Umenyiora would prefer winning in Atlanta to winning in New York


Defensive end Osi Umenyiora has a pair of Super Bowl rings, won with the Giants.  But he believes it would be more rewarding to win in Atlanta, with the Falcons.

“There was nothing better than being able to win [in New York],” Umenyiora told 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, via Ohm Youngmisuk of  “The only thing I can think of, for myself personally, [better] than being able to win in New York would be if I was able to win here at home in Atlanta.  So we’ll see how that plays out.  Hopefully, it will work out in a positive direction.”

Umenyiora isn’t troubled by the fact that it has taken a while to find a new team.

“When you have a guy like [John] Abraham or [Dwight] Freeney or myself, obviously, we are all like 30-years-old or plus,” Umenyiora said.  “Teams want to wait us out and they weren’t trying to pay $12 million a season for a pass rusher.  They were just going to wait until people got desperate and then make their move.  Actually, right now a lot of teams are making their moves now.”

They aren’t yet.  But they could be soon.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday that Umenyiora could be a Falcons by the end of the weekend.

15 responses to “Umenyiora would prefer winning in Atlanta to winning in New York

  1. Here’s a Falcons fan’s moist dream for the DE situation: Bring in Osi to start opposite the returning John Abraham, who’ll play limited snaps again on obvious passing downs and such while Jonathan Massaquoi , Cliff Matthews, Kroy Biermann and the 2013 draft pick claw & scratch & fight their way for time also. The only problem with that though is the $$$$$$$. 😦

  2. Typical osi. Atlanta you can have this washed up, one truck pony. Lets see how much love he gets in atl when they realize first hand he is completely useless against the run. He has no contain ability and the redskins showed all last season. Run your read option right at osi, too dumb to stay home and rgIII had multiple big gains on the ground right around where he should have been.

    So long and good riddance. Look forward to seeing stories of you whining about your contract next off season. 12 mil for you is a pipe dream

  3. Difference is there’s a chance the giants could make the playoffs and advance. In Atlanta they will just fail as they always do

  4. He will do very well playing for Atlanta. I bet he starts looking a little better against the run, now that he has a better run stopping line to play with. He will continue to dominate in the pass rushing category, just as he did in New York. Atlanta will be very happy with the decision to bring him in.

  5. I remember when we got Abraham from the Jets. Their ‘fans’ were telling us Falcon fans that we’d be sorry; that he was done, injury prone, etc.
    We got many years of productivity out of him, and I still think he has one more season left. Other teams were still double teaming him and having to hold him last year, and he was still tearing up the backfield.
    I’ll take that as a sign we’ll do just fine stealing another DE from NY.

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