Javon Ringer doesn’t understand why Titans signed Shonn Greene


The Titans’ decision to sign free agent running back Shonn Greene to back up Chris Johnson is being felt as a slap in the face by Javon Ringer, who backed up Johnson for the last four years and is now a free agent.

Ringer says he has nothing against Greene personally, but he does have something against the Titans’ public statements that Johnson needed someone to share the load at running back. Because Ringer thinks he should be that “someone,” and he doesn’t understand why the Titans never gave him much of a chance to show what he could do with the ball in his hands.

“I am happy for Shonn because I know him from playing in the Big Ten, and he’s a good guy. He’s a good running back,” Ringer told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “But when they got him I said, ‘Dang, they had some guys who never got a chance to play, so why are they adding someone like that?’ All this talk about them needing another running back to help C.J., it kind of made me upset. I’m like, ‘Man, they had some good running backs behind C.J., and they just never really got a chance.’ And because we were not able to play, it made it look like C.J. didn’t have any help. C.J. had some help, but they never used it. It’s frustrating.”

In four seasons in Tennessee, Ringer totaled 120 carries for 486 yards and three touchdowns. He wonders why the Titans’ coaching staff didn’t play him more.

“I feel like I am a good running back. I just wasn’t able to give it a real good shot in Tennessee, but I do feel like the opportunities I got I was able to produce,” Ringer said. “I was backing up one of the NFL’s best running backs. Now I just want a shot, a fair opportunity, and hopefully I can get that somewhere else. . . . So many teams have their No. 1 running back, but you always see the other running back come in and get a chance. But in Tennessee I never really had a chance to play, and that’s the truth.”

Now Ringer will just hope he gets a chance to play somewhere else.

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  1. Jeez, it’s like these guys have never played in the NFL before. News Flash! Not only is the NFL a business, it’s a competitive business! It’s kinda funny watching players like Ringer and Urlacher wander around asking, “What happened?”

  2. Javon is just another example of one of those guys who was an outstanding college player, but who’s skill set simply does not rise to first rate NFL level. Journeyman backup – if he sticks at all.

  3. I actually kind of thought the same thing. Not that Ringer is great, but Shonn is not great either

  4. They signed him because Johnson is a bust, just as I predicted when he got his contract.

    They want a better option so they can dump him at the end of training camp.

  5. Jets oline sucks that’s why Greene hasn’t done anything there. Put AP in jets uniform and he struggles for a 1,000 yards. Granted titans line is just as bad. Titan fans u got more to worry about besides ur rb.

  6. Honest question: If a guy gets 4 yard per carry, how is that bad? I mean, if you give him the ball on 1st and 2nd down, he’ll give you 3rd and 2 (on average), which is pretty darn good. Or if you can pick up six yards on the first two downs, he should theoretically be able to get you the first down.

    It’s not like he averaged 2 yards per carry or anything.

  7. Ringer was frequently injured during his tenure with the Titans. The team felt that they had no choice but to go in a different direction.

  8. Jets oline sucks that’s why Greene hasn’t done anything there. Put AP in jets uniform and he struggles for a 1,000 yards. Granted titans line is just as bad. Titan fans u got more to worry about besides ur rb.

    Eh, not so much. Jets are generally perceived to have one of the better opines in the league. Greene is awful. Odd signing.

  9. Javon will be a good pickup for another team as long as he
    Can stay healthy. I think the Titans tried to use him ; but
    Through nobody’s fault, he couldn’t stay healthy enough for them to build into the offense. Good luck Javon!!

  10. I also thought it was surprising I mean c’mon man give Locker someone to throw the ball to!

  11. Any undrafted free agent would be better than Shonn Green. Ringer is not that good, but it sounds like he isn’t confused at all. Your headline will make him more “confused”.

  12. I had high hopes for Ringer but he simply couldn’t stay healthy. Didn’t do a lot with the few opportunities he had either. Plus he’s smaller, they wanted a bigger back to compliment CJ.

  13. Greene is washed up. They already have Johnson, who is a beast, and Ringer, who is a solid backup who can give CJ a breather when he needs it. Greene is washed up, and signing him is a waste of money. They should try and get more defensive players to accompany Pollard.

  14. lol at these comments. If you are a Titans fan you know Ringer is terrible. He is constantly hurt and shows nothing special when he does play. The Titans RBs have been like the backups in Indy during the Manning years…. useless.

