Chip Kelly: “We don’t run some magical offense”


If anyone thinks new Eagles coach Chip Kelly is going to revolutionize the game of football by implementing an offense the likes of which the NFL has seen before, Kelly has some disappointing words.

We don’t run some magical offense or defense,” Kelly said, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “You’re talking about the best coaches in the world at this level. They see everything that we’ve done at the college level, and everything we’ll do, they’ve seen before.”

In fact, Kelly said that not only is the spread offense that he ran at Oregon — aspects of which caught on in places like Washington, San Francisco and Seattle last year — not new, but it’s actually as old as the game of football itself.

“I don’t think anybody’s inventing anything new,” Kelly said. “It’s a very cyclical game. A lot of things that are being done with the Wildcat formation was the single-wing formation run way back when. Dick Kazmaier won the Heisman Trophy at Princeton [in 1951] running the single-wing offense. He would have been a good zone-read quarterback.”

Kelly said he’s less married to his schemes than most people would think, and more like Broncos coach John Fox, who showed over the last two years that he could dramatically change his team’s offense depending on the personnel.

“If you’ve got a good coaching staff, that’s what you do,” he said. “The best example in the NFL is John Fox. A year ago, he had Tim Tebow and went to the playoffs. Now, he has Peyton Manning and runs an entirely different offense, and went to the playoffs. When you’re good, you adapt to who you have.”

And from what Kelly says, he’s ready to adapt to the NFL, rather than thinking NFL defenses will have to adapt to him.

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  1. New offenses take teams by suprise all the time in the NFL..wildcat..pistol..i cant wait to see what Chip can do with this group..the division is up for grabs

  2. Chip is like a breath of fresh air here in Philly. He is such a student of the game, and has no problem telling what he is thinking. Such a nice change from Andy “we’re fine there” Reid.

  3. That thought process is great and all Chip but that’s not why you were brought to the NFL. You were hired to bring your offensive game plan to the NFL, and that’s the expectation with the fan base.

  4. Okay; Lowering expectations……..That’s step one; This guy may be around for awhile………

  5. What a breath of fresh air. Exactly what Eagles fans have wanted for a few years. Being humble enough to know that you have to adapt to the NFL not the NFL to you.

  6. Yet people will still say “his offense won’t work” without knowing what his offense is going to be. He’s been saying this since he was hired and I think we’ll see much less of the Oregon offense than people think. I wouldn’t even be shocked if Foles is the starter week 1.

  7. Can’t tell if that’s a bigger shot at Tebow, or the Jets’ organization.

    Either way, I like it. Its hard to root for any team based in the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Philadelphia, but for now, Kelly gets my nod.

  8. This guy already impresses me. Remember Jim Mora Jr. forcing Michael Vick into the west coast offense? Or even better, Jerry Burns and Bob Schnelker not adapting their offense to Herschel Walker after giving up the Viking’s future for him? So many coaches have their stupid “system” and won’t adapt it to the personnel they have.

  9. Chip Kelly’s offensive monster Machine Tour 2013 is set to embark on a magical journey. 1 that will exploit every weakness observed in glorious fashion. Chip need not be so modest and yet so cunning. Thrse are wolf in sheep clothing words. Behold the power of Chips brilliant mind. You will all fall at his hands in crushing defeat. and there’s simply nothing you can do about it

  10. Lower expectations? Check!

    Have a terrible QB roster in a year with a terrible draft, so you can have excuse to lose? Check!

    Yep, the Chip Kelly Eagles are in full swing for the 2014 season.

  11. Oh and Chip Kelly is a douche. He kept playing these teams until he had to jump ship due to NCAA sanctions pretty soon. He left to avoid humiliation, after humiliating and playing with these GM’s and owners.

  12. John Fox is as clueless about this pasts years offense as the one before. I often wonder if he knows where hes at on sundays during games.

  13. If I was an Eagles fan, I’d be very excited about this guy. I think this is def the right way to approach things. Andy Reid will prob never get enough credit for being a great coach, but after however many years, it was time for a change. Wish he didn’t stiff arm the Bucs at the last minute this time last year…

  14. Year after year, Eaglefan lives in Fantasyland. If you you geniuses think Kelly has some magical football wizardry the NFL has never seen (even though he’s won exactly nothing at the college level), you’re in for yet another disappointing season.

  15. He should bring out a formation with 9 o-linemen, Vick and Shady and then maybe he’ll have a chance at keeping no.7 on the field longer than 3 or 4 games.

  16. Who thought he did run a magical offense? Not me. I mean, why would anyone think he is going have such great success in the League? What did he ever win in College?

