Bears sign Tom Zbikowski


Tom Zbikowski is heading home to Chicago.

Zbikowski, a free agent safety who was born and raised in the Chicago area, has agreed to a one-year contract with the Bears.

A 2008 third-round draft pick of the Ravens out of Notre Dame, Zbikowski played four seasons for the Ravens before following his old defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano to Indianapolis and signing with the Colts last year. Zbikowski was a starter for the first 11 games of last year in Indianapolis before his season was cut short by a knee injury.

Zbikowski will most likely back up Major Wright at strong safety in the Bears’ secondary.

16 responses to “Bears sign Tom Zbikowski

  1. Okay.

    I mean what else am I supposed to say? We just signed a backup safety to a 1 year minimum deal. Its the offseason; just business as usual

  2. As a Bears fan living in Baltimore, this is hilarious to me. Raven fans use to say that this guy was second best saftey in the league behind Ed Reed, now Zibby is on his 3rd team in 3 years. I’m sure this guy is the final piece of the puzzle!(sarcasm)

  3. @dfeltz

    Nakamura & Zbikowski were taken in the same draft for the Ravens. They are basically the same guy. An average safety. No one ever thought they were the second coming of Ed Reed.
    People just liked Zbikowski more because he was a boxer, has a fun name, went to Notre Dame and because Baltimore still has a decent amount of residents of Polish descent there.

  4. Hey half wits, he was signed as depth, not a starter, but with a opportunity to compete. Not every player signed is for difference makers.

  5. rextraordinaire says:Mar 23, 2013 3:35 PM


    I mean what else am I supposed to say? We just signed a backup safety to a 1 year minimum deal. Its the offseason; just business as usual

    How about nothing…..

  6. It was a nice punt returner at Notre Dame surprised he hasn’t done much in the NFL at that position. Probably too slow

  7. If hes ur backup and special teams player hes ok, he takes bad angles when he tackles and cànt cover either

  8. I hope Bears fans don’t expect anything from him…and I mean ANYTHING! As a Colts fan, let me warn you, he is awful, terrible, putrid!!! Most of the time this guy isn’t even in the same zip code as where the play is happening and he tackles like a 12 yr. old girl. I don’t know if he is concentrating on boxing or what, but if he is, I hope he hits harder boxing than he does in football. He’ll be unemployed this time next yr. again.

  9. Ed Greed? Is that a joke? Are we really going to act like anyone in that same position wouldn’t leave for more money. The team went young and stands no chance of winning. Plus they didn’t offer him what he thought he was worth. Nothing wrong with that.

  10. Obviously you don’t watch the Bears because Chris Conte, while decent in coverage is a terrible tackler as well. In fact, Conte and Zbikowski graded out the same overall, Conte graded better in coverage, and Zbikowski graded better in the run. Furthermore, I don’t think the Bears are grabbing him to be an instant starter, but they are grabbing him for special teams, competition for Wright and Conte, and depth. I bet he will be a great compliment to our team.

  11. He’s getting paid the veteran’s minimum. How can that possibly fly over peoples’ heads? Solid signing on the dirt cheap.

  12. back up players because the Bears are thin at safety. this guy will have to prove him self or he wont make the team. he has a contract but he still has to make the final roster

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