Cardinals’ quarterback smokescreen continues


As Gantt pointed out earlier this week, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had a not-so-glowing assessment of this year’s crop of rookie quarterbacks at the league meetings.

“The guys that were in the Combine last year, all of them when they left the room, you went, ‘Wow,'” Bruce Arians said.  “No one in this draft made me go, ‘Wow.’

It’s an odd comment in light of the rampant stream of reports from four weeks ago, when the Cardinals supposedly had been blown away by USC quarterback Matt Barkley at the Scouting Combine.  Plenty of reporters gleefully swallowed the hook on that one, without even contemplating the possibility that the Cards were trying to make other teams think that they want Barkley when in reality they want another rookie quarterback — or perhaps none of them.

We won’t know how the Cardinals really feel about the likes of Barkley, Geno Smith, or anyone else unless and until those players are on the board when the Cardinals are on the clock.  Until then, the Cardinals will be trying to blow enough smoke to obscure their intentions.

No amount of smoke, however, can hide the team’s current depth chart at the position.  Which could mean that the Cardinals want Smith, and that they want everyone else to believe that they want Barkley or no one.

Or maybe the Cardinals want to continue to struggle at the position.

44 responses to “Cardinals’ quarterback smokescreen continues

  1. BA knows what he wants. He’s simply not going to tell the other 31 teams their plans. Pretty simple.

    As a Cardinal fan for 40 plus years, they certainly need to draft a QB. I doubt however that QB will come with the 7th pick.

  2. A few years ago Del Rio and Nolan wore suits on the sideline.

    I would be a huge Arians fan if he rocked that outfit. I know the rules won’t let him…

    Maybe he can rock that hat though.

  3. Arians doesn’t have time to wait to build a winner there with Drew Stanton as his QB. That division is way to competitive. He needs a franchise QB and now! Pick one.

    If he doesn’t there will be another new coach there in 3 years.

  4. Quarterbacks are drafted high no matter what, so the fact that he may evaluate Smith or Barkley as a 20-25 pick doesn’t mean jack, look at Ponder, Locker, Gabbert, and Tannehill. Those guys shouldn’t have been drafted where they were, but they had to be or else another team was going to take them with a high pick.

    The reality is if you want Smith or Barkley you’ll have to take them high, it sucks, but you have to, because the trends show that mediocre QBs are drafted much higher than they should be.

  5. EVERY team in the NFC West doesn’t have to be good. Every division should have at least one patsy to help the others to have better Division Win records. Ya had Warner, and then ya got Kolb, a second cousin to a train wreck if there ever was one, and then Skelton or Skittles, or something like that. What’d he do for you? Do the folks in the desert have a clue as to what they’re doing? Sure don’t seem like it.

  6. or maybe unlike a certain internet hack Arians knows what he is talking about and does not want to waste a high pick on a qb that may or may not work out. he has worked with enough qb’s to know if stanton is his guy for right now.

  7. Drew Stanton is a downgrade from Kevin Kolb, who was actually solid when healthy last season.

    It’s going to be another long year for poor Larry Fitzgerald.

    And seriously, where did this bizarre fixation with Brian Hoyer come from? The guy wasn’t even that good in college. His arm is average at best, if that.

  8. For a good laugh look at Bruce Arians’ comments on Drew Stanton and then look at Drew Stanton’s career stats. Plus the fact that he hasn’t played since 2010. Laughable.

  9. Geno Smith can play ball. It’s an otherwise underwhelming QB group, but he can play. Not his fault that WVU defense couldn’t stop a lick.

    Tyler Wilson can play too. The guy was stuck in a nightmare situation last season, but he’s got the arm to succeed in the big leagues.

    Barkley lacks NFL caliber arm strength. Glennon can rifle it but is a mess otherwise.

  10. Seems like most sports “reporting” these days is someone in the media taking whatever guess or opinion they have and reporting it as a “story”, followed by other mediots picking it up like its fact.

  11. I am not saying I wouldn’t draft Barkley if I was Arizona, but I would take triple-takes at any USC QB. What I find interesting is how silent Carroll has been on Barkley – no rave reviews etc.

    I would make sure to do all my homework on Barkley. After all, when was the last time a USC was rated in proportion to their ability?

    Stats and math don’t lie. Agents for young wannabe rich football players do.

  12. Look at Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady 2 of the best QBs in the NFL and both weren’t top 20 picks.

  13. Oh? So, you are guaranteeing the Cards will cease to struggle at QB if they draft Smith, Barkley or one of the other QBs in this year’s draft?

    Listen, just because you have a 1st rnd pick and you need a QB, that doesnt mean you take a QB in the first rnd. Ponder, Locker, Gabbert. Vs. Wilson and Kaepernick.

  14. Cards need a QB. Forcing a pick at #7 likely won’t work and will commit the team to several years of trying to make it work. Examples include Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and perhaps Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder. The time commitment to a highly drafted QB is more important than the $$$$ invested. Better to improve the team in areas where the draft class is strong, and the Cards have a talent deficit in many areas.

  15. Bruce Arians obviously did a great job as interim coach of the Colts last year, but the guy is getting his first shot as a head coach at age 60. He’s obviously not the second coming of Bill Walsh.

    I think he needs to show a little more before people need to care about anything he says, and what ulterior motives he may have.

  16. When it comes to the Cards I trust the local beat guys over the national media anyday. Just like everyone was so sure the cards would draft Gabbert, but we all knew it would be Peterson. Now they say the Cards will go Oline or pass rusher with the first pick and I believe it.

  17. Im a Colts fan, didnt see Stanton except in preseason, which dosent say much, but he looked fine out there. Kolb and Skelton looked plain confused out there last year, Stanton at least looked like he knew what he was doing. Not saying he’ll be a def starter, but Bruce wouldnt have brought him over from Indy if he thought he was just a bum.