  17. Saying that parts of Chip Kelly’s Oregon offense caught on in “Washington, San Francisco and Seattle” is kind of weird because it seems to misidentify what Oregon did under Kelly and suggest that the real unique element of the offense was having an athletic black QB. The Kelly offense wasn’t any more focused on the QB running than a lot of college offenses. What made the Oregon system unique was the pace at which it was executed.

    The truly revolutionary thing about the offense was the play-calling system and the frenetic pace that allowed them to play with. Using elements of the read/option was really pretty typical in the college game. I don’t think Kelly’s brilliance as an innovator is really in any way related to his abilities as a play caller or designer of plays. It is really about his philosophical approach and the way he implements his system.

    And considering that it is the pace and the play-calling system that made Oregon different and difficult to stop really makes the Patriots the team that implemented Oregon/Kelly elements into their system more than any other team. The Patriots so transitioned to an “up-tempo” system, and that system was so effective, that opposing defensive players complained that they were using unfair tactics. What Washington, Seattle and SF did (and Carolina and Denver in 2011) was implement some college-style plays into their systems, but those elements weren’t really Oregon/Kelly elements.

  18. Chip is already back pedaling and we haven’t even had the draft yet. Not a good sign for the eagle homers that get on PFT boasting about the incredible, magical, offensive show coming to Philly in 2013.

    Way to keep it real chip and throw a wet blanket on the fan base. When I say what you just said, I get attacked.

    (OK cue up the haters with “you’re just tryin’ to convince yourself” blah blah blah.)

  19. It’s funny how the best in the league (i.e. Belichick, Kelly) are also the most humble, while the worst coaches in the league (i.e. Rex Ryan) are always the loudest and most egotistical.

  20. Belichick humble? HA HA! Worst places to coach or play QB? New York and Philly!

  21. The truly great ones never realize the magic they make. It comes so naturally to them it feels simple.

  22. I like his comments, very encouraging, we are still a year or several away but this sounds like the kind of philosophy we need.

  23. @bradwins

    Wow, actual football knowledge from a commenter in this blog. Surprising.

    People get enamored with labeling systems (and they usually like to label it a failure in advance). But as you pointed out, the most important part of Kelly’s system is the pace, and not so much one particular play. Think it will fail? Well the Pats use a similar pace as the Ducks did under Kelly, to the tune of 35 points a game. Kelly will succeed if the team buys into his pace and if he can find a decent QB.

    The read-option is a play where the QB reads the dline and makes a decision to hand off or keep, just like a passing play where he reads the secondary. Not a gimmick.

    The pistol is a FORMATION, just like iForm, or 2TE set or shotgun. You can run your entire offense through it.

    College offenses may seem unconventional or odd in the pros, but when ran with the right personnel and good coaching, theyll work fine.

  24. The Eagle FO will give Kelly the time, players, and support to succeed at this level. They don’t run a dog and pony show like 75% of NFL teams.

  25. Chip is all about scheme. He would honestly be the perfect offensive coordinator with the Patriots and how Brady operates the offense. Watching his offenses in Oregon, it was all about efficiency and fastpace. I’m a Cal Bears fan, but let’s not hate the guy just because he ran a gimmick offense in Oregon, because that’s the type of athlete you get in college. In my opinion, the logistics commercial really fit him. Again if I can compare the style of offense Chip probably likes to run, it’s a combo between Indy’s Peyton Manning w/ Tom Moore, and Tom Brady’s offense in recent years under Belichick and misc. OC. The unfortunately issue is he doesn’t have a QB like Brady or Manning.
    Chip likes to confuse defenses with scheme, unfortunately NFL defenses are so complex that his confusion might just confuse his own offense. His offensive style works almost the opposite in the pros. That offensive style thrived under a running athletic QB in college because college defenses aren’t that complex at all. He needs a high football IQ QB under center in the pros, which Philly does not have.

  26. That might all sound promising if he hadn’t resigned Michael Vick. Theres only so far you can go with a terrible QB, as Vick has proved year in and year out.

  27. okay, raise your hands if you think flavordave is really logicalvoicesays in a green jersey.

    Chip Kelly’s new offense will feature lasers, smoke and the likes. instead of running out of the tunnel he will have the mother ship beam the players onto the field for every home game.

    props to bradwins for recognizing the difference between the read option and what Kelly has done. and if Kelly thinks he can get a bunch of millionaires to run a play every twenty eight seconds, well he’s in for a surprise.

  28. @reasonableminded a little early to compare Kelly to Belicheck as one of the best in the league when he hasn’t coached one game let alone have 5 SB rings . That doesn’t sound that reasonable to me .

