Umenyiora joining Falcons on Sunday or Monday

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As the weekend moves toward a conclusion, defensive end Osi Umenyiora’s time as a free agent is coming to a close.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Umenyiora is expected to join the Falcons on Sunday or, at the latest, on Monday.

“Atlanta is the place,” the source said.

The move will end Osi’s decade with the Giants.  He became a full-time starter in 2005.  By 2012, he was mainly a part-time player, appearing in every game but starting only four.

In Atlanta, he’ll step into the spot created by the departure of John Abraham.

Still, the Falcons need more punch from their pass rush.  Whether that comes from free agency or the draft, the Falcons need to do what they can to help hold those big postseason leads they were able to build in January.

50 responses to “Umenyiora joining Falcons on Sunday or Monday

  1. Dimitrov has a penchant for acquiring injured free agents, with marginal success. Osi will be gone in a couple years. hopefully, he’ll give the Falcons at least one productive year.

  2. Seems strange that it will take that long…..Whats the hold up if he has made the decision? Lack of Fax Machines where he is?

  3. Don’t rule out The Predator coming back eventually. He was the only good DE the team has had for years, he knows the system, built roots over the years at local bars 😉 , and will still start but play limited snaps again as we geaux to the Super Bowl again (Feb. 1999).

  4. I get the feeling the Falcons will never win it all. All the money in the world but I’m not sure it’s gonna work.

  5. Good luck with those phantom “injuries” until the check clears, or something makes him unhappy.

    Whichever inevitably comes first

  6. Falcons better hope the QB’s in the NFC South start taking long drops or they wont see many sacks from Osi.

  7. If he wanted to win then he could of joined the Eagles practice squad. He doesnt have starter talent here but he could contribute with the walk on practice squad players. Chip Kellys 11 headed defensive hybrid 3-4 monster machine is set and in place for league dominance. And there simply nothing you can do about it.

  8. As a Giants fan, I want to thank Osi for two championships and lots of amazing memories. We’ll miss you #72. True Blue, brother. Good luck with your new team. The Giants faithful wish you the best.

  9. Thanks for the memories osi. This giant fan was always in your corner. You’ll be greatly missed. Good luck in Atlanta.

  10. Thanks Osi for your time in Blue. Two Super Bowls, lots of big plays. You’ll always be a Giant.

  11. The Falcons exchange a 34 yr old D-end in Abraham for a 32 yr old (when season starts) in Umenyiora… not that much of an improvement. Not to mention Abraham had 10 sacks to Osi’s 6 last season. I understand Osi split time in NYC and he’ll most likely start in Atlanta but this still seems like a lateral move to me. I guess we’ll see if Abraham can go somewhere and put up better numbers. But the Falcons def need some young pass rushers.

  12. Listen. Do you hear that sound? That’s all the opposing RBs in the NFC South calling their agents and letting their agents know they will have two 200 yard plus running games this year guaranteed. Run right at 72 and it’s the endzone for you!

  13. this just in,,,,,,,Osi umenyiora over runs the the falcons headquarters in route to signing his new contract.

  14. Good luck Osi. I’ll have good memories. Hope you r contract is everything you have always wanted- (somehow I doubt it.)

    Remember that Strahan made you what you are though.

  15. Can someone please tell me how the falcons can afford this guy? I heard the other day they only have like 3 mill left in cap space, and they need that for the draft. That must be wrong.

  16. chc4 says: Mar 23, 2013 11:21 PM

    How did Troy Williamson, Christian Ponder and Brad Childress work out?


    T will is long gone and same with Chilly. Ponder is a work in progress after is 1st full season of playing. Before you talk any more smack son double check to see if your franchise has a winning record. As is sits, your team won 312, lost 397, tied 6 pct .441 compared to a winning franchise won 426 lost 355 Tied 9 pct .545.

  17. I hope OSI reads this site, because as I Giants fan, I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. He has been a spectacular player as a Giant, and I wish him nothing but the best in Atlanta.

    Atlanta, you guys are getting maybe the best DE at creating turnovers, since who knows when. This guy is amazing at the tomahawk chop. While I understand why the Giants had to let him go.. (salary cap era). I think we are going to miss him and his crazy turnover creating ways.

    Best of luck Osi, I will be rooting for you with wreckless abandon (sorta the way you rush the passer 🙂

  18. crossing my fingers he signs with Falcants cause osi will get abused by NFC South Running Backs…run right at this guy over and over for huge yards

    NFC South Rivals Of Falcants!

  19. Congrats Falcons fans. You get a hard worker, and all the retard Redskin fans that like to follow champions. Logicalvoicesays will be messaging you guys soon enough

  20. Comparing Osi to Ray Edwards is hilarious. The only similarity is that they are both on top 10 lists: one for active sacks and one for busts. No comparison!

    I do like the idea of Abraham coming back for cheap. The two or them might actually give Atlanta a pass rush that other teams fear. All the great teams have 2 stud DE’s and its been a long time since Atlanta had that.

    Great signing for Atlanta.

  21. Atlanta must really feel they are that close, idk why they let Curtis lofton walk and why they can’t draft studs on the defensive side of the ball, these old timers like as asante Samuel and OSI are not putting them over the top

  22. Daknight- Fal Cants? How did your team end up. Unless you are a SF or alt fan– you need to stuff it (family friendly term) and worry about your team. Which NFC South loser do you pull for?

  23. Daknight- Fal Cants? How did your team end up last season? Unless you are a SF or Balt fan– you need to stuff it (family friendly term) and worry about your team. Which NFC South loser do you pull for?

  24. G’bye Osi, thanks for all you did for NYG… Best of luck in Atlanta…. and don’t forget ….you were never as good as Stray and since he was usually double teamed, he made you look good. One less drama queen for NYG

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