Bears add another linebacker not named Urlacher


With the Bears losing linebacker Nick Roach in free agency and declaring that they won’t be bringing back linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Monsters of the Midway need some men for the middle level of their defense.

Two days after adding D.J. Williams, the Bears have signed James Anderson away from the Panthers.

According to Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official website, the seven-year veteran has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with Chicago.

Anderson started 12 games at strongside linebacker in 2012.  He missed the last four games with a back injury.  His 84 tackles were third most on the team.

In 2011, Anderson started all 16 games.  He was a third-round pick (88th overall) in the 2006 draft.

35 responses to “Bears add another linebacker not named Urlacher

  1. Phil Emery is a genius. Urlacher has been great to the city of chicago for many years, but it to the point where he overvalued himself. Now the bears have both DJ williams and james anderson for the price of urlacher alone. Urlacher do yourself a favor and retire a bear

  2. I’ve got this feeling, that Brian may be having second thoughts regarding his quest to be the highest paid dinosaur in Jurassic Park,….er, Soldier Field.

  3. Peppers and Anderson back together again, don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Why sign 2 vets and let the better of the 3 (including Lach) hang out to dry???

  4. Urlacher. I hope that other players take note. Give your heart and soul to the Bears, dedicate your career to them and at some point convenient to them, they’ll publicly humiliate you and kick you to the curb.

  5. Brian was a great L backer. It was awesome to watch him in his prime. He was part of the reason i enjoyed watching bears games for years.

    Go Hawks!

  6. How did the Bears sign him away from the Panthers considering the Panthers cut him? Solid LB, he just wasn’t worth $3M+ a year. I hope he does well for the Bears.

  7. NICEE!!! I like the depth move and more so the “prove it” contract he accepted…I LOVE the fact that we are not even paying two starting linebackers more than what we offered our beloved Urlacher…nice move by Emery…now we have even more flexibility in the draft!! 2 starting quailty linebackers signed to 1 year “prove it” deals getting paid basically minimun…ill take it!! IN EMERY I TRUST!!!

  8. Humiliate? He was in denial about his value. That is not shameful on the organizations part. No one is shameful in this situation. This is business. If he doesnt perform and he wont play for what they ask then its best that they part ways. If another team values him more then good luck and they wish him the best. I dont understand why their has to be a duality to everything in life. Cant it just be mutual respect? Player respects organizations decision, organization respects players decision. Sounds good to me.

  9. I feel bad for Urlacher because he left it all out there even with his bum knee. Bears did the right thing by moving on because I remember when we hung onto a fan favorite and he would get beat for big runs and pass over top while there was young talent behind him that shined when got their chance. Don’t think the Bears have that guy on the roster even with this pick ups but I’m sure they’ll draft their right guy for their scheme.

  10. c’mon bears save the best move for last and let me hear the words with the 20th pick in 2013 Nfl draft the Chicago Bears select?? Tavon Austin wr from Wv!!! could be wishful thinking but if Trestman is the offensive guy they say he is, then no way could he pass up the opportunity to put a dynamic receiver like Austin in the slot. Ijs

  11. The Bears are reloading one veteran defensive player at a time. They’re paying to win THIS year, DJ Williams and this cat signed one year deals.

    Next year both starting CBs and Cutler are UFAs.

    The following year Lance Briggs is up.

  12. “Urlacher. I hope that other players take note. Give your heart and soul to the Bears, dedicate your career to them and at some point convenient to them, they’ll publicly humiliate you and kick you to the curb.”

    What about this being a business do you not understand?

    Poor Brian had to suffer making tens of millions, and even when they negotiated his previous deal, giving him a signing bonus, and 1m raise each additional year.

    How will he ever survive?

    I’m sure it’s tough to finally give up the lifestyle these athletes have enjoyed, but enough is enough. Retire while you can still walk.

  13. James Anderson is a heck of a linebacker. Bears fans will be shocked when they see him play. Great pick up, week 1 starter for sure.

  14. Jerry Angelo left the Bears with a lot of holes on offense and defense, even more when you consider he never found the replacements for Briggs and Urlacher, so these are decent stop-gap players. The fact that they only signed them to one year contracts seems to suggest that. My guess is that they’ll draft at least one maybe two linebackers this year.

  15. tokyosandblaster says: Mar 24, 2013 3:59 PM

    “I don’t know how any team will ever score against this amazing defense.”

    Uh-huh…Better you should worry about how your not-so-amazing defense will stop our new-look offense.

  16. So now we jus needa sign a FA guard and sign izzy to small contract and Louis as well…and then hopefully the cards fall into place for Emery in the draft…with all these recent FA signings deffinately got the flexability in the draft that we need! IN EMERY I TRUST!! BEAR DOWN!!!

  17. “Urlacher. I hope that other players take note. Give your heart and soul to the Bears, dedicate your career to them and at some point convenient to them, they’ll publicly humiliate you and kick you to the curb.”

    Maybe you’re forgetting Urlacher’s holding the Bears up for an extra $18 million just a few years ago while he was already under a good contract. I think ownership remembered that during this year’s negotiation – what goes around comes around, again.

  18. The Bears are clearly setting up to rebuild. All these one years signings will make them somewhat competitive this year then don’t be shocked when there is another mass exodus after 2013 season. Peppers, Tillman, Briggs, Garza, and yes, Cutler and Marshall will be gone. All these recent signings will get dumped as well.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the Bears pull the trigger on dropping out of round one and going for quantity.

  19. Yah… You’re right… It would be pretty weird if the Bears signed another player with the same name as Urlacher….

  20. Urlacher’s a joke. Ed Reed takes out a full page ad thanking the Ravens fans

    Urlacher tells the fans and media they don’t know anything late last season – then spends the past week whining to that ‘dumb’ media and telling Chicago fans they’re the best.

    Still waiting for that full page ad you dumb hick phony.

  21. Linebacker corps significantly better than last year. Roach was a below average LB that fit the system. These 2 are tackle hogs. How did we get these two for less than what Urlacher wanted? Brilliant !

  22. Bears will go 10-6 and get bounced out of the playoffs because of their mediocre quarterback. Matt Forte is a beast though.

  23. the defense will be better than last season. They will have to step up…
    Melton playing with the tag.. Peppers has a big contract and getting older.. CB’s Tilman and Jennings in there contract year so everyone will step up

  24. Old news by now, but I think Urlacher should have announced his retirement after the Bears wouldn’t meet his demands. He’s been making big bucks off the team for years with a gradual falling off in playing time and more injuries. It was time to leave (with his millions) and he should have done what Hines Ward did; go out with class.

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