All Panthers’ free-agent signings have been one-year deals


To the extent that anyone believes Panthers G.M. Dave Gettleman will be looking for a new coach in 2014 if team doesn’t excel this year under Ron Rivera, the belief can be supported by one simple fact, as noted by Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Every free-agent deal done by the team in 2013 covers only one year.

For a franchise having cap troubles, a longer-term contract could have push some of the first-year charge into future season.  But this approach gives the Panthers greater flexibility for 2014, when they possibly will have a new coach, who will want to round out the roster with players of his own choosing.

This doesn’t mean Rivera won’t be back.  But it demonstrates the harsh reality of having a new G.M. who may want his own head coach.  There’s a good chance the only way to stay will be to have the kind of season that will make it impossible for the Panthers to make a change.

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  1. The panthers are so much better than their record suggests. Other than against the giants the rest of their losses were by one score, they just need to finish off games

  2. 1-year contracts are also a way to force players to work hard to get larger contracts that were otherwise unavailable to them this off-season

    So, I mean we don’t know yet but it could actually be genius move when you consider their cap position and the team needs going into 2013.

  3. It’s an amazingly fiscally responsible way to run your business, but, you’re probably getting the players no one else wanted.

  4. If Hurney didn’t hand out a prade of hilariously bad contracts the Panthers could have added a piece or two and been in really good shape next year. This is a team that more or less swept the Falcons (Rivera’s cowardice cost them the first game) and swept the Saints.

    Still with Newton getting better and the defense playing lights out at the end of 2012 the Panthers will be a team to look out for next season. Gettleman has this team on the right track.

  5. If the GM gets a new head coach, I would imagine the new HC will want a better QB…because Newton sucks.

    Whatever the case, it is good to see that the Panthers plan to be at the bottom of the division this year.

  6. Hey Petedutcher, you must not watch football. Cam Newton has thrown for over 7,000yds rushed for 20TDs in his first two seasons no one has ever done that. So, you’re either a fan of a team in the division or, you simply hate Cam Newton, no matter the fact you can’t possibly know anything.

    The Panthers have lost five games by more than 8 points over the last two seasons also, I doubt they are planning to be “the bottom team in the division”. Please take your putrid facts that make no sense elsewhere…

  7. 1) What free agents have the Panthers signed this year that are worthy of a multi year deal?

    2) What money do the Panthers have to sign any of the top tier FA anyway?

    seems like the GM is going what he can with what is has to work with, Rivera or not

  8. Uh, what is Newton’s overall win-loss record? Those big individual stats don’t mean crap, and until Cam can learn to play TEAM instead of ME the Panthers are going nowhere fast.

    Well, they may be going out of Carolina, especially if billionaire Big Cat Jerry Richardson can’t badger the state legislation the way he did Charlotte city council members who gave him an outrageous food and beverage tax to upgrade a stadium that he’s making millions off of.

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