Bills still not being coy about their quest for a quarterback

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There are two types of teams in the NFL:  teams that have a franchise quarterback, and teams that are trying to find a franchise quarterback.

Not long ago, the Bills believed they were in the first category.  They now know they aren’t, so they’re hoping to find one in the draft.

And instead of acting like they don’t want what everyone knows they need, the Bills have opted for transparency, announcing on their official Twitter feed that they’ll be working out Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel on Saturday.  On Friday, the Bills acknowledged a private workout with West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

The unknown for Buffalo is the quarterback they covet.  The link between new head coach Doug Marrone and his former starter at Syracuse, Ryan Nassib, is obvious.  Which could be why the Bills are trying to make us all think that they want someone else.

Nassib and Manuel have become wild cards in this year’s quarterback class.  Mike Mayock of NFL Network recently moved Manuel to No. 2 on Mayock’s list of quarterbacks, and Greg Cosell of NFL Films has placed Nassib at No. 1.

Regardless, the Bills’ ultimately objective is to ensure that Tarvaris Jackson isn’t No. 1 on the depth chart for very much longer.

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  1. The Bills should just use their first 3 picks in every draft to pick QB’s until they get one worth keeping.

    They will get their QB of the future much quicker this way, and while this would kill depth elsewhere on their roster, its not like they are going to be competing anytime soon.

  2. Being Pick #8 gives you a lot of options. The front office shouldn’t use this pick on a QB . . . especially on Geno Smith.

    He’s good, but he’s not like the QBs we have seen in the past — he is a product of a system. Either trade down or pick up a QB in the later rounds.

  3. I’m not a Bills fan, but I feel like a return to greatness from the Jim Kelly days would be nice. The current class of quarterbacks, no matter how bad they are rated, by the media or teams, are going to generate interest if there is nowhere else to at least have a shot at signing one. A down year for quarterbacks doesn’t mean the teams can forfeit the whole year.

  4. T.J Grahm over Russel Wilson… That will be the Buddy Nix legacy in Buffalo. The QB class this year is just not that impressive… I hope I am wrong. I know we’re taking a QB in the first, it’s either Smith,Barkley or Nassib… I hope the guys at 1 Bills drive know something about these guys that were all missing. But being a long time Bills fan(over 30 years) it’s hard to have a lot of optimism.

  5. Franchise uarterback is an over used term. There are not more than 6 in the league if that. A number 1 QB is not a “franchise QB” he is a starter. A “franchise QB” WINS Super Bowls and has their team in the playoffs on a consistent basis….Brady, Manning, Manning etc.

  6. While everybody seems to be buying into the hype about how it’s a quarterback driven league, and how you’re nowhere without an elite QB, it’s worth noting that four of the last six Super Bowls were won by teams with quarterbacks that fall into the category of “above-average starter”.

    It’s still a team game. The other 21 guys on the field have a lot to do with whether a particular QB ends up looking better or worse.

  7. I think debate between Ryan Nassib and Geno Smith is laughable! Ryan Nassib shouldn’t even be in the conversation. If Geno Smith is available at 8, which is a big if, its a no brainer! Ryan Nassib is a day 3 prospect.

  8. Why would you waste a pick on Geno Smith? 1700 of his yards come from YAC. 1100 of them came from Austin. 45% of his passes traveled less than 5 yards so Geno is definitely a “screen artist.”

  9. Yeah sure, like anyone ever knew that Russell Wilson was going to be decent. Lets see another year from him and Kapernick before we start sucking

  10. Looks like the Ravens will be opening the season in Buffalo on Thursday night September 5th.
    I sure the whole country can’t wait to see the SHELL of a Raven team. That’s just the way we like it. What these trolls don’t realize is that Ozzie wanted to dump these old farts that couldn’t run or cover Jay Leno in pass coverage ever since the season ended.

    Remember the AGING DEFENSE. They are all gone. Well all it did was win a Superbowl and now we are just RELOADING with lots of youth and blazing speed on defense…..AND have 12 draft picks in a VERY VERY DEEP draft in the middle rounds where Ozzie just DESTROYS the 31 other personnel departments.

  11. Go for another Arkansas QB–Tyler Wilson….Joe Ferguson was a good QB for the Bills years ago..

  12. The Bills should take Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson or North Carolina OG Jonathan Cooper with their 1st round pick then trade their 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th round pick to the Texans for the 27th pick in the 1st round. Then the Bills can select Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib.
    This would allow the Bills to improve the offensive line plus get a QB on a 5 year contract.

  13. They should be able to pick up Geno Smith in the third. That’s because he should be there. That is where his skills should put him. But alas, some team will disregard all logic and overdraft him. One thing is for sure. If whoever drafts him starts him in the season opener it could ruin his career.

  14. I am pretty sure the Bills are cued in on QB Ryan Nassib from Syracuse. Working out different Quarterbacks is just part of the smokescreen process. Marrone knows everything about Nassib, his positives, negatives, what he needs to improve on and what makes him tick. Having a full report card makes the choice that much easier. Also, wouldn’t be surprised to see them reach for him, just to make sure they have their Franchise QB locked up.

  15. There were 73, 74 picks between RGIII and Wilson and not one could guarantee that he would be as successful has he’s been. Quit wring your hands and move on.

  16. @nookers
    It’s not about knowing Wilson would be decent. It’s the fact that instead of taking a chance on Wilson the Bills drafted Grahm. A speed receiver with bad hands.

