Rex’s claims on Revis trade talks met with skepticism

Jets coach Rex Ryan has been sticking to his story about a potential Darrelle Revis trade, but it’s a story not everyone buys.

“I haven’t had one conversation with anybody about trading Darrelle,” Ryan said on ESPN Radio in New York on Friday.

The New York Daily News led its story about Ryan’s comments like this: “Either Rex Ryan is lying, or he really hasn’t been involved in the Jets discussions about trading Darrelle Revis. Neither option is good for him.”

In other words, the only way Ryan hasn’t had one conversation with anybody about trading Revis is if owner Woody Johnson and General Manager John Idzik are keeping Ryan out of the loop about the future of the player whom Ryan has described as the best defensive player in the league. It’s also hard to see how Ryan can “know for a fact,” as he claims, that the Jets aren’t actively trying to trade Revis if he hasn’t had any conversations with Johnson or Idzik about whether or not they’re trying to trade Revis.

What we can say for sure is that Ryan wants Revis on his team. If the Jets send Revis packing, that will say a lot about how much say Ryan has about the future of the franchise.

46 responses to “Rex’s claims on Revis trade talks met with skepticism

  1. If the jets had given revis thev10 year deal in the first place this wouldn’t be an issue, just because the secondary did well last year without revis doesn’t mean the same this year, Landry and bell are gone, they’re the main reason. If cromartie isn’t the #1 then he will just be lazy like the year before. Either way the jets suck, they have never been able to handle any type of situation properly. They leak stories for headlines etc. they’ll draft AND ruin another qb either this year or next.

  2. Anyone would want a player like Revis on their team. Problem is no one wants a Mevis on his team renegotiating and holding out every year on their team either.

    Good for Idsik and Johnson for finally making sound team decisions. I love what they are doing.

  3. Why is Rex still the Jets HC? Does anyone really think he’ll last past this season? Just get it over with now.

  4. Jets are between a rock and a hard place. They have little choice but to totally rebuild. They can’t afford Revis – and they darn sure can’t afford paying the guaranteed $8.5 meg to Sanchez.

  5. Does this fat dumb mofo think the world is dumb or something? No wonder the jets are where they are today…because they have the dumbest coach ever and the dumbest owner ever for keeping his fat lard head around. The tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez shirt on his hand says it all…

  6. Why does anyone even listen to a word this buffoon says. Haven’t you all figured that Rex loves to hear himself talk. He has no future as a head coach,unless we’re talking high school or a bad JUCO team.

  7. Couldn’t it be that “one” is the operative word and that Rex has had multiple discussions about a Revis trade?

  8. Rex is well beyond the looking glass of needing to worry about whether any of his statements have any credibility.

    His players don’t believe anything that comes out of his pie hole these days – whether it’s years of guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory or that Sanchez will be the starting QB “as long as I am head coach”

  9. Poor Rex just can’t learn how to tell an untruth properly, he treats everything with the finesse of a blitzing linebacker. But let’s face it, knowing how to deal with media has never been one of his strengths as a coach. Fortunately for him, soon to be an unnecessary job skill.

  10. I have said time and time again, the only person who wants to trade revis is woody johnson…..rex wants to keep him, and idzik wants to keep him. Idzik comes from seattle (2 good to great corners) and the SB Tampa Bay team who won with defense. Idzik has also cleared enough cap space to sign revis.

  11. it’s a myth that the jets can’t afford revis. They are actually the only team that can afford him. Any new player they get on offense will likely be drafted, and therefore have a rookie wage scale deal. You can afford a 15 million cb when you have no qb (sanchez comes off the books next year) worth paying. and since they have no qb, they need that shut down cb. Its why Seattle could afford harvin and why sf can afford so many good players- rookie contracts at qb. Who do the jets plan on getting the next few years that paying Revis will prohibit? And if they do strike it rich and draft a good qb, how great would it be to have revis on.the other side?

  12. Everyone would love to have a player of Revis’ ability on their team. What they don’t want is a guy crying about his contract all the time, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GIVE HIM! There is no making this guy happy.

  13. Rex is gone come Jan ’14. Revis will be a Buc, sooner or later, it’s just a matter if the Jets could get their head out of their butt and take next seasons 1st rounder which will more than likely bring them a better selection of qb’s than this years draft to replace Sanchez with.

  14. I don’t know what he has had to say or do in order to keep his job, but it must be big. You usually don’t see Coaches make it past two bad seasons in a row, and Ryan has had a very dismal past couple of years. Maybe the Jets actually believe that Ryan is a good coach, that he will turn things around. My advice to them: I wouldn’t hold your breath… Not for too much longer anyway.

