Patrick Peterson’s mentoring helped Tyrann Mathieu


From the day they met on a recruiting visit to LSU, Tyrann Mathieu looked up to  Patrick Peterson.

That’s why he was too ashamed to call Peterson when a drug arrest ended his college career (he texted), and that’s why he sought out the Cardinals cornerback to get ready for his own pro career.

Josh Weinfuss of the Cardinals’ official website took a long look at the bond between the two players, and specifically the work Peterson’s done with Mathieu to prepare him for the Draft.

Shortly after the end of the Cardinals’ season Mathieu moved into Peterson’s home in Arizona to work out with a group of professional players. But Peterson had one message for the player who let so many people at LSU down.

“There’s nothing more I can teach him about being a football player,” Peterson said. “It’s about teaching him to be a young professional.

“Just making sure he understands he has one more strike. Just being more intelligent, being a smarter man, understand the situations, understand your surroundings around you, just being on top of your game that much more than you were prior to your situation, meaning getting kicked off the football team.”

For Mathieu, who hadn’t been around a team in months, the offseason preparation was valuable to get ready for the Combine, with Peterson hounding him on issues of technique, but also the scrutiny he’d get from teams and the media when he got to Indianapolis.

“I was sort of out of that mold, being around a team, practicing, going hard every day, sticking to a structured schedule,” Mathieu said. “I had to get back in shape mentally.”

But through it all, Peterson stayed on him, trying to cultivate the promise Mathieu once showed on the field at LSU.

“It wasn’t no vacation for him,” Peterson said. “We were really getting after it.”

Mathieu once dreamed of following in Peterson’s footsteps during his college career. Now if he has an NFL career, it will be because Peterson helped put him back on the right path.

15 responses to “Patrick Peterson’s mentoring helped Tyrann Mathieu

  1. Heart warming story. I really hope Mathieu stays away from the bong and shows the league what kind of football player he can be. Peterson is a good guy for mentoring this kid. If your an athlete in professional sports or about to be one, smoking pot is not a good idea. If your not an athlete, have a solid job and get all your important stuff done, I dont see the problem in smoking a J at night and raiding your fridge.

  2. It’s refreshing too see one of the best young talents in the NFL taking a leadership/big brother role to a younger player in need of the help.

  3. When I was 22, I looked back at myself at 19 and found him unrecognizable. And I didn’t have the benefit of millions of dollars on the table or mentoring by a pro athlete. Give this KID the opportunity to show that he has indeed grown before you just assume that he’s another athlete who will never get his act together.

    If The Honey Badger is there in the second, I’d have no problem seeing my team pick him up.

  4. logicalvoicesays,

    dude do you have a job or just sit at your computer all day??? it doesn’t matter what team the article is about or what time it is posted. you are always in the first few people that comment. nobody even cares about your redskins. stop commenting on EVERY story.

  5. get real man. redskins have one of the worst secondaries in the entire league…especially w hall gone now. just ask victor cruz. have fun fighting for the team name in congress loser

  6. I have trouble being too hard on a 20 year old kid who got caught up with a drug problem. Besides the fact that weed should be legal anyway (yeah, I know he did some harder stuff too), the kid seems genuinely remorseful and trying to get his act together. Since he got dismissed from LSU, he’s said and done all the right things — taken his lumps, owned it and made no excuses.

    I’m rooting big time for this kid. The kid is a straight gamer, and I’d love to see him making plays in the NFL. College hasn’t seen many pure play-makers like Mathieu, and I hope he’s able to translate it to the NFL — and stay out of trouble.

  7. He will still be there come early in the second round, but whoever picks him up will be getting a deal and a half. As long as he can keep his nose clean, he will become one of the better defenders in the league.

  8. Logicalvoice is seriously the most annoying person I’ve ever seen on a message board…Do you honestly believe the stuff that you put on here? Because if you do then you know nothing about football. I wish they would ban you from posting your trash on here. Even the Mike Shanahan wouldn’t agree with anything you say!

  9. Big skins fan here…..and can help agree with the posts calling out logical voice. I usually get a chuckle from the comments because most of them such as this comment about our secondary, are so off its embarrassing but sometimes theyre at least entertaining. I think he’s single handedly contributing to growing hatred of the skins.

    We have no safeties of cb’s so unless we find some gems in the 2nd and 3rd round of the draft, its going to be ’14 until we have some cap penalty relief (aporox $36m in cap room) before we can seriously contend. This year is about survival, keeping the guys healthy, developing more of our youth, and positioning ourselves to be a NFC leader for years to come. But not yet, our secondary is AWFUL, and if the honey badger is there in the 2nd round I don’t want him. We already have one drug risk in the secondary. If he’s there in the 4th round, grab him. Wish the kid luck though if he’s sincere.

  10. Speaking as a taxpayer, I hope that, for society’s sake, Tyrone can earn a good living and he stays out of trouble. If not for football, Tyrone and many like him would be living in a small room and getting 3 meals a day at the taxpayer’s expense.

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