Arthur Jones thinks the Ravens are “a dream team in the making”

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The last time a player gave his team the “Dream Team” label, it didn’t work out well. But Ravens defensive lineman Arthur Jones isn’t worried about that.

Asked about the Ravens’ acquisition of Elvis Dumervil, Jones echoed Vince Young’s infamous comment about the Eagles two years ago.

“That’s awesome. It’s like a dream team in the making. I can’t wait until we all get together,” Jones told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Jones also said he has no fears about how the holdovers will fit into a Ravens front that has also recently added Chris Canty and Marcus Spears, saying that any time General Manager Ozzie Newsome brings players in, he has a good plan for how those players will be used.

“Don’t worry. Ozzie Newsome always has a plan. In Ozzie, we trust,” Jones said.

Newsome has earned that trust, consistently putting together one of the best rosters in the league in his time running the Ravens. Even if “dream team” is probably not the word Newsome would use to describe his handiwork.

107 responses to “Arthur Jones thinks the Ravens are “a dream team in the making”

  1. Ravens fans won’t hear the end of this…Eagles fans just took a sigh of relief…

  2. I love it. D us all a favor though – don’t hate, appreciate – best front office in the league. A true master of the salary cap, thank you Oz.

  3. What’s the big deal? He’s excited about his team’s future. People need to stop blowing this stuff up and just let these guys play football.

  4. Ozzie is a genius- look at the Dumervil pickup in this sense…

    Browns got-
    Kruger for $8M per

    Ravens got-
    Dumervil for about $5m per
    4th round comp. pick for losing Kruger

    Tell me which of these you would rather have? Better player, less money and a 4th round pick!

  5. Ermahgard, eiggles, blah blah blah… rivins terribles teems evar, flaccos contrat kills teem lawls


  6. Careful, you’re top dog now, everybody wants to knock you off. Everybody will be bringing their A-game when they play you from now on. Better get humble.

  7. “4th round comp. pick for losing Kruger”

    You only get a comp pick if you don’t sign other players. It’s the balance of signings versus loses. Kruger and Dumervil will probably cancel each other out, for no compensation.

    Teams like Oakland that are losing high dollar players but signing second tier players will see the comp picks. Teams like Baltimore or my Dolphins that are signing as good as they lose will not.

  8. It’s easier to speak of being a “dream team” when you’ve just lifted the Lombardi. Uncle Rico had no leg to stand on when he uttered that contemptible phrase.

  9. Ravens fans, please do tell us more about your brand new Safeties, MLBs, and OL.

    As a Broncos fan, I’m happy for Dume. His best days were seen as a 3-4 OLB. Most of his sacks were results of Von pushing the QB to him. We need someone that will go after the QB and get him. Not someone to stand there and let the QB come to him. Welcome to Denver Dwight or John!

  10. Patriots fan here.

    If Sterling Moore doesn’t knock the ball out of Lee Evans hands, they are defending two in a row. No way the Giants beat them.

  11. Oh, don’t worry. As long as it’s not anybody from Eagles that said it, you’ll be fine Arthur Jones and the Ravens. They’ll probably just look past your “Dream Team” comment. Double standards, double standards everywhere.

  12. loanraven, you realize that you only get a comp.pick when you don’t sign someone equal or better after you lost someone. so, no, you won’t get a comp pick next.year for losing kruger.this year

  13. All get together and do what? You’re already the worst team in nfl history to win a super bowl.

  14. I don’t understand why so many people think Baltimore is gonna suck next year. They will be competitive. They will be a different team but I can’t see them completely tanking. Don’t get me wrong, I would enjoy a fall from grace as much as the next guy that hates the Ravens.

  15. Ravens got lucky. Im my opinion boldin was the one who carried that team. Its not like the ravens D did anything great in superbowl giving up 31 pts. my own a steelers take the pats front office over anyone.

  16. No. This comment won’t come back to haunt Arthur Jones. Super Bowl champs can make these kind of claims. The Eagles will forever be linked to ‘Dream Team.’ Opposing fans won’t let it go, nor should they. That’s what fans do. The only thing that will exorcise that statement is a Super Bowl win. History is not in the Eagles’ favor.

