Wilfork defends wife against former teammate’s comments

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Current and former NFL players who appear on radio gradually are learning that their words don’t evaporate into the ether.  They linger — and they can have consequences.

Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson witnessed that reality on Friday.  He’ll likely witness it again, if/when he encounters Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork in person.

A caller to SportsRadio 610 in Houston asked Johnson, who works with the station, to name his teammate with the ugliest wife.

“You know what? I got it. This is a big, big man. And this guy had his way with the Texans this year,” Johnson said, MyFOXBoston.com.  “He won’t hear this. Vince Wilfork.”

Well, Wilfork heard it.

“Your [sic] barking up the wrong tree I hear and see everything mother f–ker,” Wilfork said in a tweet directed to Johnson, via TheBigLead.  Wilfork later posted an image of a longer message sent directly to Johnson.

“Every1 is entitled to their own opinion but it is f–ked up when a x-teammate that I actually looked up to and enjoyed playing with takes shots at my wife for whatever reasons,” Wilfork said. “I love my wife and my family.  She is my everything. I don’t care when this was said no one should cross that line. The line has been crossed so it is what it is. All I wann [sic] say is f–k you! You don’t want to f–k with me or my family.  Take shots at me all day but not them.  I have a great family life and blessed to have them.”

Johnson has apologized via Twitter.  “I just made a huge error in judgment and want to apologize to Vince and his wife for comments I made earlier today on a Houston radio show,” Johnson said.  “Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE.  I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible.”

Apart from Johnson’s initial blunder, everyone involved did the right thing.  We admire Wilfork for zealously defending his wife, Bianca.  He should have.  And we respect Johnson for apologizing.  He needed to.

And we’ve got a feeling neither Johnson nor any other current or former player will be answering that question ever again, in any setting.

101 responses to “Wilfork defends wife against former teammate’s comments

  1. Stupid question. Even more stupid to offer up ANY answer. Johnson had better hope that Wilfork is in a REALLY good mood the next time they meet, because Wilfork is perfectly within his man-rights to put a huge beat-down on him.

  2. He should’ve just said “Tom Brady” so everyone could laugh the question off and move on. To actually call a former teammate out like that was very poor form…

  3. That’s a really unprofessional question to ask someone you’re interviewing. That’s some Howard Stern stuff right there.

    Still hilarious though.

  4. Mike,
    You’ve outdone yourself. This could be one of the funniest stories you’ve ever posted.(Obviously not for the folks involved, but…)

  5. Good for Wilfork. Players should realize that just because prepubescent kids masquerading as adults sometimes call in stupid questions doesn’t mean they have to let loose their inner teenager to answer them.

  6. Bust his ass Vince.

    Never talk trash on a man’s woman…

    Well, unless it’s Kanye West’s woman.

  7. Johnson was so in the wrong, as a former teamate, as a man, and as a human being. He has got to be better then that. Say what you will about Vince and Bianca, that relationship seems tight. I wish them all the best

  8. This dude should just consider himself dead… You don’t go at another dude’s wife, especially when he is twice you size.

  9. Wow. Vince should squash that washed up, old, piece of garbage like a bug. I would pay a large amount of money to see the confrontation.

  10. HOW did we ever resolve our differences before the internet? Then again its internet access that probably caused Willfork, to hear about the slur in the first place.

    If I were you Johnson, I’d start hitting the weight room on a regular basis, NOW, while you still can.

  11. Thats messed up that Johnson went there, but you guys have to admit it he told the truth…

  12. What we say cuts deeper than what we do. Both Johnson and Wilfork accomplished that.

    Wifork’s response touched me. I would think, in some twisted way, this event has brought he and his wife closer and perhaps helped Johnson become a better person. He apparently needed an education about authentic love.

  13. Johnson should have answered the question with 2 words: “next question”. If he ever does meet Vince face to face,I hope he mans up and apologizes. There’s absolutely no reason for what he did. Stupid fool.

  14. After reading Wilforks tweets. This man sounds like he is ready to beat the day lights out of Johnson.. Good idea Johnson to apologize quickly but I would atleast try to make amends with Wilfork in person..He doesn’t sound too happy at all

  15. The important thing here is that Vince and his wife still care deeply for one another. And that Ted gets another cat scan to address those post concussive issues. Seriously, he doesn’t say this without all of those knocks to the head.

