Four years after nearly coming home, Lechler returns to Houston


Punter Shane Lechler, a Lone Star State native, has left the only NFL team for which he has played to join the Houston Texans.

Meeting the media on the day he signed a document that officially ended his 13-year run with the Raiders, Lechler said it nearly happened in 2009.

“I always followed the Texans since they brought the franchise here,” Lechler said, via comments distributed by the Texans.  “It’s just something that I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  I thought it was going to happen four years ago, but Mr. Davis offered something that I was not going to turn down.  Now that that’s out of the way and signing here today in Houston, I’m very excited.”

Lechler was surprised that the Raiders didn’t try to keep him, but he’s happy to be coming home.

“[T]hat’s in the past now,” Lechler said of the Raiders’ lack of interest.  “I knew, when I hit free agency this year, I knew there was one place that I had in mind, and that was here.  Luckily, it worked out; the situation has worked out.  Everything fell into place.”

In Houston, Lechler will be playing for a head coach who recruited him in high school.  “To be around Coach Kubiak, it’s going to be an honor and a lot of fun,” Lechler said.  “They’re winning a lot of football games, which I’m ready to get involved in as much as I can.  I’m just excited about it.”

In all, Lechler used the word “excited” seven times during his remarks.

Who does this punter think he is?  A personal punt protecter?

14 responses to “Four years after nearly coming home, Lechler returns to Houston

  1. Lechler almost sounds like he was unhappy being the highest paid punter in league history. The last four years must have been pure hell for him, except for when he went to the ATM to check his account balance.

  2. I want the Texans to sign a Raider in free agency, I was thinking Richard Seymour. Shane Lechler is a good signing but the Texans could still use Richard Seymour.
    Ed Reed cannot lead by himself, Richard Seymour would be a valuable addition.

  3. If he got in the Hall of Fame (he should though he won’t) he’d go in a Raider!! I read an article with him saying how he loved the Raiders etc. Happy for him he gets to play at home in Houston and thankful for the work he put it in Oakland

  4. He just wanted to go home, so be it.

    Once Big Reg put a punter on IR everyone knew Lechler was not coming back.

    He was a great Raider, in the realm of legendary Ray Guy.

    I wish him the best.


  5. I am happy for Shane Lechler. How many players or coaches stay with one team for 13+ years?

    He is not bashing and talking trash against the Raiders or Al Davis (Marc) so this is a class move all the way by both sides. Shane was always great with the fans and will be loved in Houston. Do I wish he was still a Raider…. YES

    He will always be a Raider to the true fans of the Silver and Black…… (Ray Guy has to be first in the HOF)

  6. He is a real professional and great Raider. Going to miss his booming kicks. Go RAIDERS!

  7. Doesn’t mean if a team puts a kicker on ir that they’re not going to resign arguably the best punter of all time. If you knew anything you would know that the Texans also put a punter on ir last year. Texans are too smart to pass on this legend of the game. Just proves that the raiders still don’t have a clue on how to judge talent.

  8. Having had the opportunity to meet Lechler on more than one occasion, I will say this he was a GIANT A-HOLE! Hope he never wins anything in Houston.

  9. bullsonparade1977- how does it prove the raiders can’t judge talent? They made him the highest paid punter ever when he was in his prime, that’s an indication that they understood his v alue. Now they are in the rebuilding process and dumping more money than anyone else in the NFL on a punter isn’t something I would be able to justify. Pay someone the minimum and sign more low risk undrafted free agents or something.

  10. He got payed very well, played very well in Oak. At this point in his career, the best move to make. Oakland will go w/M.King, trust me on this, King might be a pro-bowler this coming year, if anything, he will get many attempts based on the Raiders lineup for 2013

  11. As a Raider fan I’m sad to see Shane leave. However, if McKenzie decided to franchise him, Shane would have had to take a pay cut. If this is true, Shane Lechler would have been the only player in history to have been franchised and make less money that he was the previous year. I can’t think of any other player that could say that

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