  17. Art Jones, Haloti Ngata, Chris Canty and Marcus Spears inside with Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil, and Courtney Upshaw on the ourside is going to give the Ravens tons of different looks and gonna give opposing O Coordinators plenty of nightmares.

  18. Some call a Nightmare like the Ravens are about to go through a “dream”. But they forgot to add the word “bad” in front of “dream”.

  19. You only get a comp pick if you dont sign a player at the same position to replace him lol . No pick for Kruger . And how would you know if he even gets a pick anyway . Those compensatory picks wont happen till the 2014 draft anyway lol . Ohhh Carnac the great .

  20. The Ravens may think that they’re almost as good as the Philadelphia Eagles. But under new leadership with Chip Kelly, there really isn’t anyone out there that stands much of a chance.

  21. Didn’t read the comment on the comp picks – but I know for a fact Ravens have 12 picks and at least 2 in the 4th and 6th. Comp picks this year will be from Redding, Jarret Johnson and Ben Grubbs.

    Steelers8345: You don’t go to 5 straight playoffs, 3 AFC championship games and a Super Bowl being “lucky.” You are silly if you think the Ravens will not compete for the division next year. They are getting BETTER and YOUNGER on defense and are not done yet – yes better – sorry to see Reed and Ray go but they all go eventually – ask Wallace, Mendenhall, Harrison and Farrier if you don’t believe me.

  22. There should be a “report comment because the poster is an idiot” button. Lostsok, mitchem85, and steeltownpride are officially idiots. When a player is cut, no comp pick is awarded. When a player is signed after playing the last year of his contract, a comp pick can be awarded. Hence, Kruger gets the Ravens a comp pick and Dumerville gets the Broncos nothing. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  23. A real question here…is the only expression that you learn in a Baltimore school, “haters hate” or “hate on haters”. It really lacks any depth and thought and yet it seems to be the retort of all Raven fans.

  24. In the making??? We are a dream team! We’re world champs and the best franchise in the league! Everyone wants to be us! Everyone worships us! Especially redskin and Steeler fans! Stop being so humble Art!

  25. the gronk87: funny how the pays haven’t won anything since they cheated. Oh and that’s 2 superbowls the ravens have won. 17 years of existence and already a storied franchise. Amazing.

    World Champs. Best franchise in the league.

  26. this SB victory has been so overplayed I cannot remember such a fan and league wide overreaction to a SB win in the past 15 years. The ravens were seriously a prayer that Flacco inaccurately hurled down the field and a horrible busted play by a Denver CB from going home again in the playoffs and never even getting a cjance to play in the AFC title game, nevermind the SB. But because they won they suddenly “have the best front office in the NFL”? Flacco gets some absurd contract that squeezes their future for the next few years? The guy had a good playoff run, good for him…so did Eli Manning

  27. They will still get a comp pick since he was released by the Broncos and was not at the end of his contract. This is a pretty sick deal for the Baltimore Ravens.

  28. To all of you “football fans” we still will get the comp. pick for Kruger because Dumervil was cut, therefore it won’t count as a normal “free agent” when netting out the gains and losses for comp picks. Therefore, yes we win.

  29. I’d rip him a new one right now..if they weren’t the sb champs and he didn’t hav a ring..but I’d be pissed if a giants player said this it’s like an automatic season death sentence

  30. Actually since Elvis was released he won’t count towards the Ravens compensatory calculation. Not saying the will or won’t but in the same case Pollard won’t count because they released him.

    Those of you quit to correct others should fully understand what you’re talking about first.

  31. I love everyone calling the Ravens doomed for Art’s comment. Here’s the major difference between this and Vince Young: VINCE WASN’T PROVOKED!! Art was ASKED if its comparable to a dream team. He’s an excited young kid coming off a SuperBowl victory that just watched his GM add Spears, Canty and Doom- 3 vets he can absolutely learn from. The kid is pumped. I don’t agree about dream team but I surely don’t have any qualms with his excitement.