    I’m still keeping my Ted Johnson signed mini-helmet. The cat did win three titles.

  16. Johnson will use this in his concussion lawsuit as proof positive that he is now a pinhead.

    Ted Johnson – don’t you ever dare come back to Boston. Boston fans remember this sh*t. Vince’s wife is at every game, and is highly respected around here. There’s a hundred thousand Pats fans who want to punch Johnson in the mouth now.

  17. maven2222 says: Mar 22, 2013 7:00 PM

    As far as I can tell, the use of [sic] in these quotes is completely random.

    [sic] means “spelling is correct”. In other words, the players miss spelled the word, not the writer of the post. Since it was a quote, he had to spell it as it was spelled by the player.

    As for the answer…sometimes these guys just need to realize that they are being set up for a controversial answer. Like when they are asked if they would accept a gay teammate in the locker room. Guys get killed in the media for answering that question.

  18. Just because Wilfork didn’t marry a dangerous succubus; he’s got to hear it form the fellas? Wilfork will get the last laugh when someone that truly loves him is caring for his old sore body and the guys who married little thang Goldie are knee deep in legal and alimony fees.

  19. That is a question that should have never been asked nor answered. Bravo to Wilfork for standing up for his wife as any man should…I applaud him. Ted Johnson is a giant douche bag for even going there. You can apologize for words said but you can never take them back.

  20. This is why the nfl had to toughen its stance on helmet to helmet hits Ted has definitely had one too many.

  21. Bianca isnt the best looking but you dont trash someones wife on radio let alone an ex-teammate. Good on Vince for standing up to this clown and defending his wife.

  22. I just looked at the picture of wilfork’s wife… She’ s just a regular gal and certainly is more real and beautiful than the Beverly Hills wives.

  23. ridiculous to say that

    vince is the sweetest guy and such a family man. he adores his wife and she’s one of the most supportive wives in the NFL. she’s a lovely person and it’s wrong to call her looks out publicly. she doesn’t deserve that, keep it to yourself.

  24. Could you imagine having Vince Wilfork reeeally pissed off at you? I mean, even if I were asked such a question, I would politely defer anyhow, but damn Ted….you better hope that guy never gets his hands on you. Just a major lack of class, by Johnson.

  25. Ted Johnson is the NFL Poster Child for Head Trauma.

    His life is a toilet and today reaffirmed the fact he has lost most of his mental facilities.

    If I was Johnson, I would stay far away from the Patriots when they come down to Houston.Big Vince will break him in half.

  26. What a particularly mean spirited comment to utter! I admire Mr. W’s spirited defense of his good wife. Why would anyone make such a hurtful remark, especially in public?!

  27. Too bad. Johnson was a great Patriot and part of turning around a franchise that had been a clown show up to the point Bob Kraft purchased the dirt parking lots around that old college stadium they had, and parlayed that into team ownership. However, as a great run stopper, he took a lot of shots to the head and had major concussion problems that forced him out of the game. The changes to the rules for pass defense didn’t help. He wasn’t the fastest LB around. He probably wasn’t thinking straight.

    Wilfork is a GREAT guy from what I have seen, and well regarded/well respected on that team as well. I hate to see him speak out using some earthy language though. I understand he’s pretty riled up. Usually he’s pretty soft spoken, and carries a big stick. I’d have preferred he remain above that but considering the subject matter he gets a pass. If you’ve watched Patriot games you’ve seen when he makes one of those rumblin’ bumblin’ stumblin’ one handed interceptions, or a fumble recovery, he goes right over to the stands and hands the ball to Bianca. I’ve seen a TV special too where she’s involved, and the man clearly loves his wife, and she’s been with him since BEFORE he made the big time. Hopefully they can get past this as they will both likely be at future All-Patriot events.

  28. I can’t believe it, but I actually respect Vince Wilfork. Never thought it would happen.

  29. Anyone who’s played organized football knows the ribbing goes on all the time. A locker room is one of the most juvenile places to be. If this had happen in the locker room they would have laughed it off. But, Johnson made the mistake of doing this publically. I willing to bet there were times when Vince ragged on teammates. The issue here isn’t what he said it’s where he said it that’s the problem

  30. If you don’t think this is funny you just don’t have a sense of humor. I’m not saying what Ted Johnson said was all that funny – but you’ve got to admit that it’s funny that he said that. Just the situation in general is funny.

