything else good on TV Friday nights. Move this game and all Thursday games to Friday and you’ll have a solution to this issue and also the garbage that is Thursday night football.

  56. jackblackshairyback says:
    Mar 22, 2013 6:14 PM
    I’m still puzzled as to why Baltimore can’t handle two games at once. Is it just because of the parking? Are there not plenty of other places to park downtown, that might require some walking? What’s the big deal?


    The stadiums share a parking lot. A lot of Ravens fans go downtown for the game even if they don’t have a ticket; they tailgate and then watch at bars nearby. The logistics just don’t work. It’s a mix of commercial and residential property around the stadium complex. That area just can’t handle 150,000 people at the same time.

  57. Why isnt it a Friday Night game…why arent all the thursday night games played on friday night…that would be awesome….better ratings, bc if you dont have NFL network your local bar most likely does…..

  58. Wow. That’s kind of sad. You would think such a great metropolis such as Baltimore would be able to handle what a crappy, rundown, good-for-nothing one horse town like Cleveland can with no problem.

  59. I know its already been said but why aren’t they playing in DC?

    I was watching the Superbowl as a huge San Francisco 49ers in that area and I can tell you, there are enough Baltimore fans in that area and that’s not to mention its only an hour away from Baltimore itself.

    Not only that but the Nationals are on the road and don’t even play on Sept 5th.

    Seriously DC is built for the party that is the NFL opener… please do it there. And I’d prefer to see Minnesota @ Baltimore in DC. Adrian Peterson v Baltimore’s remade defense not to mention Greg Jennings v an Ed Reed-less Ravens secondary.

    I would still favor the Ravens but it would be more intriguing than most.

  60. And also the NFL draft should be held in KC this year.

    The draft should be held in the city that has the #1 overall pick even if they trade it; considering teams that trade it will have more picks anyway so more time to talk about them around their fans.

  61. Think the logic was horrible . It would have been be 70000 people for the ravens game and 5000 for the orioles. Not a problem at all…

  62. I am a Steelers fan. But the Ravens are the champs and they should get the respect due them. Let them pick the team and date they want to play.

  63. I love how everyone is blaming the Orioles for all this, especially these “die hard” Orioles/Ravens fans. I’m sure you didn’t like the Ravens until a couple years ago when they started winning yet you are such a “die hard” fan.

    I’m a true die hard Orioles fan and despise the Ravens. The MLB scheduled this game long before the Ravens were even thinking Superbowl. It’s not possible for both events to be played the same night since the stadiums are literally a stones throw away from each other and share a parking lot. Why can’t the mighty NFL just move the game to Wednesday night. Everyone wants to blame the MLB/Orioles yet the NFL could easily move the game one night before it’s currently scheduled.

  64. If they play games on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving, why can’t they play on Rosh Hoshana Wednesday? Just sayin…

  65. Argument for Orioles regular season game: 1) Already schedules 2)1 of 80 home games VS Argument for Ravens opener 1)NFL season opener 2) 1 of only 8 home games 3) The Super Bowl Champs new season celebration.

    Really????? Com’on MLB/Selig you can do better than this! Move the stupid game….

    Where is the the pride of Baltimore?
    Fan uprising!… Leverage City Political Pressure!

  66. Option 1: Orioles should move their game to Noon on September 5th and offer 50% off tickets to all fans who show up with Ravens tickets.


    Option 2: NFL should put opening night on Wednesday, September 4th in Baltimore.

    If neither of these occur, I hope it rains cats and dogs in Baltimore the night of September 5th and the Orioles game is rained out. Would serve them right.

  67. Washington DC????

    Why can’t the Orioles move their game to afternoon while their fans can go to M&T Bank stadium at night???


  68. Baltimore should complete boycott the baseball game and city to teach those idiots a thing or to about respect.

    Once agin, Baltimore disrespects there own football city. Disgrace,

  69. What the hell is the problem they dont use the same stadium. Who watches baseball in September?? America’s obsession or America’s past time? Think football wins!!! Or come to Chicago the cubbies and the sox could be playing doesn’t matter bears are playing no one cares about baseball.

  70. No matter how anyone feels about priority, this is a no-class move by the Orioles. Winning a championship is a special thing, and it would be the smallest show of respect and city pride for one team to move just another game to accommodate the league champion’s opening day. It would be something special for the town, and for the Orioles to stand in the way shows what classless leadership they have.

    And I say this as a Cowboys fan who has no personal stake in the matter.

  71. To all you Raven haters, guess who won the superbowl! Guess who’s team did not win the superbowl! Cheers!

    25 15
    Must be logicalvoice’s brother, but in differant basements.

  72. They didn’t stun them, the Ravens got away with a brutal pass interference penalty on Ed Reeds interception. Not that Ed Reed isn’t amazing, the man’s gameplay is living breathing geometry.

  73. @logicalvoicesays: Growing up in Denver around Bronco fans and moving to DC around Redskin fans I’ve never seen a more fairweather fan base than the skins. Pre-season its all good but after the first loss fans are calling for someone’s head and by second or third game they’ve given up. Look at last year. After RGIII got hurt in the first playoff appearance in over a decade you’re calling for the coach who took you there to get fired.

  74. We won the Super Bowl LAST YEAR. We are not defending anything – we are ATTACKING. And we don’t care who or where we play. We’ll beat the Steelers, Broncos…whomever…in the parking lot, on the moon – it doesn’t matter!!!!! The team is going to start the season 1-0 on the road. They are on a mission to win the Lombardi – again, and again, and again!!!!

  75. the best rivalry in football by far is the Ravens vs Steelers cant think of a better way to kick off the season. the ratings would be through the roof which would make those on Park Ave very happy.

  76. Big Ben would like some ample time to figure out how he can become injured in a preseason finale in which he’s unlikely to play so he can continue to avoid the Ravens. This one is going to take a lot of thought….

  77. Send them to Detroit. We’d love to get our season started with a win over the SB Champs.

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