  15. After the 2012 season I do not think it is unfathomable that Rex does not have as much say in the Revis situation. I doubt he is out of the loop though. He is known as a players coach – maybe the right thing is to remove his input for now. Lord knows he has to regret the very public/over-the-top support for Sanchez. There were just better ways to handle that.

    However with that said – if the Jets are going to have any chance at getting to .500 this year (and man that is a BIG hurdle) they are going to need lower scoring games. Having Revis in place goes a long way towards making that happen. I am fine with rebuilding but I am not fine with a 3 win season.

    For Jet fans it is what it is. Yeah Rex is a caricature allot of the times but he is a damn fine defensive head coach. Hopefully Idzik can work the same magic he had in Seattle and this team can come together to heal faster.

  16. Rex Ryan= Dead Man Walking

    I actually am starting to feel bad for Rex, he looks to be in a no win situation and destined to fail because of inept front office decisions.

  17. Why is it always broad generalization when predicting the future and rhetoric and over-endorsement when trying to save face with these guys?

  18. Rex is admittedly in a no-win situation. If the Jets are in a rebuilding mode, and there is little money, they will be horrific.
    If Rex is judged on this record, he’ll be gone.
    His only saving grace if Woody blames himself for the Jets being in this terrible fiscal web, Rex might survive.
    I’ll never forgive him for not at least trying Tebow. This was a thought-out decision, not one made at game time.
    Keeping Sanchez as a starter was face-saving? Ha!

  19. mikeythelectrician says:Mar 23, 2013 8:24 AM

    the jets, haha, wrecks Ryan, lol

    New posts are so refreshing.
    And creative.

  20. It’s good that some of the jet faithfull have come to the reality that the franchise is and has been a mess.

    For all the talk, boasts and empty promises, the jets haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl since 1969 and the Wrecks Experiment seems to be an utter failure.

    Rebuilding yet again.

  21. Can’t we just forfeit the hole season so we don’t have to go through the Ryan and Sanchez thing and I don’t have to waste my money on season tickets this year.

  22. Funny how fast this has fallen. From bravado and hope to a complete mess in 2 years. (Surprised no one is somehow blaming the Patriots.)

  23. Rex is pretty much a dead man walking. If they suck again, he’ll be gone.
    He’s probably gone if they don’t go deep in the playoffs.
    The front office is going to do business without regard for his opinions.

  24. I hate to say this about anyone, but Rex just appears to be a liar. He says so many things that turn out to not be true, including just about everything he’s ever said about Tebow. I think the Jets just kept him another year because they’re too much of a train wreck to bring on a new coach right now.

    Maybe they hope that if they make some decent personnel improvements this year they’ll attract a decent coaching candidate in 2014, but since part of their problem is the owner I doubt that that will be the case.

  25. The Jet should consider the trade if it includes atleast 1 mid 1st round pick. Revis is a good player, but the Jets need LB and o-line help. Revis is a commodity the Jets do not need (though it is good to have him).

  26. Stop talking with your mouth full of foot Rex. None of it matters for you. Anything less than a 42-0 superbowl win and your fat keester is out the door while Sanchez moves in to your basement. So I’d hold off on buying that foot shaped solid gold gas pedal engraved with Marks number just yet.

  27. All Revis trade talk up to this point has been conjecture….

    Jets are keeping their cards close & playing them well. Defense has been our bread & butter. I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep him & sign him.

  28. Or here’s a headline from someone who’s lived in NYC their entire life and dealt with the daily news bs. The daily news is lying and propping up every damn thing they hear so they can sell their rag

  29. @smalltownqb

    I don’t know why you have so many thumbs down. I thought your comments were pretty fair minded and accurate. Of course I’m a Pats fan so maybe that’s part of the problem. 🙂

  30. whodat21625 says:
    Mar 23, 2013 12:59 PM
    The jets have no money for revis and Tampa does end of story


    Idzik is working his S-cap magic. We trust in Idzik!

  31. Enough of Revis for now, the main story here still is regardless that there weren’t any injuries I don’t know in what town across America wouldn’t give a ticket to your average Joe who admitted to running a red light & causing a three car accident???!!! Just say’in…

    P.S. This you be the appropriate place fo all you unimaginative haters to follow with the Wreck Ryan monikor….

  32. yeh so now the New York Daily News, whose known for making stories up with their “unnamed sources”, know more than the head football coach of the team. This reporting by the media is a joke

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