  31. Gotta be an idiot for answering. That’s up there with “does this make me look fat?”

    Pull his man card, immediately.
    Gotta know better.

  32. Wilfork is a millionaire athlete. He could have married anyone he wants- and he did. Kudos to Vince for putting this shallow manchild in his place.

  33. I am not attracted to Bianca I am jealous of their love for w ach other. VW loves her and she is a great wife, every story about them is heart warming. We should all wish to be that loved. GO pats

  34. Apparently Bianca was named one of the most admired women in Boston this week by the Women’s Leadership Forum for her and Vince’s charity work.

  35. mackcarrington says:Mar 22, 2013 7:44 PM

    I have never seen Wilforks wife, but if Johnson thinks she is ugly, then so be it. This is the power of free speech and the right of a man to express his opinion. He was asked a question and he answered it honestly. Wilfork should give Johnson props for being honest. Now, PFT should do the right thing and print a picture of Wilforks wife so we all can make our own judgements.


    People amaze me.

  36. I don’t know about the everyone did the right thing after the initial insult bit of the article. If you insult a man’s wife in public you need to apologize in person or at least make a phone call, Twitter just doesn’t cut it.

  37. How can u take any athlete, actor, or politicians apology seriously?? They say something stupid then they either say it was taken out of context or they were mis quoted. If you didn’t mean what u said the why did u say it. Idiots

  38. Glad to see everyone in the NFL and associated with the NFL is professional…and mature to boot. I’d be fired or at the least suspended from my profession for posting an immature, high school like response on my Twitter account. These guys are grown men. Man our society is really taking a turn for the worse and people are becoming more and more immature. Grow up! A better response would have been to ignore it. Who cares what people think!

  39. The right thing to do is to tell the interviewer to “F*** off” after asking that kind of question.

    Insulting a classy person like Mrs Wilfork is insane. It’s one thing to go after people with no shame, but another to go after decent people.

    If I were the radio interviewer (or whomever asked that) I would be more embarrassed than the person who answered it.

  40. Seems like it’s too late for Johnson to stuff the toothpaste back in the tube on this one. But probably not too late for Wilfolk to stuff some tooths back down an escophegal tube.

  41. Dumb ass question that was asked for the sole purpose of starting a verbal or physical confrontation. The person who asked it is classless.

  42. maven2222 says: Mar 22, 2013 7:00 PM

    As far as I can tell, the use of [sic] in these quotes is completely random.


    Your not serious, our you? [sic]

  43. Bianca is NOT ugly. Those who are making nasty comments about her looks are just mean. They have a wonderful family and relationship,not to mention all that they do for charities, Now THAT’S beautiful. Ted Johnson has zero class and I think Vince has every right as a husband to want to kick the living crap out of him. No one should ever speak that way about a guy’s wife or a woman’s husband. You just don’t go there.

  44. Johnson has had serious issues for a long time. Moving from Boston to Houston didn’t help too much. Vince should realize that Johnson is not playing with a full deck.

  45. Ok it was classless for Johnson to name Vince’s wife. But the last time I looked at Vince, he don’t look like Denzel….Meaning beauty is only skin deep, sixty years from now they might be still married while others are old and lonely.

  46. The Patriot Way – what can you say?

    Six years of trying to avoid SpyGate questions has obviously put a strain on these players’ relationships.

    Welker dumped by the side of the road? Brady lied to by BB and Kraft? Guys at each other’s throats? The “family” is coming apart at the seams in front of our eyes. Enjoy the show, Boston fans. The Pats’ flameout is going to make the Red Sox’ 2011 meltdown look like a pleasant backyard barbecue.

  47. Props to Wilfork for protecting his wife and letting it known that he will not tolerate her being insulted.

    Also, Johnson probably shouldn’t be criticizing anyone’s spouse. Not only do Wilfork and his wife obviously have a great marriage but Johnson and his ex-wife were involved in an ugly domestic situation back in 2006. After apologizing profusely to both Wilforks, Johnson might want to ask for some tips on how to treat a woman.

  48. If Vince really wanted to fight dirty, he could have said to Johnson well at least my woman doesn’t steal my pills, pop ’em and beat my behind so loudly the cops get called. This is the same dude who complained that BB caused him all his medical problems while later volunteering to come back in 06. Derp.