  17. I’m not to sure any QB’s from this draft are the answer for any NFL’s team QB situation. No QB in college this previous year stuck out and displayed enough talent to justify a 1st round pick in my opinion. Other than Jonny Manziel that is……

  18. QBs can’t win on their own. Panic and draft a sub-standard QB with an early pick and you just ensure that you stay on the treadmill at least another year. They aren’t winning any Super Bowls in 2014, so shore up the lines or get a linebacker and draft QB next year. Mediocre QB with mediocre support means more years out of the playoffs. Plus, if you play in Buffalo, you have to have a cannon for an arm.

    The Bills spend far to many picks hoping for a home run instead of building with a plan.

  19. Take Cordarrelle Patterson at 8, trade 41 and a 2014 first rounder to St. Louis for 22 and take whatever non-Geno qb you want. Brand new offense just like that

  20. I want to know why they didn’t take Ryan Mallett in the third round in 2011. Because of Fitz? I honestly don’t understand why they just don’t seem to get it. It’s like they’re trying to stay blech.

  21. They already have Brad Smith, use him at his real position of QB rather than receiver/special teams.

  22. This is perfect for Oakland to trade down and get picks while the Bills reach on Smith.I already see McKenzie trying to work teams maybe Buffalo will take the bait.

  23. Trade with Jacksonville already and take the guy you want before the Raiders and Cardinals do. Don’t sit there hoping your guy falls to #8.

    Jax is taking Geno, then the Raiders are taking Barkley and the Cards are stuck with Manuel. It’s way too early for Nassib so what do you do, hope he falls to the 2nd round?

    Trade up and take your guy, you’re a QB away from being a playoff team, IMO.

  24. The Bills defense allowed 435 points last season, yet they are a quarterback away from being a playoff contender?
    That’s a good one.

  25. Buffalo doesn’t need a smoke screen for Nassib. The qbs will be geno, Barkley and ej. Unless they’re trying to show the teams above them that they don’t want geno they’re wasting their time. Just trade w my chiefs and get the best qb, even though he’s not even ready to start.

  26. Who do the Bills think they’re fooling? Everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY – knows that they’re picking up Nassib. Buddy Nix is about as sly as a fox with six cowbells around it’s neck.

  27. want to know why they didn’t take Ryan Mallett in the third round in 2011. Because of Fitz? I honestly don’t understand why they just don’t seem to get it. It’s like they’re trying to stay blech.

    *** for the same reason no body has traded a pick to NE for Mallett yet… I know the Bills have made some retarded decisions for qb but how can you criticize them for not taking Mallett

  28. claymus1 says:
    Mar 23, 2013 6:12 PM
    “Matt Flynn is available….. for your first round pick?? Better than what’s available in the draft this year!”

    I hope you’re joking. Alex Smith went to the Chiefs for a second round pick, possibly a little more with the conditional pick in 2014; combined, it will not equal the value of Buffalo’s pick of number 8 in the draft. Right now, Alex Smith is better than Matt Flynn; so, the Seahawks should not get as much or more than the 49ers got for Smith.

  29. MyTeamsAllStink says:
    Mar 23, 2013 8:03 PM
    “This is perfect for Oakland to trade down and get picks while the Bills reach on Smith.I already see McKenzie trying to work teams maybe Buffalo will take the bait.”

    Wishful thinking on your part. The Bills have only traded up in the first round once since 1995; it wasn’t so much as trading up with their own pick to get a higher pick, as it was stupidly trading back into the first round in 2004 to draft JP Losman. Nix seems too reluctant to do anything thing besides stay where he slotted with his picks since he’s been in charge here. With this years mediocre QB class, that is probably a good thing for the Bills.

  30. Draft atleast two qb’s Bills (maybe rnd 1 and 3 so youcan take a WR rnd 2). Maybe atleast if you get one that works out, you can actually keep the drafted guy for longer then the rookie contract!

    I’ve noticed a small trend in Buffalo, when a drafted player is due what he has earned during rookie contract, nine times out of ten he gets cut lose/signs elsewhere or traded for peanuts. Bah whatever.

  31. ozymandias121 says:
    Mar 23, 2013 4:37 PM
    Why would you waste a pick on Geno Smith? 1700 of his yards come from YAC. 1100 of them came from Austin. 45% of his passes traveled less than 5 yards so Geno is definitely a “screen artist.”


    Congratulations, you just described Tom Brady.

  32. First of all who cares if everyone knows they need a QB. We knew that before they cut Fitzpatrick. Arizona obviously needs a QB too. So does the Jets, Jags, Raiders, and Browns. They all have QBs equivalent to Tevaris Jackson. So Buffalo is visiting every college QB and scheduling private workouts with them. Good! That’s what I want my team to do. If they find one they like a lot, get him in the first round. If you REALLY like him jump up and get him.

  33. “I’m not a Bills fan, but I feel like a return to greatness from the Jim Kelly days would be nice”

    First off, Greatness is reserved for those winning Titles. Last I checked, the jills have none.
    They were a good team for that stretch but “great”…. now that’s a stretch.

    They should focus on getting into 3rd place over the jets. Baby steps

  34. The mere fact that they have T-Jack on their roster is proof positive that they don’t have a QB. The guy sucked coming out of college, sucked worse playing for the Vikings, and then digressed from there when he played for the Seahawks.

    I can’t think of a player than has lasted so long in the NFL on such little talent. Same thing could be said for Childress on a coaching level.

  35. I’m confident that Tarvaris will be just what the Bills hoped for. He weathered the storm of an inexperienced line in Seattle and still posted a winning record down the second half of the season in 2011 while playing with a torn labrum. He also held the Vikings ship together as they made the playoffs in 2009. Just give him some weapons and protection, draft a QB to season underneath him and the Bills will be in good shape.

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