Nnamdi is still looking at Niners, Saints


Eight days ago, it appeared that cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and safety Charles Woodson seemed destined to join the 49ers.

Eight days later, crickets.

But Asomugha continues to consider the 49ers and the Saints as a potential next destination, per a source with knowledge of the situation.  Other teams had expressed interest in Asomugha, but no other visits have been taken.

The Saints make sense, given the presence of former Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  Now running the defense in New Orleans, Ryan wants a Nnamdi reunion.

The depressed market for corners, along with questions about Asomugha’s skills and his interest level in football, surely have made it harder to do the right deal.  Then there’s the $4 million that Asomugha already will make from the Eagles in 2013; the cash in hand could tempt teams to low ball Asomugha.That said, knowing he’ll make $4 million this year allows Asomugha to be patient.  With the top of the market at $6 million annually, getting $4 million to not play at all provides an attractive alternative.

34 responses to “Nnamdi is still looking at Niners, Saints

  1. If his question aren’t who can I most likely win a Ring with than he SHOULD sit at home n collect 4 million.
    Which raises another question, that’s a lot to pay somebody to not play for them! Suspect

  2. Playing on a Super Bowl team could possibly earn him another big payday down the road, so the Niners are the best option. If he’s just content making millions playing for non-contenders, then the list of teams is wide and many. What will it be Nnamdi?

  3. wish somebody would give me 4 mill to sit on my ass. come on eagles give me a chance

  4. He can wait….why chose a low bidder now. After the draft there will be teams that didn’t get the player they targeted….his value goes up!

  5. To be perfectly honest as a Niner fan I really don’t care one way or the other. Considering his mediocre at best play the last two years can he seriously even be considered an upgrade over any CB already on the roster? Pretty sure Trent Baalke can find a tall CB minus the questions surrounding skill level and heart in the draft.

  6. He probably has so much money stashed anyway and also $4m coming in. The man aint pressed, why should he.

  7. As a 49ers’ season ticket holder in both old and new parks, I would like to see him in Red and Gold but for the right prices. He thinks he’s worth a lot of money but his value has dropped. I’m sure Niners brass has a price he’s worth and it is up to him to come down to our price if he wants to be on a contending team.

  8. This would be big news if he was still good. At one point hewas the highest paid player in the league, now this will be his third team in 4 years. That should tell you something.

  9. As nnamndi fan in northern Cali, I’d like to see dude back local and what not, (my wife’s a niner fan, I take her to a game or two at the stick) as a Raider fan, I hope dude goes to the Saints so I don’t have to see him playing for the rivals across the bay.. Either way I wish dude the best..

  10. As a Seahawk fan I hope he goes to the 9ers…if Philly will pay this guy on the condition he is not in uniform, that says something.

  11. Mar 23, 2013 2:42 PM
    Well Nnamdi…if you want to be dirty and classless, go to San Fran.

    Otherwise, sign somewhere else.


    Just can’t let that beat down go can you? I don’t blame you, I suppose. You’re team hasn’t been quite right since. LOL.

    Suh=poster child for sportsmanship.

  12. suspect? id rather them pay him 4 to not play rather than 15 to play like crap.

  13. I don’t understand how people say the 49ers are a classless organization. From the late 70’s -present I think they have proved they are one classy football club. You don’t like how Harbaugh is so emotional during a game? I like him that way it shows his players he’s just as fired up as they should be. Classless? When you have players earn blue collar shirts during training camp, teaching them they are no better than the working class America. Or are you just mad they weren’t relevant for 8 years til 2011, and they kick everybodys butt,but the Rams. With anyone that talks so much trash about me I think are just jealous because we have 5, and you don’t have as many except (steeler,Cowboy fans) my advice to 49er haters. “Know your role, and shut your mouth.”

  14. Nnamdi should sign with Houston on a 1 year, 1 million dollar contract and ball out with Ed Reed, Jonathan Joseph and J.J. Watt.
    Then he could get a multi year offer next year.

  15. I love how some alleged report about Nnamdi eating lunch in his car has led to it being an accepted fact that he is “unmotivated.” I don’t know who that says more about though, the media, or the people who listen to it.

  16. Even as a Seattle fan I wouldn’t say SF are “classless”. If anything I think they are one of the more classy and winning organizations out there. When Al Davis was owner of the Raiders, I think that epitomized “classless”.

    49ers have a great organization.

  17. After watching him not play for the past 2 years I’m not sure Nnamdi is a Harbaugh type of player. Some players are not winners and he appears to be one of those players. A lot of talent but has never been on a team that mattered.

  18. This guy was an all-pro for years,you just don’t lose your ability like that.He was in a completely different system in Philly with an offensive coord. coaching the defense.He’s best in mam to man press coverage.He is also a good guy.

  19. Why are people here saying “Come home to the bay area.” Yeah he played in Oakland for a while but Nnamdi is from Louisiana.

    As usual, no one here knows what they are talking about because they are all too lazy to do any research on anything.

  20. Two of my best friends are philly fans,one is from philly.From what they say, it takes a different kind a guy to want to “go” to philly. Namdi chased the money and maybe he thought all places are the same. And than he realized he’s playing for an offensive line coach. Not surprising a 30 y/o CB couldn’t change the techniques that made him one of the best, on a “dream team”,in a city that’s ruff,playing for an offensive line coach.
    I think he can finish his career strong but his best years are behind him. Like some players,he needs the right scheme to play to his strength. Something the eagles failed to do.. why pay a guy so much and do that?

  21. hey Nnamdi… stop shopping around and sign with SF. its your best destination and you know it. your already getting 4 mil from eagles. SF probably gives you another 4 mil and a superbowl ring.

  22. Isn’t the 4 mil in dead cap for the Eagles the remainder of Nnamdi’s signing bonus? If so, he already got that when he signed the contract hence the term SIGNING bonus.

  23. If he wants put creditability back into his name and is half the player he used to be he would sign with the niners. Harbaugh has already said that he’s not guaranteed a starting spot and shouldn’t in my mind. This is the perfect opportunity for him to pick himself up from the dirt and show everybody that he still has it. Signing with the Saints would be the easy way out and if that happens then I don’t want him in red and gold.

  24. Ahhhh i’m from the Philly area and got to see this dude play alot! I don’t think it was so much that he can’t play as it was that they were using him wrong! My knock on the dude though is that he refused to get to know his team mates in Philly and when they had lunch and stuff or just general down time he spent it alone in his car out in the parking lot! They would have to go looking for him half the time! Doesn’t sound like a great team player to me!

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