    Best part was Mrs Wilfork’s response on Twitter, all class. She basically said she appreciated all the support she was getting but she wasn’t going to go off about it. And that she is proud of her husband and her relationship (as she should be).

  49. that’s what happens when you put a mic in front of these retired players face they don’t know when to shut up.they are happy someone still wants to talk to them

  50. How much money would it take for any of us to publicly say something bad about big Vince’s wife? Johnson… man, bad choice, bro.

  51. She is very manly! But she didn’t deserve that comment.. Ever notice the pats get more attention about their wives.. The Pats might be worse than the Cowgirls with their on and off field constent hollywood news.. That’s why the Pats can’t win a superbowl no more.. I hate watching Patriot games.. Every 20 seconds it’s one of the players Fake breasted wives reactions.. look at your last 2 playoff losses Gizzelle is Yelling at reporters.. Welkers wife is being a racist on facebook.. And Vince’s wife ate all the nachoes in the stadium.. Bill with wis wife on the boat.. Gronk getting STD’s with Bibi! The pats should just start a reality show.. Down and out in Beverly Hills…. And you guys Are acting like loosing Wes is no big deal? Amendola will play 7 games.. Hernandez will play 10.. And Gronk 9.. You all defend vince now.. But wait till he leaves the team and see all these sweet comments about him then.. Pats fans are the worst..

  52. The guy was out of line with saying that over the air no less. that was pretty reckless, but hey what’s Vince gonna do, hail a cab to chase the guy around?

    He’d run out of steam after 10 yards trying to chase anyone down! lol

  53. Well you know when you come from a classless franchise like the cheaters I mean patriots what do you expect? Im half surprised Vince has any class and stood up for his wife instead of joining in.

  54. Wow why do you answer that question, sweet baby Jesus, dosent matter who’s wife he picked in the first place, but he picked the most dominating NT in the NFL.
    I see that VW’s wife is always at the games and they show her on TV occasionally, and she is genuinely in love with football too, that to me is awesome, my girlfriend loves it too, and conversation is never ever boring. Looks don’t last forever, but common bonds do .

  55. Man, I love your work Mike; but does this sort of story really have to be fostered on your site? I guess so. If not you, everyone else will. I suppose that it just reminds me too much of some of the stupid things I have said and done in my life. Therefore, maybe it is good that we all get a laugh out of it to help us avoid our own stupid mistakes before they impact the lives of others.

  56. To all you nerds out there who like to joke around one time too many with people you shouldnt let this be a lesson to because you could end up in the hospital

  57. Hey Teddy Boy…at least he still has a wife…you must be poppin’ the pills and shooting some booze chasers again.

  58. Well this just shows the character of one Ted Johnson. I hope the Vince beats the living $hit out of him and I think this moron needs to just keep his mouth shut. I just know that he deserves to beat down like the piece of $hit he is/acts like. its never a good idea to talk @hit about a woman how is married to a big, mean, and much stronger man then you but I am just saying.

  59. Sorry I’m late to the show because I have information I don’t see anywhere….

    I was listening live, and I am a frequent listener of the show. This is a little contest they do weekly, trying to get the best awkward question that the hosts have to either answer, embarassing themselves, or lose to the caller for not answering it. I think they call it “none of your business.”

    That said, Ted screwed up royally, and should have passed. No defense for him. This was clearly a “none of your business question,” but of course, Ted hates to lose.

    BUT – the station that egged this on should have censor standing by to step in and and use their delay button to stop something like this. And they should take responsibility for putting Ted in this situation on purpose. They haven’t. So here they are. Sports Radio 610, a CBS affiliate. This sensation was created intentionally by CBS. Great media, huh?

    Ted, you’re a dumbass. CBS, you are unethical. Bianca, you are a gem. Vince, don’t stop at Ted. Radio 610 in Houston and CBS – their address is easy to find.

  60. If Johnson thinks he suffered head injurys playing football, that will be a pat on the head if Vince ever gets his mitts on him. Look out Teddy! You stepped in it this time.

  61. LOL! Thank you Ted Johnson, Vince Wilfork, and Mike Florio! Looks like Johnson struck a nerve.

    Vince should know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… each to his own… every hog has a hogette..!

  62. In the Culture of Apology we’ve developed in this country, you’ve missed an important point. Some things rise far above the level of an apology. There is no apology strong enough to let this guy off the hook. When Wilfork whips his ass, that’s when eveyone will have done the right thing.

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