  15. It’s unfortunate that we’ll never really know how good Javon Ringer could have been. He showed a lot of promise earlier in his career, back when the Titans had a decent O-line and Mike Heimerdinger calling plays.

    Unfortunately, his career has been derailed by injuries….and the Titans’ running game has been garbage for the past two years no matter who carried the ball, which doesn’t help Ringer’s cause at all.

    Hopefully he’ll get a shot to prove himself somewhere else. If he can avoid injury and stay on the field, I have no doubt that he’ll do well wherever he goes.

    But that’s an awfully big “if”.

  16. Maybe the Titans weren’t ready to invest a decent-sized role in their offense to a guy whose knee just got bent backwards in-game less than 5 months ago?

    And if he’s referring to Jamie Harper also when saying they have good backs behind CJ, no, Harper is horrific. The Titans would be better off re-signing Albert Haynesworth to get carries at RB than Harper.

  17. The Titans need a quarterback more than anything….whoever the running back is doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Plus Kenny Britt needs to stay out of off the field trouble.

  18. Nobody understands why they signed Green. Paying a guy for production they could get out of a late round pick. Worst free agency addition so far.

  19. I wouldn’t mind taking a swing at him! Who know how long McFadden plays without injuries. I know the price would be right because like he said, he hasn’t played much. I’d give $2mill/year for 2 years. Pull the trigger Reggie!

  20. The Titans brought in Shonn Greene because at what they are paying him, they have to justify it by giving him carries, thus taking carries away from Chris Johnson.

    It’s obvious they don’t want to pay Johnson what they are paying him, so at the end of the season when Johnson’s numbers are down, they will say his production doesn’t justify what he’s being paid. Then they will trade him or cut him.

    Ringer is a good back, but not good enough to take a lot of carries away from from Johnson, so the Titans signed a higher profile back n Greene.

  21. Greene brings them an element at RB that they never had with Chris Johnson….

    The ability to break tackles and get yards after first contact.

    Ringer is a good RB, he’ll catch on somewhere, just not as a starter.

  22. sweetcheezus says:
    Mar 23, 2013 9:46 AM
    lol at these comments. If you are a Titans fan you know Ringer is terrible. He is constantly hurt and shows nothing special when he does play. The Titans RBs have been like the backups in Indy during the Manning years…. useless.

    other then his 4+ yards per carry..if he could stay on the field he could be a starter.

  23. I understand why the Titans think they need someone else to play a bigger role with CJ.

    What I DON’T get is why Ringer has been on the team for 4 years waiting for his chance, but when the times comes, the Titans decide to pick up someone else that’s at best a similar to Ringer.

    Dude waited and played well in spot time. To give this opportunity to someone else after he waited just proves there’s no loyalty from the Titans to their players. Makes them look bad, IMHO.

  24. Ringer is right. I didn’t see the need to add anyone else other than Ringer himself to back up Chris Johnson. Johnson doesn’t even want a back-up to begin with. We’ve seen him already speak out about the situation there. At least with Ringer playing, you never heard Johnson complain about losing carries to him. I think the Titans just made a mountain out of an ant hill. Maybe they will surprise the league and drop Johnson himself after they see that Greene can still do a starters job? Maybe they are getting sick of over-paying for a small, weak, big-mouthed, whiney brat that has the consistently of chunky peanut butter?

  25. Anyone that watched the Titans the last few years knows that Ringer is probably a decent back but our o-line has been so awful that unless you’re a power back you aren’t getting much.

    Also to say the Titans never had a guy that can break tackles or get yards after contact. CJ lead the league in broke tackles just 2 years ago and he also had over 1000 yards after contact in his 2000 yard season. He needs better blocking which is why the Titans are completely overhauling our 32nd ranked run blocking o-line this offseason.

    Also CJ averaged 4.5 YPC this past year, so to say he fell off hard and was awful this year is just silly. If he had the same number of carries as Arian Foster this year he would have been at about 1700 yards. The Titans offense was so bad and couldn’t stay on the field.

  26. Shonn is a durable guy & I loved his explosiveness circa 2009 & 2010. The knumbskull Jets move & his downfall to mediocrity was that they didn’t recognize/leverage his strength & continue playing to them but rather made him the main back last two seasons vs by committee where he excels.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get his spark back going into a multi-back scheme.

  27. Ringer has the ability to be a very good back but he might want to look at his injury history for clues as to why the Titans didn’t depend on him more.

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