  29. If nothing else it seems pretty evident that most Birds fans can agree that it is indeed nice to have breath of fresh air. At least until we get stomach punched and get the wind knocked out of us once the season starts.

  30. eagles suck! and doesn’t he mean “we won’t run….” you haven’t “done” anything yet tard.

  31. Don’t you need talent to be successful though? Philly has none. If he has any pro success, it’ll be a few years before anyone considers this team a threat. Not being a troll. I’m just being honest. If he joined the Cards or Chiefs or Browns, nobody would be sitting here talking about the super bowl next year. It takes time.

  32. Chip is right. I am a Redskins fan. He is telling the truth. The spread option is nothing new.
    Football is football. He makes a whole lot more sense then Andy Reid did.

    I mean heck Reid would pass just to pass regardless of what players were blocking or runningback he had. I mean it was just painful at times to watch the Eagles during Reids era.

  33. Chip Kelly will be a fine coach. A humble approach from a talking standpoint. Trying to get peoples guards down. Then Bam they hit you. From a Redskins fan Id be more worried.

  34. Chip is a couple years late if anyone thinks he is going to have success bringing the college system to the pro game.

    Teams are already on top of stopping these spread option and run option offensive schemes.

    What works? The calssic passing attack that every team with extended greatness has used ever since the first ball was thrown. That is what will work and always work. No defense has found a way to stop a team with a good QB and good recievers.

    The option based O is a splash in the pan and will fade away after this season.

  35. Reid will have a better record than Chip. He has a nice situation in KC. Hate him but respect the talent on that team with a qb finally. Chip will look like a deer in the head lights when he finally gets t play with the big boys or should I say NFL men not NCAA youngsters. He should bring them to a 4-12 record until he gets his feet wet. Nice to be excited for the igles fans but he isnt NFL proven yet. Only Pete Carroll has done anything in the NFL after leaving the college ranks. Only because he had a solid squad to begin with. The Igles suck and will for a couple more years. They do play in the NFC Beast and he isnt god so the expectations are great but the truth is bigger than life itself. At least you finally got rid of Reid, his time was over years ago with Philly. After he does well with KC a lot of you igle fans will be pissed but should be glad he is gone.

  36. I don’t think this hire was based on any belief that the league is evolving to spread/zone read option/pistol offenses. The Eagle aren’t trying to get in on the ground floor of some new NFL where if you don’t have a rushing QB you will not be successful.
    Bottom line, the Eagles are hiring some one that they believe is a smart coach and able to be successful in the NFL. If he is a great NFL coach it will be reflected in the results. It won’t be because he couldn’t revolutionize the game.

  37. Theres too much disrespect on Chip Kelly. I expected 100% support at this point. It seems I must step it up a notch. You will bow down to the Chipper. And there nothing you can do about it.

  38. Year after year, Eaglefan lives in Fantasyland. If you you geniuses think Kelly has some magical football wizardry the NFL has never seen (even though he’s won exactly nothing at the college level), you’re in for yet another disappointing season.

    Tell me again how well Spurrier and Saban did at the pro level?

  39. Philly has enough talent on offense to compete. If the defense plays with an ounce of heart it will be better. Nick Foles is intelligent enough to run any scheme, it’s a matter of whether he’s good enough, we’ll find out. The division IS up for grabs. RG3 being hurt puts doubt in the skins hopes. Nyg is going through a transition on both sides of the ball, they’ll have to find new playmakers, and Dallas, well, they’re still Dallas. So to think that Philly can’t climb back in this thing quickly is short sighted.I know it’s fun to hate Philly, but keep it real, There’s no juggernaut to fear in the east.Players will buy in cause if they don’t they’ll jobless. The read option is a PLAY, not an offense, and we can survive if Foles or Geno, or whoever can’t run it effectively.

  40. I don’t care. What kind off offense. As long as Chip don’t pass like he crazy. Like Andy Reid.Mccoy should be the mmmfocas

  41. We will see which way the Chips fall. I mean that literally. Some experts think its a “get your QB killed offense”.

  42. I like just about every move and comment Chip has stated thus far… I just would hope his QB roster is totally different when during the mini camps and training camp at the latest…
    If Vick is QB then this team will still have some of the stink left on it from last year… I hope the plan is not to be at the top of next years draft…

  43. I am a life long Eagles fan and I have a bad feeling about this Chip Kelly experiment. He keeps claiming that he will adapt his scheme to the team, but he is switching a 4-3 roster to a 3-4 scheme and added Dennis Dixon for his offense. Proving he is lying when he claims he is going to adapt to his roster.

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