  18. Or the Cardinals really do not like this years QB crop. Its not hard to fault them if that is the case. None of these guys seem worthy of a first round pick.

    This is just one of those years where there is no silver lining on having a very bad record.

  19. From what I gather if this years Barkley was in last years draft he would go high in the second round(probably after Kapernik).

    And Smith would go next in the second round.

    Of course I have just watched a few games and read analysis of the combine so I would be a poor choice to pick a teams QB.

  20. The Cards should take CMU OT Eric Fisher with their 1st round pick and trade their 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th round pick to Houston for the 27th pick so they can select NC State QB Mike Glennon. Then the Cards can sign Glennon to a 5 year deal plus improve the OL.

  21. Poor Fitz. Could you imagine the numbers he’d put up with a decent QB? One of the best examples that stats don’t tell the whole story

  22. dolphins4 says:Mar 23, 2013 3:56 PM

    Look at Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady 2 of the best QBs in the NFL and both weren’t top 20 picks.

    You can add Drew Brees to your list. 2nd round.

  23. (1) Bruce got this job because of his year with the Colts, however, as a Colt’s fan, I don’t think he had that much to do with their surprise success. It was more due to Pagano’s illness and being the under-dog for the first time in recent memory. And even then, it was close wins mostly.

    (2) There is no way this man honestly believes Drew friggin’ Stanton can take them anywhere. It’s a smoke screen and if it isn’t, he will be gone by the 2nd year. Maybe the third, provided he drafts a QB next year.

    (3) The hat is rockin’, but he’s trying a tad to hard to be a “face” for the franchise.

  24. Look at Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady 2 of the best QBs in the NFL and both weren’t top 20 picks

    Those guys immediately stepped into playing for great teams. That helped them immensely.

    I’m convinced there are guys with great potential that get drafted by horrible teams with mediocre coaching, get the snot beat out of them for a couple years, and after that can never rise to the top.

  25. Wow…
    That’s the exact, same word I used from 2008 to 2011 to describe Arians’ putrid offenses in Pittsburgh.

    The Wizard:
    I’m not so sure either Rodgers or Brady immediately landed with “great” teams. The Patriots were awful before Brady took over for Bledsoe, and Rodgers only replaced the most popular player in Packers history. No pressure there, huh?
    ANY rookie quarterback can enjoy success without having to throw 40 TD passes if he’s drafted by a team that has great coaching, a great defense and a solid running game.

  26. Brady’s team won it all his first year starting.

    Rodgers his third year starting.

    They were great teams.

  27. Cards will take a qb but not on the first round. They either will go Fisher or Warmack on Rd 1 and qb on Rd 2 perhaps Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon.

  28. I’m guessing if Geno is still there at 7 AZ may ask themselves why did the other 6 teams not take him? Those six teams had all this time to evaluate by multiple scouts on all the teams and pass. I hope AZ just realizes they don’t have to go from 5-11 to 11-5 in one year. That would be a miracle seeing how its new schemes new players at some positions new coaches new play books. Wether they take a QB this draft or not that better not mean next year when there are some boss QB’s coming out they pass cause they picked a QB this draft. That’s crazy. Of course Ariands is gonna say he is comfortable with Stanton but has repedely if you listen to him say. If no one else is added then Drew will do. Geno won’t be there at 7 IMO so I doubt with the quality of the other QB’s AZ won’t reach that high for a QB. I see Warmack in our future and possibly Worford in 2nd round then a safety. If AZ doesn’t make the playoff they would likely be in the top ten again next years draft then they can trade 3 or 4 picks to move up and get Bridgwater, Boyd, Thomas. That would be a game changer for Arians and Keim. OL,OLB, FS, TE, CB, RB draft these positions this draft QB next draft.

  29. Watch, Arizona will try to snatch up Ryan Nassib before Buffalo can lay down their claim. I think more and more teams are seeing the Syracuse product as much more than an average QB, as he was rated a couple of months ago. Everyone is throwing up their best smokescreen’s, hoping to distract possible suitors from taking their sleeper pick. Yes, Nassib is a sleeper. Everyone will see so in the very near future.

  30. The 2001 Patriots got off to an 0-2 start with Bledsoe, then improved to 5-5 with Brady enroute to the Super Bowl. That’s hardly immediate greatness.
    Taking three years to reach a Super Bowl, once again, is hardly immediate greatness. In fact, Both Brady and Rodgers are still being asked to compensate for their respective teams horrendous defenses. But that’s what elite quarterbacks of elite offenses do.

  31. I’m so tired of all the folks that feel so bad for Larry. He made the choice to be here and has been rewarded handsomely. I think it sucks that he won’t get a ring here in Arizona, but there are other hall of fame players that didn’t as well. He made his nest, now he has to sleep in it.

  32. For all the Stanton doubters its ok cause if you all are correct Arians And Keim will be setting them selves up for a high draft pick next season when half the league will be drooling over the QB’s in the first round. All the Free Larry fans check it out Larry chose to stay in AZ if he was so big on playing for a ring he could have jumped ship and went wherever he wanted to. FYI he stayed where he wanted to period. Bridgewater to Fitz 2014 baby it’s coming.

  33. I believe they will pass on a QB this year for a few reasons: #1 they drafted a 1st rd qb, paid him big $$ and he busted out! #2 they traded a starting cb, 2nd rd pick for a QB. Paid him big $$ and he busted out! #3 In 2011, every media goof said they would be crazy if they didn’t draft Blaine Gabbert….they didn’t thankfully. If there were a solid QB to be had…I’m sure they’d pull the trigger, but there isn’t, so they will pass. Use Stanton as a stop gap, draft one next year.

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