  32. Comp picks only cancel each other out when you sign a true unrestricted free agent. Dumervil was cut and therefore won’t cancel out the comp pick from Kruger leaving

  33. I think “Dream Team” is over the top, and not really accurate at all. But neither is the “Doom Team” so many jealous fans are blabbering about here day in and day out. As they say…you’re never as good — or as bad — as you appear to be.

  34. Haven’t gotten back to where you were at the end of the season, but it is early. He said “in the making” and trusts that the moves made thus far show that Ozzie is committed to putting a winning team on the field. Nothing really wrong with players being excited about new teammates that they know will make the team more competitive.

    Poor choice of words given the way it worked out for Philly though……..

  35. The Ravens were 10-6 which is not good for a SB team. Means they just got hot. And the broncos totally gave them a win. This team is below average. I remember the ravens fans booing them when they got killed against Denver the first time around……..I really wanna know what players possibly make them a dream team. There is no such thing anyways. The NFL is the toughest sport to tell how well you are going to be anyways. Flacco could get hurt week 1 and boom (madden voice)…’re automatically turrible (Barkley voice)

  36. Say what you want, the Ravens will still better the Steelers (AGAIN) this year to win the Division, if Cincy does not beat the Steelers out in the process.

  37. Why isn’t report a comment way over flush right where you wouldn’t hit it by accident trying to vote?

  38. ↑ Ima even throw the Raiders into that group of “Storied Franchies'” just for kicks

  39. Ynotread, PLEASE understand the rules (idiot?). When a team loses a UFA, they are only entitled to a comp pick based on the value of the player lost by compensation and players stats in the year following said players defection. If the original team signs a comparable player, they lose the rights to the comp pick.

  40. Damn biggronk guess its a good thing the pats didn’t get lucky against the ravens in the playoffs this yr otherwise the pats would have the distinction of being your so-called ” worst team to ever win a superbowl”. At least we didn’t steal it by cheating or having the league create a new rule mid game like your team did against the raiders all those years ago. Btw learn some humility we smashed the pats 2x this year..

  41. Oh thank god.
    Its about time that monkey is off the eagles back..

    ravens fans, enjoy. cause if you don’t do great this next season those in the media have no problem reminding you about the Dream Team for the the next century..(it seems to be)

    It’s almost like the Madden curse..

    –A very happy Eagles fan.

  42. As a ravens fan it makes me smile to see all this hate for my hometown squad. Just means all your teams are losers and we’re winners (as usual). Keep cryin cuz our “tiny” fan base loves bathing in the tears of cry-baby fans of loser teams. Best record in the league over the span of “jump ball joe” flaccos career and he doesnt need any validation other than that ring and that paycheck. Loudest most active stadium crowd in the league 75k strong every single home game. You mad cuz you can’t watch your team on the local station? That’s because your giant fan base can’t fill a stadium. Keep mirin’ while we keep winning.

  43. I happen to be one of the few people outside of Ravens fan base who thinks the Ravens will be just fine next season. That being said, Arthur Jones should stay away from making statements like that. Because then unless Ravens win the Super Bowl again, he’ll be made to look like a fool.

  44. Ravens rooters…your team is gonna suck for a few years. The Flaccos lost 3 in the secondary, 2 at lb, their best money receiver and have a middle of the road qb..Top that off with the jealousy in the locker room that happens after every championship season for those who got the cash by those who didn’t and the loss of their leaders.
    Crushed by Pitt, Cinci and maybe the Brownies!!!!

  45. The ravens need a QB. Flaccid was terrible last year. Just because he got hot during the playoffs doesn’t mean the ravens have addressed their QB problems. Boudin made flacco look good, he’s gone and the ravens don’t have a possession chain moving wr. If Cleveland starts someone other than weeden the ravens may finish last in that division.

  46. Just look at the last dozen years, its nearly impossible to repeat as Superbowl champs. Arthur Jones is probably not the best guy to be saying it but if the Ravens should fail to repeat, this is one of sound bites that will be mentioned, fairly or unfairly, for their collective failure.

