Brandon Moore visiting Cowboys, Lions

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After leaving a visit with the Dolphins without a contract, free agent offensive lineman Brandon Moore has lined up a couple more visits.

Moore will visit the Cowboys and the Lions, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.

Although Moore is best known for being one half of Mark Sanchez’s infamous “Buttfumble,” he could be a strong addition to some team’s offensive line. Moore has been a dependable player since becoming a starter for the Jets in 2004, starting 137 straight games since then — the longest such streak for any offensive lineman in the NFL. Moore has been a Pro Bowler, a team captain and a recipient of the Jets’ Ed Block Courage Award.

In addition to the Cowboys, Lions and Dolphins, the Bears are believed to be interested in signing Moore.

20 responses to “Brandon Moore visiting Cowboys, Lions

  1. Moore graded our in 2004 as the 4th best guard in the NFL last year according to PFF and he was ranked as the top FA available this year,

    His loss will be a huge loss to the Jets. Not only does he play at a high level, but he is regarded as a leader and high character guy and he always shows up,

  2. A key fact that many people ignore while joking about Sanchez and the Buttfumble was that Vince Wilfork pushed Moore very strongly towards Sanchez.

  3. The Dolphins are doing alot of window shopping but they just aren’t buying anymore.My guess is they’re waiting for the price to come down.

  4. I actually just told a few people that Dallas needed to kick the tires on Brandon Moore b/c their OL needs help! Not a Cowboy fan though, GO EAGLES!!

  5. “A key fact that many people ignore while joking about Sanchez and the Buttfumble was that Vince Wilfork pushed Moore very strongly towards Sanchez.”

    Actually, Wilfork didn’t. Moore was pushed back maybe half a yard, but the TV announcers acted like Wilfork had thrown Moore back 4 yards into Sanchez.

    The real problem was that Sanchez slid right into Moore because he mis-judged how close Moore was.

  6. We’ll definately miss him. Solid O-Lineman. Good pass protector. Not that it mattered with Sanchez in there….

    He’ll be a plus for any team that signs him.

  7. The Cowboys need a guard to say the least but Jerry has salary cap issues making it tough to sign a free agent.

    Moore has a very impressive resume but he has been in the NFL for 10 years. He probably has a couple good years left so if the price is right, then it may be a decent more for Dallas.

  8. What can the Cowboys offer?
    They have no caproom and have already restructured pretty much everybody but Romo.

  9. This guy has been available all along? The Cowboys should have cut free day 1 anyway. This guy can be signed, probably for cheaper than worthless Free and open up cap space as well as upgrade at the same time. Extend Romo to add more space since they want him as QB anyway. I wish Jerry would stop overspending for some of those players and we wouldn’t have this problem.

  10. germanstingray says: Mar 23, 2013 6:08 PM

    He’s not been able to get the stench off his rear since Sanchez did that to him.

    Who’d know better than you?

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