Dumervil waiting at least one more day to pick his next team

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Defensive end Elvis Dumervil will rejoin the Broncos, or he will climb aboard the quickly-shrinking Baltimore bandwagon.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Dumervil will wait at least one more day to decide between the two teams.

Dumervil unexpectedly became a free agent eight days ago, when the Broncos cut him after the apparent failure of his former agent to return a revised contract before the moment at which Dumervil’s $12 million base salary for 2013 would have become fully guaranteed.

The youngest of the available pass rushers, the Broncos chose Dumervil in 2006.  Seven years later, we’ll find out whether Dumervil will choose the Broncos.

32 responses to “Dumervil waiting at least one more day to pick his next team

  1. If he wanted to win then he could of joined the Eagles practice squad. He doesnt have starter talent here but he could contribute with the walk on practice squad players. Chip Kellys 11 headed defensive hybrid 3-4 monster machine is set and in place for league dominance. And there simply nothing you can do about it.

  2. 90% He’s a Bronco again.. Ravens not fina shell out 10-12m..LOL atleast I don’t think so..I hope not

  3. Suggs,Canty,Ngata and Dumervil? Sick. If Ozzie can get a good Linebacker and Safety in the draft (highly likely with his track record) this Ravens D could be damn good.

  4. Baltimore is not shrinking. We have two new DE’s
    To push Ngata into the middle where he will thrive, 12 draft picks and probably Dumervil. We’ll be fine.

  5. Leaving Elvis Dumbasdirt plenty of time to get to a fax machine. Unless he gets distracted by the steet lights. Or all that neat stuff in the store windows. Or watching the fire trucks.

  6. He should join the Ravens and become the ultimate utility player. He can switch between ILB, OLB, and Free Safety and Strong Safety to replace Lewis, Ellerbe, Kruger, Reed and Pollard.

  7. I bet the Patriots are the team he is waiting for. They always fly under the radar and this sounds like a move they would make.. no other de ends signed yet!

  8. I feel like Von is going to have to take over as Batman. You’re getting a special player Baltimore. I guess we’ll see how good Clady is. I hope Freeney or Abraham have something left I the tank. Almost the perfect off-season. Think well be ok but this does hurt.

  9. He’s staying in denver,the contracts are not that far off money wise or he would’ve signed already,he realizes he’s not getting a ton of money, might as well stay put with a championship contender.

  10. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. Highest bidder wins. Probably should show up in person for the signing though Elvis. Not everyone gets to tell the story of when they sat down with Elway or Newsome and signed a contract to secure their families financial needs for a few generations.

  11. If he’s waiting for either the Broncos or the Ravens to increase their offers, I think he’ll be disappointed.

    If he’s waiting for the Dolphins to get involved and perhaps get some of the ridiculous money they’ve thrown at players thus far in the offseason, he might have a good plan.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    Regardless, Dumervil is a really good player, and whatever team he goes to will be improved.

  12. “quick-shrinking Baltimore bandwagon” , really? Florio, I always suspected you were anti- Ravens/and or Baltimore and in my opinion its now confirmed. Maybe your just pro Denver , but I love how you subtly ran a guilt trip on Dumerville by pointing out how they gave him an opportunity now he should somehow repay them ? Don’t know if that is what you were implying but if it were, its ridiculous given how the Broncos tried giving him a paycut or cut him (as they did) . If that’s gratitude you can have it .

  13. Makes lets reup with t team that couldn’t win it a year ago whose qb now uses a stair climber ti get upstairs. If the money is the same he come to the ravens

  14. Well if you been paying any attention you’d know the price for Dumervil is 8 million a year. Thats the amount he agreed to take with the Broncos before they cut him. I bet you could get him for a little less than that right now considering the Broncos can’t offer him that same 8 million because of the cap hit they took with his release.

    I still can’t understand why the GB Packers aren’t the least bit interested in this guy. I know they have some major dollars to spend on Matthews and Rodgers but man, if Ted Thompson sent out the welcome wagon and really put the full court press on him now, he could sneak in and get him for a good deal.

    He could really help out that defense and finally provide a real threat opposite Matthews for the first time in Clay’s career. Makes too much sense right?

  15. I love Baltimore bashing. It’s so easy for everyone to look at Baltimore and say “oh they lost a ton of key players so they suck now.” Except all season long everyone said Ray was washed up, Reed was finished, McKinnie was a lazy fatass, Pollard was only good for dirty hits, etc. Kruger and Ellerbe combine for 22 starts over the past 3 years. They won’t be badly missed trust me. We have McClain as a starting ILB (was starting until injury, enter Ellerbe) and we’ll draft another. And remember this name at safety: Christian Thompson. Ed Reed protege and the kid is good. He’ll be in that starting spot for 2013.

    All in all, the Ravens D may not be top 5 next year, but I personally expect them to be MUCH improved from their below average D of 2012. Add in Flacco and the O, who only lost Q (don’t give me the whole Joes only target schpeel when Q only had 4 TD’s in the reg season) and you have a scary team in 2013. But please, keep knocking us down. We love the underdog role in Baltimore.

  16. “the quickly-shrinking Baltimore bandwagon.’

    As opposed to the wildly successful bandwagons in Miami and Cleveland, right?

  17. Does dumervil want to be on a defense with ngata, suggs and canty or do he want to be on a defense with miller, wolfe, woodyard, Bailey, harris, DRC, moore and the new guy from jax? We’re soon to find out!

  18. Baltimore fans must not be that bright or they simply listen like lemmings to their uninformed local talk show hosts. Canty stinks.

    Do Ravens fans watch games that don’t involve their team?

  19. If ravens pick him up the offseason of departures looks so much better. Hate on haters. Dumervil wants to play for a QB who wins in the playoffs not one that turtles up

  20. “quickly-shrinking Baltimore bandwagon”

    So the Ravens making prudent decisions for the betterment of the franchise long term is a “quickly-shrinking bandwagon”?

  21. Doom isn’t a complete player. He’s weak v the run and got 5 of his 11 sacks in three games. He’s over rated and that’s why teams haven’t knocked his door down. I would like to have him back in Denver but only at a reasonable price tag. Doom has been paid over 40 million (including bonuses) since he got a new contract and produced 20.5 sacks. He should be in jail for grand larceny.

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