  47. swaggyy says:
    Mar 25, 2013 12:01 AM
    The Ravens were 10-6 which is not good for a SB team. Means they just got hot. And the broncos totally gave them a win. This team is below average. I remember the ravens fans booing them when they got killed against Denver the first time around……..I really wanna know what players possibly make them a dream team. There is no such thing anyways. The NFL is the toughest sport to tell how well you are going to be anyways. Flacco could get hurt week 1 and boom (madden voice)…’re automatically turrible (Barkley voice)


    Uhhh…THIS JUST IN – The Giants went 9-7 in 2011, and the Packers also went 10-6 in 2010. And lest you forget, the Ravens were at one point 9-2 during the season. Yes, they went through a 3-game losing streak before they got hot, but why do you feel like an asterisk is necessary for their Super Bowl win? And you feel such a note is justified, are you willing to do the same for the previous two Super Bowl winners as well?

    I’m not even sure what your point is exactly. Are you saying the Ravens weren’t the best team in 2012? What difference does that make now that the season has been over for over 6 weeks? How about doing something worthwhile, like watching your team get ready for 2013? I’ll keep on enjoying the fact that my team won the Super Bowl.

  48. This website contributes to so much negativity …so what if a player feels like he is playing on a dream team…since when did it become so bad to feel like your team is the best??? It’s NFL football for crying out…have some fun

  49. Anybody who WATCHED the playoffs know that the Broncos were outcoached, outplayed, and were losers AT HOME…nobody GAVE the Ravens anything, the Broncos choked…Big Time!

  50. To the genius that said that the Ravens have 2 Super Bowls in 17 years of existence……….You seem to forget that the Browns moved from Cleveland to Baltimore and the Ravens are a carry-over of the Browns. Just because the Browns’ history on paper and colors stayed in Cleveland, it does not change that fact. The Ravens were NEVERA a true expansion team like the Jaguars and Panthers that got far in the playoffs very young.

  51. I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for a player to be excited for the upcoming year??? There are so many people who are actually upset, so sensitive geez relax it’s just football and entertainment…not a da* presidential campaign!!

  52. And the new winners for worst fans in the league? Ravens fans. Their team just won their first superbowl in 13 years and they are acting like they are a dynasty. They don’t get Dumervil if Elway doesn’t release him. Their Championship team is evaporating before our very eyes, players jumping what they see is a sinking ship, just like the Florida Marlins after a championship.
    Ozzie is good but he can’t fix this mess. One and done B’more. Taste the 7-9 next year and deal with it.

  53. Relax denverwally. Let The Ravens play their games first, before you bury them. Your hate is clouding your mind.

  54. arthur jones is just saying what everyone else in baltimore believes

    we are a dynasty in the making, with QB who has done nothing but win more games then anyone else since he was a rookie, and our front office who continues to reload with young talent year after year we are going to be a force to be reckoned with

  55. Denverwally you obviously get all of your info from blogs because if you actually analyzed the talent the ravens CHOOSE to let walk, you’d realize that the contracts they signed are going to haunt the teams that signed them. This ship isn’t no where near sinking, in fact the ravens WILL Field an upgraded team than the 2012 squad. Oh and it’s only the begining of the off-season and Oz is only just warming up. By the way “One and Done” as you say….ask Peyton how he feels about that comment LOL!!

  56. Still lmao the “Storied Franchise” comment! SOUNDIN like the Heat fans making comparisons to the Lakers and Celtics..STOP IT Elroy! Ratbirds will compete still no doubt..but y’all got a hell of a loong way to go b4 you in the convo of “Storied Franchises” like the Cowboys Packers 49ers Patriots & Steelers..wait ya turn

  57. ravenator says:
    Mar 24, 2013 8:25 PM
    I love it. D us all a favor though – don’t hate, appreciate – best front office in the league. A true master of the salary cap, thank you Oz.

    Awww that’s so cute…..1 SB ring after man epic fails does tend to inflate ones head just a bit…lol

  58. Realist: No dream team here! Not into showboating! Just a team built to fight, compete, and win on a regular basis one game and one year at a time. This championship season and era has passed and so let’s work on the next one within the next 3-4 years! Good work Oz!

  59. Ravens might be good, and they might not be. This is nearly a new team, so at this point we need to wait and see. Its hard to lose those kind of players and stay competitive – but they can simply due their best and go from there.

    No one can take away their great Superbowl team of 2012. They were the best.

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