Bengals bringing back Brandon Tate

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The Bengals and wide receiver /kick returner Brandon Tate have come to terms on a one-year contract, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Saturday.

The move appears to be the latest in a series the Bengals have made to keep the core of their special teams together. The Bengals have re-signed punter Kevin Huber and placekicker Mike Nugent and have agreed to bring back cornerback /punt returner Adam Jones.

The 25-year-old Tate returned 32 kickoffs for 795 yards (24.8 yards per return) in 2012. He appeared in all 16 games and made three starts at wideout, catching 13 passes for 211 yards and one touchdown.

Tate was a third-round pick of the Patriots in 2009 (No. 83). He has played the last two seasons with the Bengals, joining Cincinnati not long before the 2011 regular-season opener.

The Bengals have largely focused on bringing back their own players in 2013, and as a general rule, they have primarily taken a build-from-within approach in constructing their roster. That said, the Bengals have had a nice eye for adding talented players who didn’t quite work out elsewhere, and Tate has been a solid contributor for them.

17 responses to “Bengals bringing back Brandon Tate

  1. All they need now is A. Smith and T. Newman and they are ready to make a run at the division.

  2. Tate sucks…they wanted to upgrade the KR position with Ted Ginn but when he signed wherever the hell he signed, they decided to bring Tate back.

    If they get a chance, they’ll upgrade there through the draft and cut Tate after training camp. I doubt there’s much guaranteed money.

  3. As a talent – he’s not bad – he just makes some of the dumbest decisions – like fielding punts on the 2 yard line. I would have rather be rid of him….

  4. What a stupid move. This “we’re keeping our own guys” gig is getting old. Other teams are successful in getting FA’s. It’s all about talent SCOUTING. Something the Bengals lack. They have the smallest and most inexperienced talent scouting department in the league. It’s full of Brown family members. No wonder they don’t want to go after FA’s because they can’t rely on their “scouts” to give them the info they need.

  5. Whether they’re good (Michael Johnson and Pacman) or bad Maualuga and Tate), the Bengals are serious about bringing everyone back. I just wish they’d cut Jason Allen and Jamal Anderson and use that money on players that are actually good.

  6. *Next we gotta resign Jason Allen and Jeff Faine!!!

    Bengal fans know I’m being sarcastic…right?!!

  7. brandon tate is consistantly average – he will catch the ball and doesn’t fumble but he isn’t a threat to break one either

  8. I guess next season Mark Sanchez will have to find a different teammate to run into his ass and fumble.

  9. I’m sticking with my support of Coach Lewis & Co. Playoffs two years in a row is a good enough reason for me to ride with this crew.

  10. They were ranked the #1 overall special teams unit in the league last year by a 10 indicator method. It was a large part of them making the playoffs. Studies show that teams that win the field position battle win the game the majority of the time. I think this is important. And they have kept the core of their STs units together for very little money. It’s just good management of the teams resources. THey wanted another RB to go with BJGE, but this wasn’t a banner year for free agent backs. And reports that they wanted a speedster is false. Marvin Lewis has stated more than once they want a back like BJGE, but with a little more speed and elusiveness. But he feels bringing a scat back is just not going to work. And if you notice no team in the AFC North uses scat backs. He wants a runner that can go in between the tackles and outside to go with BJGE’s inside, short yardage, and goalline skills. But there just wasn’t one available.

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